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Expense Reporting PowerPoint Presentation
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Expense Reporting

Expense Reporting

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Expense Reporting

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  1. Expense Reporting 2003 – 04

  2. Expense Reporting

  3. Expense Report Instruction • HEADER Fill in your name, social security #, your team name and your telephone #. • DATE List each date of travel individually in the Date column (ie. 1 date per line & use 2 pages if necessary). • FROM/TO On the dates of actual travel, list the city of departure in the From column and the arrival city in the To column. • AIRPLANE TICKETS Include the cost of ticket charges incurred by you (credit card, cash or check) during the trip. If tickets were purchased online using a credit card, submit a copy of your credit card statement along with the receipt. It is not necessary to include flights billed by Anthony Travel but if you do, carry the amount into the ‘less charges to travel bureau’ cell.

  4. Expense Report Instruction • LODGING Include total room and room tax charges paid by you bydate. Separate and record any phone, meal or miscellaneous charges into their appropriate columns. No incidental charges should be included in the Lodging column. Save the billing statement and include it with your expense report. • CAR RENTALS Include car rentals incurred directly on the trip by you (by credit card, cash, check) in this column. Attach receipts for these purchases. • MILEAGE FOR CARUse of your personal automobile will be reimbursed at the effective IRS rate of 37.5 cents per mile. Enter the distance traveled multiplied by the rate here. MapQuest is preferred.

  5. Expense Report Instruction • CONFERENCE FEES Include fees incurred directly on the trip (by credit card, cash, check) in this column. A ticket for admittance to an athletics event may be listed in this column. Attach receipts for purchases. • TOLLS, TAXI, PARKING, GAS Total the daily costs for highway or bridge tolls, taxi fares, parking/garage fees and gas for vehicles, etc. Save and include receipts. • MEALS Record the appropriate totalcost incurred for breakfasts, lunches and dinners purchased by you, including meals on the hotel bill. Per Diem should not be claimed if meals are listed. Retain and include receipts documenting meal attendees that you are seeking reimbursement for. Gratuity or tips may be included as part of the total receipt and does not need to be documented further in the Details field. Alcohol should not be purchased when athletes/recruits are present.

  6. Expense Report Instruction • PER DIEM Input the daily totals of cash being claimed as per diem. Identify the meals covered by per diem by placing an X in the corresponding cells in the Meals column. Per diem may only be claimed when an overnight stay is necessary. Laundry and tips are included in per diem. Per diem is divisible by the following: Breakfast 20%, Lunch 30%, Dinner 50% In order to find a posted per diem amount logon to the Athletics Business Office website: click Helpful Links, click US Per Diem Rates, 2004 Rates, OK, and locate the state for which a per diem rate is needed.

  7. Expense Report Instruction Locate the city or county and use the M&IE Rate as a maximum daily per diem rate for staff. Athletes may only claim a maximum of the M&IE Rate minus $2.00. If a particular city or county are not listed, locate the nearest city on a map and use its per diem rate. If you bookmark the per diem site do so from the Business Office site or the initial page in order to use only the current year’s rates.

  8. Expense Report Instruction • TELEPHONE & OTHER This field should be used for any tips that are paid in cash and not accounted for in other receipts or in per diem, for example bellman and baggage handler tips. If tips are already charged to a receipt or you have claimed per diem DO NOT double count them in this column. Tip expenses in this column may not be supported by receipts, however, they must be documented in the Travel/Expense Details field. Put any miscellaneous travel expenses in this column such as telephone charges or supplies. Include receipts or explanations of each charge in the Travel/Expense Details field. For any expenditures not supported by an original receipt, complete a missing receipt affidavit. • TOTAL BY DATE These sums calculate automatically if expense amounts are entered correctly. Double check accuracy.

  9. Expense Report Instruction 14. TRAVEL/EXPENSE DETAIL In this field list the following: - Purpose of the trip (include destination and opponents). If recruiting, list the recruit. - Date, cost, and purpose of expenses unsupported by receipts or those needing clarification. Any charges unsupported by receipts must be documented on a missing receipt affidavit. - Attach additional pages if necessary. 15. LESS/ETC. These fields require the total of any prepaid charges (through Anthony Travel), cash advance or traveler’s cheques received prior to the trip. Subtracting these amounts from the total expenses incurred equates to the amount of cash due to the university or to you.

  10. Expense Report Instruction Use the following as a guide to complete this area. Input charges as negative numbers. • LESS: Travel charged directly to a budget unit thru ND Travel Bureau • LESS: Cash Advance received (include the TR# supplied on the check stub) or Traveler’s Cheques cashed/used • LESS: Prepaid fees already claimed on a separate expense report • LESS: AMEX Card – ONLY applies to Student Managers

  11. Expense Report Instruction • AMOUNT DUE This sum is calculated automatically. If the balance is due to the university, it should equate the amount of excess cash you have returned to the Business Office. • RECEIPTS Tape, do not staple or glue, all expense receipts to an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. All receipt information must be visible and legible. Affix as many receipts as possible to a page. Do not highlight receipts. If your report is claiming a meal expense that included additional people please list the attendees being claimed. Any charges incurred via the web should be supported by a copy of your credit card statement reflecting the payment. If the purpose of the trip was recruiting the Contact Evaluation Sheet is to be completed and attached.

  12. Expense Report Instruction • SIGNATURES Sign and date the expense report. Obtain the signature of your supervisor PRIOR to submitting the report to the Business Office. • COPIES Make copies of the expense report, receipts and all supporting material for your records. Provide Sandy Young with the following: • The original expense report with its supporting material • One complete copy of both the expense report and the supporting material.