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Employee Time Sheets and Time Tracking for Your Business - Setup & Turn on QuickBooks Time Tracking for Employees

We are PosTechie, provide QuickBooks POS support anywhere anytime what you need to do is simply call on our toll-free number 18009350532. You can easily set up you QuickBooks time tracking for employees by following above steps. Otherwise we are here you can contact us at any point of time if you are having difficulty in QuickBooks Point of sale.

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Employee Time Sheets and Time Tracking for Your Business - Setup & Turn on QuickBooks Time Tracking for Employees

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  1. Employee Time Sheets and Time Tracking for Your Business As an employer, it’s critical to track employee hours correctly and pay your workers accordingly. Luckily, there are apps that can help, and you can sync many of the most popular time tracking apps to your QuickBooks accounting software. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of these tools and how to use them. Benefits of Employee Time Tracking Time tracking apps let you conveniently create a record of the hours your employees have worked. Making this process electronic helps to reduce errors and prevent arguments between you and your employees. Traditionally, employees have to sign into a time clock or handwrite notes on a time card, and you, in turn, manually enter the information in your payroll software. By using time tracking tools, however, you can eliminate double entries and streamline the process. Time Tracking Apps Integrated With QuickBooks There are a range of apps you can download to your smartphone, tablet or computer that integrate with your QuickBooks software. Boomr Mobile Time Tracking appeals to businesses with a mobile workforce, while Time Tracker + Billing helps with time tracking for multiple employees and generates invoices based on the hours logged. Apps such as Knowify for

  2. Contractors track hours and organize schedules, but this app also features benefits designed just for contractors such as job costing reports, progress invoicing and project management tools. Choosing a Time Tracking App Invest some time finding the right time tracking app for your needs. In some cases, you may want a simple timer to track just your own hours, but in other cases, you may need an app that multiple employees can use to sign in and out or add expenses as needed. Luckily, most apps offer a free trial period so you can test out the features before signing up for the service. Also, make sure the app syncs with your QuickBooks accounting software so you can streamline payroll and invoicing. Keep in mind that some apps may sync with QuickBooks Online but not with the desktop version of the software. Finally, make sure the app is user friendly so that your employees will easily adopt it. Syncing Apps With QuickBooks After you have chosen and app and started using it, you need to sync it with your QuickBooks software. Most apps have an automatic feature that makes this process easy, but in some cases, you have to download an additional app that facilitates communication between your time tracking app and your accounting software. Once the app is synced to your software, you can easily create invoices based on hours logged or generate payroll cheques. For example, if an employee has logged 30 hours on a time tracking app, when you sync the app to QuickBooks, it can automatically generate a cheque to reimburse your employee for that time. Similarly, if you have hours coded by project and an employee logs 10 hours on a certain job site, you can make sure the software notes those costs on the correct invoice. The Top 5 Customer-Rated Time Tracking Apps in the Quickbooks App Store Paper timesheets are relics of the past. They make time tracking errors too easy and costly time theft too hard to spot. If that doesn’t sound like a big deal, consider this – Timesheet errors are a major cause of wage and hour lawsuits, which have risen by more than 400% since 1997, costing employers $2 billion in back wages and fines. The cost of time theft is even greater. Research published in 2017 found that one in two employees admits to padding their timesheets with time they haven’t worked — adding more

  3. than $11 billion a year to employers’ payroll bills. Why, then, do only 25% of US businesses and 14% of Canadian businesses use mobile apps for time tracking? If you’re one of them, or are looking to make a switch, here are our top five recommendations, based on customer ratings. These are our most reviewed and highest-rated time tracking apps — each designed to make your life easier. 1. TSheets Time Tracking – Best for Small Businesses and the Self-Employed With over 2,200 five-star reviews, TSheets time tracking is the QuickBooks timesheet software of choice. TSheets boasts a friendly, award-winning customer experience team, affordable pricing options, and advanced tracking features like geofencing and job costing to boost your time tracking

