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exploratory research design PowerPoint Presentation
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exploratory research design

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exploratory research design
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exploratory research design

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    13. Advantages Fresh unstructured reactions Preference for verbal rather than written communication Reduced costs Quick to initiate Group dynamics stimulate ideas Group Interviews as Focus Groups

    14. Disadvantages Requires a well-trained discussion moderator Relies on interpretation Small Sample Size Effects on Diversity Suggestive but not conclusive Focus Groups

    16. RESEARCH DESIGN RESEARCH DESIGN- Exploratory research design SAMPLE STUDY-Three banks namely HDFC ltd.,centurian bank of punjab,ING vysa bank. POPULATION SIZE- A total of 18 employees of the bank were targeted but only 14 responded. SAMPLE SIZE- 14 employees from the bankat the bank payroll in officer garde including three branch managers. DATA COLLECTION- Through questionnaires and personal interview


    19. The various tools of empowerment were identified through questionnaire and interview. The role of efficacy level was from identified from both employee (branch manager) through a role based questionnaire . The branch have been considered as employer as they are once in a bank who bring about empowerment in the operation of bank

    20. HYPOTHESIS NULL HYPOTHESIS- No direct relationship exists between role of efficacy parameter and usage of empowerment tools. ALTERNATIVE HYPOTHESIS- Direct relationship exists between role of efficacy parameter and usage of empowerment tools.

    21. Exploratory research essentiallyabstractionandgeneralization.Abstraction means that you translate the empirical observations, measurements etc. into concepts; generalization means arranging the material so that it disengages from single persons, occurrences etc. and focuses on those structures that are common to all or most of the cases. The results of exploratory research are not usually useful for decision-making by themselves, but they can provide significant insight into a given situation CONCLUSION