Determining patient eligibility through independent verification services
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Determining Patient Eligibility through Independent Verification Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The healthcare insurance business landscape has changed, like developing monetary obligation of Patient Eligibility through Independent Insurance Verification Services with high deductibles. For more details about Independent Verification Services , visit OR Call us on 866-767-7019 (Toll-Free).

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Determining patient eligibility through independent verification services

Determining Patient Eligibility through Independent Verification Services

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Introduction Verification Services

  • One of the most important components of medical billing is insurance verification.

  • We at Indiagt, provide insurance verification services that are focused on reducing claim denials, and ensuring reimbursement.

  • Essentially, we take the drudge work out of insurance claims for you.

  • If you find that verifying insurance claims is taking up time and using staff resources that could be allocated elsewhere, outsourcing your insurance verification services could be the ideal solution.

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Determining patient eligibility through independent verification services

Call Us at 866-767-7019 (Toll Free) Verification Services

Verification process incorporated by payers
Verification Process Verification Services Incorporated by Payers

  • Online - Using different Insurance organization sites and web payer portals, one can easily check patient qualification.

  • Automated Voice Recognition (IVR) – This procedure utilizes an automated machine response that tells you the eligibility status of the patient by punching in the correct details.

  • Insurance agency Representative Call - If necessary, calling an insurance agency agent can provide the payers a point by point benefit details for specific procedure when not accessible from either the website or automated telephone system.

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Strategies to check patient qualification
Strategies to Check Patient Qualification Verification Services

  • Business-to-business (B2B) confirmation, which empowers practices to electronically check patient eligibility utilizing electronic data exchange (EDI) by means of their electronic health record (EHR) and practice management arrangements.

  • Looking for patient eligibility on the payer website.

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How does outsourcing reduce costs
How Does Outsourcing Reduce Costs? Verification Services

  • Call payers to decide qualification for more complex situations, such as, coverage of specific procedures and administrations, determining the maximum coverage in a full calendar year, or if administrations are covered if they occur in the doctor’s office or diagnosis center. Clearinghouses don't provide the practitioner with these details. And in such a scenario giving this undertaking to an outsourced insurance verification agencycan serve as the best option for your process.

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Determining patient s monetary duties
Determining Verification Services Patient’s Monetary Duties

  • High deductibles

  • out-of-pocket limits

  • Making patients understand about their money related obligations before delivering services

  • Instructing them on the amount they'll have to pay and when.

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How can outsourcing improve the quality of work for insurance verification service
How Can Outsourcing Improve the Quality of Work for Insurance Verification Service?

  • Doctors can get transcribed documents in quick turnaround time

  • 24*7 professional services enable Doctors to meet tight deadlines

  • Increase cash collections by reducing write-offs and denials

  • Increased number of clean claims and Improve Account Receivable

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We specialize in
We Specialize in Insurance Verification

  • Insurance Verification / Eligibility authorization

  • Medical Billing

  • AR follow-up

  • Charge Capture

  • Claims Generation

  • Collections

  • Records Management

  • Medical Transcription

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Features service provider
Features Service Insurance Verification Provider

  • Detailed call log for every patient.

  • 45 calls monthly average.

  • Authorization done 3 days prior to visit.

  • We are committed to comply Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996.

  • Assured cost savings up to 40% compared to having in house staff doing insurance verification.

  • Outsourcing the work to certified outsourced independent insurance verification agency can help a lot in resolving many claims related issues.

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