tips to upgrade ram ssd and hdd in hp omen 15 n.
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Tips to upgrade RAM, SSD, and HDD in HP Omen 15 PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips to upgrade RAM, SSD, and HDD in HP Omen 15

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Tips to upgrade RAM, SSD, and HDD in HP Omen 15 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Upgrade the RAM, SSD, HDD in HP Omen 15 to increase the speed of laptop, but you have to be very careful with the steps while upgrading these things. You are required to open the Omen with the correct method. Contact HP laptop customer support by dialing 1-877-645-7494 toll-free.\nVisit Us: \n

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tips to upgrade ram ssd and hdd in hp omen 15 1
Tips to upgrade RAM, SSD, and HDD in HP Omen 15

Intel Core i7 processor, GTX 10 series GPU, 16GB of RAM and solid storage functions configured in HP Gaming laptops such as HP Omen 15 configured. Here find out the methods to add the RAM, replaces the mechanical HDD and even replaces the M.2 stick that owns the Windows OS. Moreover, you can contact at HP Customer Service to have more detailed information regarding HP laptop.

  • Find out the solutions that will help you to upgrade the RAM, SSD, and HDD in the HP Omen 15-
opening the omen
Opening the Omen

Upgrading the M.2 SSD

Here, remove the placement screw located at the base of the SSD and then gently lift the old SSD at 20-degree angle

Now, insert the new SSD firmly into the slot at

Finally, you have to lay down the new SSD flat and then replace the placement screw

Make sure that you are more careful while using a screwdriver inside the laptop

Before trying to open the laptop, it is just to shut down the computer first. Here, you have to also unplug the power adapter if it’s charging.

  • In the first step, you have to place the laptop on flat surface bottom up. After this, remove the eight Philips screws
  • After this, you have to unscrew the two central Philips screws that are located towards the rear of the laptop
upgrading the hdd
Upgrading the HDD
  • In order to change the HDD, you have to gently pull up on the clip in order to detach the SATA cable from the main board
  • From the side of the SATA connector, you have to extract the HDD by pulling up
  • From the HDD, remove the two runners
  • After this, you need to remove the SATA connector from the HDD
  • Then, attach the two runners to the new SSD and then lay the SSD in the bottom side first
  • Further, push down on the other end to lay it flat
  • At last, simply push down the clip to hold the cable in place
upgrading the ram
Upgrading the RAM
  • Here, in the first step, you have to push clamps to the side for each RAM stick
  • After this, extract the RAM module and then match the notch in the new RAM module to the grove in the slot
  • Then, press down on the module until it's locked into the place
  • You need to repeat for the second module if installing
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