  4. capabilities. Get insight into where their employees are putting in time, how much a project’s labor costs are, and which clients are being served each week. TSheets also offers free single-user time tracking accounts with 1099 invoicing and other features that make it affordable and easy to use for independent contractors and freelancers. TSheets Is Easy, Efficient, Affordable — Best Time Tracking App! “TSheets is easy to use and integrate with QuickBooks. Our employees’ hours will calculate against the jobs they are clocked in to, and we can better manage the hours on a job in real time. The GPS feature allows us to see where the employee is at the time of clocking in, helping to ensure accuracy and honesty. Now that TSheets offers a scheduling (dispatching) feature, it truly is the perfect app for a business like ours which has many employees going out to many jobs in a day! … I love TSheets!!” — Risa TSheets Benefits ● Accuracy and accountability: GPS location tracking and the Who’s Working window are perfect for seeing who’s working and when. Keep up with workers on the go and enjoy true accountability for your whole team. Visual aids: Minimize “buddy punching” with the help of biometric facial recognition. Use the TSheets photo attachment feature to make each timesheet a progress report. Include photos to show projects before and after, current work, or product numbers. Job costing and job codes: Use job codes to track different projects for different clients. By tracking how long the job took, what materials were used, and the cost of labor, TSheets job costing can give you a better idea of which projects are the most profitable. ● ● TSheets Features Clock in/out ✔ Mobile app ✔ Desktop-compatible ✔ Physical time clock ✔ Scheduling ✔ GPS tracking ✔ Overtime notifications ✔

  5. Manual time entry ✔ 2. Time Tracker by eBillity – Best for Law Offices and Bilingual Clients eBillity’s Time Tracker is a top ProAdvisor pick that comes fully loaded with its own list of special features for time tracking. With unique touches, including a Spanish app and a version designed specifically for law offices, this is an ideal solution for bilingual clients and those clocking time on individual cases. The law office version comes with features including trust accounting, ABA billing codes, and LEDES invoice formats. Customer data is secured with 128-bit encryption data and daily backups to a server with full redundancy, meaning your confidential information is safe in eBillity’s capable hands. New Timers Love Time Tracker “I was hesitant to believe that any program would sync with QuickBooks well that wasn’t made by Intuit. To my surprise, eBillity syncs wonderfully! As a firm manager, I can quickly and easily check my associates time entries and make corrections from virtually anywhere. Further, I can then import all the information into QuickBooks with a click of a button!” — Chad Time Tracker Benefits

  6. Communication: Internal messaging means accountants and bookkeepers don’t have to chase down employees for clarification on timesheets, or vice versa. Invoicing: eBillity syncs with QuickBooks for fast and easy invoicing, payroll, and reports. The app also has its own customizable invoicing solution for non-QuickBooks customers that does the job in “four clicks from start to finish.” Employee management: Manage your employees smarter, not harder, with an employee database and scheduling. Set multiple pay rates and send email notifications to keep everyone on the same page. ● ● Time Tracker Features Clock in/out ✔ Mobile app ✔ Desktop-compatible ✔ Physical time clock Scheduling GPS tracking Overtime notifications ✔ Manual time entry ✔

  7. BigTime Time Tracking and Billing – Best for Professional Services Businesses Large offices in the professional services industry have a lot to gain from BigTime’s intuitive features, perfect for on-site workers. Offering a full assortment of features, from billing and scheduling to resource allocation, BigTime provides a full-service time tracking solution at a slightly higher price point. The app caters to many industries, including accountants, architects, and engineers, as well as marketing and advertising agencies. For instance, design firms and multimedia production houses can enjoy standard spec sheets and flexible one-click billing. Like eBillity, BigTime also offers its own Spanish app for bilingual offices. BigTime Improves Time Management “We were using Excel spreadsheets to record all of our to-do’s, but it’s very difficult to maintain track. With BigTime, we are all able to view our current status on all our engagements/tasks. Also, BigTime’s ability to produce flexible reports is extremely useful and informative. It has made us aware of our current time management with clients’ engagements. Furthermore, their customer support never fails to assist us immediately. Their knowledge on the software is excellent as they always have the answers to any questions we have.” — Vicky Cristel BigTime Benefits ● Full-featured job costing: BigTime offers in-depth job costing capabilities to help clients make better business choices. Knowing the numbers has never been easier. Project management: Use BigTime for both task and time management. Assign due dates, budgets, staff assignments, and more — all in one place! Know which employees are available to take a gig with the help of BigTime’s scheduling and project management feature. DCAA timekeeping: This is a fantastic time tracking solution for government contractors. Use this app to create enforceable timesheet restrictions, timestamps, and electronic signatures. ● ● BigTime Features Clock in/out ✔ Mobile app ✔

