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FACE Enrollments

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FACE Enrollments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FACE Enrollments. For School Year 2009 – 2010 . Create FACE Calendar. At the top select: Year > 09-10 School > your school name Expand >System Administration >Calendar Click Calendar Wizard Click “Create new blank Calendars” Click “Next”. Create FACE Calendar.

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face enrollments

FACE Enrollments

For School Year 2009 – 2010

create face calendar
Create FACE Calendar
  • At the top select:
    • Year > 09-10
    • School > your school name
  • Expand >System Administration >Calendar
    • Click Calendar Wizard
    • Click “Create new blank Calendars”
      • Click “Next”
create face calendar3
Create FACE Calendar
  • Year: Select 09-10 from dropdown
  • Name Template: Type FAC and select [year][schoolname] or [schoolname][year] from dropdown
  • Number: can be left blank
  • Start Date: Select or type first day of school year 2009-2010
  • End Date: Select or type last day of school year 2009-2010
  • Right column, select school by Clicking on your school name
  • Click on “Run Wizard”
create face calendar cont
Create FACE Calendar, cont…
  • When the calendar is complete, the Progress box will show results as Complete.
  • At this point we suggest you, log off NASIS and then log on again to refresh the calendar display box.
calendar data
Calendar Data
  • At the top menu select:
    • Year: 09-10
    • School: Your school and
    • Calendar: Click the dropdown and select your new FACE calendar
  • Expand >System Administration >Calendar
    • Click Calendar
      • Name can now be modified (FACE)
      • Start Date should show date school started
      • End Date should show date school ended

Student Day must match the Periods tab Instructional Minutes. (see instructions for Calendar Periods). Whole Day Absence can be 2/3 of the Student Day, and the Half Day Absence can be 1/3 of the Student Day.

Example: if your Student Day (minutes) is 360: (360/3 = 120). Therefore, the Half Day Absence would be 120 and Whole Day Absence would be 240.

Teacher Day (minutes) is not required.

For Type, select F: FACE

calendar grade levels
Calendar Grade Levels
  • Click ‘New’
  • Name: Enter FC for FACE Center Based.
    • You may also enter the following:
      • F1: FACE 1st Grade
      • F2: FACE 2nd Grade
      • F3: FACE 3rd Grade
      • FA: FACE Adult
      • FH: FACE Home-Based
      • FK: FACE Kindergarten
  • Sequence Number: Enter 0 for all FACE grade levels.
  • State Grade Level Code: May vary from State to State- Select best fit
  • BIE Grade Mapping: Click the dropdown and select FC:FACE. If you entered additional FACE grade levels, select the appropriate code for each FACE grade level.
calendar periods
Calendar Periods
  • Click the Periods tab
    • Click ‘New Period Schedule
    • On the next screen enter:
      • 1. Select Number of Period Schedules
        • [] (1 PeriodSchedule) Single Period Schedule
      • 2. Select Number of Periods for each Period Schedule
        • Type 2
      • Click ‘Create PeriodSchedules/Periods
calendar periods cont
Calendar Periods cont…
  • Click “1”
  • Enter the AM and PM schedule and click “Save Period Schedules”.
enrolling face students
Enrolling FACE Students
  • >Student Information, click “Student Locator”
  • Enter Last Name, First Name, Gender
  • Click “Search”
  • If name appears in box, compare the name and birthdate information carefully to avoid data errors. If this is the student you are enrolling click on them to add to your database, otherwise click “Create New Student”
enrolling face students cont
Enrolling FACE Students, Cont….

Check the ‘Generate Number’ for the system to auto generate student numbers. NASIS ID (pending) will be assigned once this page is saved.

Identity Info- Red Fields are required. Last Name, First Name, Gender, Birth Date and Race Ethnicity must be entered.

Enrollment Detail- Make sure that the new (FACE) calendar is selected, Select schedule Main, Select Grade “FC”, enter Start Date and Start Status. Service Type: Select ‘Primary’ unless the student is also enrolled in K-3, then select a type other than primary.

BIE Enrollment - Select Start Status “08: Last year, same school”

– Click “Save”

  • Student Information > Reports
  • Select Enrollment Status Report
    • Click Grade and FC
    • Leave the rest of the screen to defaults
    • Click on the bottom of the screen “Generate Report”
need help
Need Help???
  • East Region Schools-Kathy Renville (krenville@bia.edu) or 505-917-7875
  • Navajo Region Schools-Susan McCabe (smccabe@bia.edu) or 505-917-7468
  • West Region Schools-Don Padilla (dpadilla@bia.edu) or 505-917-7475
  • Infinite Campus Support-(1-800-605-7570)
  • NASIS Program-Denise Salyers (dsalyers@bia.edu) or 505-563-5279