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Gregory Black Director, eGEOINT Management Office - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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eGEOINT – enabling GEOINT a SOA journey. Geospatial Line of Business Seminar US Department of Transportation. Gregory Black Director, eGEOINT Management Office. Agenda . Purpose Vision Approach Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) & Governance Summary

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Presentation Transcript

eGEOINT – enabling GEOINT a SOA journey

Geospatial Line of Business Seminar

US Department of Transportation

Gregory Black

Director, eGEOINT Management Office


  • Purpose

  • Vision

  • Approach

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) & Governance

  • Summary

  • Opportunities for Partnership


  • Demonstrate NGA’s commitment to:

    • Improve NGA’s Warfighter support, information sharing, collaboration, and faster capability delivery

    • Fulfilling evolving and expanding needs for GEOINT

    • Maintaining NGA’s position as GEOINT provider of choice across DoD and the Intelligence Community

    • Assuring implementations, and business practices are consistent with national and community strategies

Mission enhancing GEOINT Visualization & Access services available Spring 2007

Vision egeoint what
Vision - eGEOINT - What

  • To satisfy the mission needs of its partners, the vision for NGA includes being the premier online, on-demand geospatial data, information and knowledge service provider.

    • This service should provide global access to seamless content, related products and access to experts - whether from NGA or from its business counterparts around the world.

    • requires a new business perspective.

    • is more than a technology shift for NGA.

  • Benefits:

    • User focused - internally and externally

    • Accelerates time to knowledge for all analysts and end users

    • Geospatially enables data and decision-making

    • Provides a GEOINT foundation for the NSG

As a combat support agency, NGA’s aim should be to increase our

partners’ capacity for independent action.

Nsg common challenges
NSG Common Challenges

  • Fundamental missions

    • Multi-INT, Multi-Source, collaboration, Coalition Interoperability

    • Increased demand for GEOINT by both traditional and

      non-traditional customers, e.g. Katrina, GWOT, etc.

  • Many Stakeholders – Many Cultures

  • Continued Exposure of existing resources and Datastores

    • Harmonization of Metadata content, structure, ontology, registries and standards

  • Harmonize Community Efforts – “Co-evolution”

    • Network centric architectures, standards, components, CONOPS, mission

      systems, organizations, governance, business practices, etc.

    • Coordinated data strategy and standards implementation across DoD/IC

Public Release case # 06-231B

Egeoint approach









eGEOINT Approach

  • Process

  • ID policy hurdles

  • Demonstrate new

  • business model

  • Educate

  • Key Partnerships

  • Early engagement

  • Use of pilot

    • Learn by doing

  • Link partners

  • Scenarios

  • Demonstrate Value

  • Link partners

  • Process change

  • Technical

  • Initiatives

  • Demonstrate Value

  • Fill gaps

Transforming discovery and access through soa web services





SOA Infrastructure





Transforming Discovery and Access through SOA/Web Services

  • Data Management & Delivery

    • DISA Content Discovery & Delivery

  • Access

    • GEOINT Web Services (OGC)

    • Enterprise ArcSDE

      • Application ready data

    • Enterprise ArcIMS

    • Top Drawer (‘non-standard data’)

    • SOA Infrastructure

      • Registry, ESB, Monitoring

  • GEOINT Visualization

    • 3d = Google Earth, ESRI AGX

    • 2d = NGA Palanterra, NGA Earth

    • Other clients via OGC Web Service interfaces


Assisted Service


Two Networks

1000’s of Users

Spring 2007

Incremental Growth of Capabilities

Early adaptors of visualization tools
Early Adaptors of Visualization Tools

  • Users

    • EUCOM, TRANSCOM, STRATCOM, SOUTHCOM, PACOM, NORTHCOM, ONI, Homeland Security, Secret Service, FBI, Health & Human Services, CIFA, DHS, DTRA, NOAA, USCG, MAD, AFWA, NSA, DIA and NGA

  • Uses

    • Situational Awareness

    • Information Sharing

    • Data Aggregation

    • Force Protection

    • Mission Planning and Rehearsal

    • Incident tracking

Opportunities for partnership
Opportunities for Partnership

  • Partner with NGA to identify benefits and implications to your operations

    • Use the GEOINT Visualization Pilot

  • Examine your local environment and policies

    • Client loads, Firewall policies, Data enablement

  • Apply a SOA model to your operations & plans

    • provide and consume services in a net-centric environment

    • Learn by doing

Summary discussion
Summary/ Discussion

  • NSG SOA is a foundation for Mission Success

    • Increased agility to connect Sensors, Decision-makers, Shooters through NetCentricity

    • Net Centricity through Service Orientation

    • Focus on data/information and services

    • Standards are still critically important

  • eGEOINT program and influence moving forward

    • Significant near-term adjustments already affected

    • Requires continued focus to affect culture change

      • Must continue to push execution processes

      • Must unify objectives and governance

Approved for public release NGA # 07-102


Know the Earth…Show the Way


Approved for public release NGA # 07-102