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5 Eye Protection Practices for Employees PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Eye Protection Practices for Employees

5 Eye Protection Practices for Employees

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5 Eye Protection Practices for Employees

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  2. Eyesight or vision is a very precious thing for everyone living in this world. Without it, even the simplest task would most probably be extremely challenging to accomplish, as well as a little failure could make one's life depressing if not properly treated.

  3. With this, keeping your eyesight in good or excellent condition is always highly recommended.

  4. In relation, this article presents some of the best practices you could apply to protect your eyes from potential damage while at the same time keeping them healthy and in good working condition.

  5. 1. Know about your family's health history.

  6. To start with a simple tip, you must be aware that some eye problems or diseases are genetic. For example, illness such as age-related, glaucoma and macular degeneration can be a result of some genetic factors.

  7. Therefore, learning about the medical history of your family is significant information for you. In case there are members of your family that are experiencing poor eye condition, it's better to tell your eye doctor about it and opt for regularly related checkups.

  8. 2. Practice healthy eating.

  9. Living and eating healthy is no doubt offers great benefit or advantages to your body, including the eyes. Keep in mind to eat a variety of foods that can provide you with lots of vitamins and minerals.

  10. Such foods are essential to keep the condition of your eyesight health while minimising the risks of any genetic illness including macular degeneration and glaucoma.

  11. 3. Regularly visit your trusted optician.

  12. A good habit to keep in mind is to see your eye doctor on a regular basis.

  13. Doing so helps you to keep a check on your optic nerve and blood vessels, monitor how your eyes process light, to make sure that you don’t have blind spots, how well your eyes work together, and that your focus is right whenever you wear your Porsche Design eyewear.

  14. Furthermore, regular meeting with your optician allows you to have the opportunity to talk about any possible concerns regarding vision.

  15. 4. Make it a habit of wearing sunglasses.

  16. Always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from possible damage because of a long-term exposure to UV rays. You can find a variety of sunglasses and spectacles in Singapore as it’s not that hard to find nowadays.

  17. Eye experts recommend that a person must learn to invest in a pair of eyewear that provides both Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B protection; they are a must-have especially when you'll be going outdoors.

  18. 5. Always have eye protection at work.

  19. Whether you are working in an office or field related jobs, it's important to take substantial measures to guard your eyes against potential damage, using spectacles frames with coated lens such as photochromic lens is a good start - especially if you're living in a tropical country like Singapore.

  20. In Singapore, many people are now using sunglasses to avoid long-term exposure to UV rays of the sun.

  21. For office workers, the long hours of staring at a computer screen can cause a strain in your eyes that eventually makes your eyes get tired, gives you headaches, and possibly negatively affects your focus.