  8. Desktop-compatible ✔ Physical time clock Scheduling ✔ GPS tracking Overtime notifications ✔ Manual time entry ✔ 4. ClockShark Time Tracking – Best for a Mobile Workforce ClockShark has separate features built out for a variety of industries, from event management and staffing to franchises and chains, but it’s the mobile workforce features that really put this app on the map. Thanks to its real-time smartphone-based GPS features and automated time tracking technology, ClockShark is able to give clients total visibility of their clocked-in workforce. When employees try to clock in outside of their set “fenced” workspace, the app recognizes this punch as “out of bounds” and will send the employee a reminder to clock in once they are at their correct location.

  9. ClockShark Is a Life-saver for Construction Companies “ClockShark is not only a time clock, it helps make employees accountable for time and punctuality. This service paid for itself after the first week. I wish I’d had this starting out 11 years ago. The company would have saved tens of thousands of dollars in ‘estimated’ [timesheets] that we previously used. The learning curve for even the most ‘low tech’ employees was surprisingly very easy to overcome. … And no small projects fall through the cracks.” — Span Builders ClockShark Benefits ● employees in or out from their own mobile app, so every employee has the opportunity to clock in anytime, even when someone forgets their phone. Geofencing: GPS tracking isn’t just good for employers — it’s helpful for employees too! Simply set the employee’s current job site or business location, and they’ll receive reminders to clock in or out every time they enter or leave the geofence surrounding that area. Share photos and documents: The proof is in the pudding, right? ClockShark makes it easy to attach photos to timesheets, so managers always know the status of a work in progress. Employees can also add documents, so there’s always a digital copy if the original gets lost on the job. Crew clocking: ClockShark’s CrewClockTM feature allows supervisors to clock ● ● ClockShark Features Clock in/out ✔ Mobile app ✔ Desktop-compatible ✔ Physical time clock ✔ Scheduling ✔ GPS tracking ✔ Overtime notifications ✔ Manual time entry ✔

  10. 5. Minute7 Time Tracking & Expenses – Best for Simplicity Looking for a more basic time tracking solution to replace your paper timesheets? Minute7 offers a $4-per-month business account and free accounts for ProAdvisors who don’t need all the bells and whistles — just a simple, reliable time tracking solution. Small firms and independent contractors love Minute7’s simplified time tracking process, available on iPhone, Android, or any computer. Minute7 syncs directly with QuickBooks and is a great time tracking solution for any freelancer or small business owner looking to take that first step into automated tracking. Minute7 Is Great for Law Firms

  11. “After using a double entry system for a while, I researched a number of programs and we tried Minute7. It was a perfect fit for us, and we have used it for the past 3 years. Client information syncs seamlessly from QB, and time and expenses can be entered from any computer with a browser and syncs with QB for inclusion on invoices. The web-based application screen allows us to review time entered for all attorneys and staff and run reports so we can ensure that time and expenses aren’t lost.” — Mike Persson Minute7 Benefits ● Expense reports: Manage time and expenses, all in one place! Then export that data to Excel for easy record keeping and sharing. Information at your fingertips: Minute7 keeps great records and, best of all, they’re fully searchable. The app has its own filters for time entries so you can look back on specific types of timesheets, as well as an activity log that records user entries. On time, every time: Set reminders for your employees to submit time and for yourself to run payroll. Never let payday get away from you again. ● ● Minute7 Features Clock in/out Mobile app ✔ Desktop-compatible ✔ Physical time clock Scheduling GPS tracking Overtime notifications Manual time entry ✔ Small business owners know better than anyone that time is money. Nowhere is that more apparent than in payroll, where inaccurate time cards have the potential to inflate costs by hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year. Reduce your business expenses and achieve greater growth with a top-rated time tracking app from apps intuit.

  12. Turn on and set up time tracking QuickBooks Time tracking for Employees​ is Essentials and Plus allows you to easily track and bill customers for your time or the time worked by your employees and contractors. You can assign a particular activity to a project or customer, and choose whether to bill your customers for the activity. Based on the rates you specify and whether or not the time is billable, time detail will automatically appear on customer invoices. The amount of details included on the invoice is up to you. You can include: ● Employee’s name

  13. Hourly rate charged Number of hours billed: This appears as a decimal number on your invoice and as time on the printed or emailed version. For example, an hour and fifteen minutes will show as 1.25 ​when entered on an invoice and ​1:15 ​when it is sent to your customer. You can also customize the invoice to show the following: ● Text from the Description field on the time sheet ● The name of the standard service you are using ● Custom text that you specify for time tracking charges ● ● Turn on time tracking 1. Select the ​Gear icon​​ at the top, then ​Account Settings​​ (or ​Company Settings​​). 2. Select ​Advanced ​​on the left then go to the Time tracking section and select the ​pencil icon. 3. Set your time tracking preferences. a. Put a check mark on the ​Add Service field to timesheets ​​or ​Make Single-Time Activity Billable to Customer ​​box. When one of these boxes is checked, employees and contractors who fill out time sheets can specify if activities should be billed to a customer. b. (Optional) Put a check mark on ​Show billing rate to users entering time ​​box. c. Select the drop-down and choose the first day of the work week. This affects how employees and contractors view weekly time sheets. 4. Select ​Save​​ then ​Done​​. Add a Time Tracking user You may have unlimited number of users for ​Time Tracking​​ and it will not count toward the number or users or the price of the subscription. 1. Select the ​Gear icon​​ then ​Manage Users​​. 2. Select ​Add user​​ and choose​ Time tracking only​​ then select ​Next. 3. Select which vendor or employee you wish to add as a Time Tracking Only user and enter their contact information. 4. Select ​Save​​. Note:​​ You can't change the user type of a Time Tracking Only user. If a Time tracker needs a different company access, delete the user and add them back again with the new user type. Make time billable Once time tracking is set up, you can start marking timesheets as billable. 1. Select the ​Plus icon (+)​​ at the top, then ​Single Activity Time Sheet​​ (or ​Weekly Time Sheet). 2. Enter all necessary details then select the ​Billable ​​box. 3. Save the timesheet.

  14. If an employee enters an activity and selects the ​Billable ​​box, that employee's time will be preselected as billable the next time any user enters time for that employee. If someone clears the Billable box on a time activity for that employee, that employee's time won't be billable by default. The Amount/hr rate works the same way. Whatever rate was last entered for the employee on a timesheet acts as the default. If you want to make time always billable (the billable box is automatically selected for all activities), you or any company user with appropriate access can go to the employee information page and check the ​Employee’s time is billable by default ​​box. Access Time Tracking reports 1. Select ​Reports ​​from the left menu. 2. In the Enter report name field, enter any of the following: ○ Recent/Edited Time Activities ○ Time Activities by Customer Detail ○ Time Activities by Employee Detail ○ Unbilled time We are PosTechie, provide ​QuickBooks POS support​​ anywhere anytime what you need to do is simply call on our toll-free number +18009350532. You can easily set up you ​QuickBooks time tracking for employees​​ by following above steps. Otherwise we are here you can contact us at any point of time if you are having difficulty in QuickBooks Point of sale.

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