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What's The Best Medel For Making Money Online?

In this report, you are going to learn the best method for making money online as an internet marketer. Want to make money fast online, then this is a must read for you.

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What's The Best Medel For Making Money Online?

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  1. The Best Model For Making Consistent Income Online Working From Home By: Jeffrey Benson

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  3. Ways Of Making Money OnlineThere are essentially three ways for making money online:1. Affiliate Marketing 2. Selling Your Own Products3. Licensing or FranchisingWhile the first two methods are the most popularonline, they are also the very reason many peoplestruggle to make money on the internet.For the purpose of this article and to ensure we stick with what really works, we are going to be looking at the third model which is Licensing.

  4. The Online Licensing Model ExplainedLicensing is by far the best online business model, or offline business model for that matter, because it completely eliminates all the barriers posed by the other 2 models i.e. affiliate marketing and creating your own products.Licensing is when you buy a “license” from an established brand in order to establish your own business ownership while at the same time taking advantage of that brand's position, authority, products, systems, proven marketing etc.

  5. Many of the problems and obstacles related to affiliate marketing and creating your own info products are solved with this business model. It really is my favorite business model, whether online or offline.Licensing is basically franchising

  6. FACT: Around 85% of franchises become successful, whereas over 80% of non-franchise businesses fail!I was amazed when I learned of this statisticsLike I said above, licensing is when you buy a “license” from an established brand in order to establish your own business ownership while at the same time taking advantage of the brand's position, authority, products, systems, proven marketing process etc. Licensing (i.e. Franchising) combines the best parts of Affiliate Marketing and Creating Your Own Product into a model that removes all the negatives.

  7. Now, let's take a look at a practical example of licensing in the offline world...

  8. Let's say you wanted to open a sandwich shop in your town. • You could get the money together to buy or lease a building, buy the equipment, insurance, stock, tables, chairs and 500 other things... • Then once you're in business you'll have to build up a customer list and essentially making your presence in the neighborhood known and convincing people to come to your sandwich shop. • You'd have to work out all the recipes, tweak them and test them and tweak them again until you get to the point where you'd have product quality that is good enough for people to keep coming back for over and over again. This includes user experience and the environment as well. • See, it's not just the food, it's the location, the drinks, the style of the restaurant, the uniforms, the customer experience while in your restaurant etc. • You would have to work out how you are going to advertise the business. You'd have to create the ads from scratch and test them and tweak them and find places to advertise and if they didn't perform you'd have to redo them over and over and over until the ads are getting the results you want etc. • You'd have to research employment laws and tax withholding and restaurant codes for health inspectors, etc., all on your own.

  9. As you can see, it would be a lot of work and most of it would involve you “experimenting” to see what does work, because you don't even know yet. Little wonder why most small businesses fail within the first 3 years. It's a lot of work indeed. Isn't it?You could go through all of that...Or, you could simply just buy a Subway franchise. (This is just an example)

  10. Buying a Sub-way franchise has already eliminated all the obstacles above because they have already done all the hard work for you. For example:  All the products are already done and organized.  The uniforms, the tables, the chairs, the outlay of the store, the specifics of what locations are acceptable, the costs of all the food and labor and expected returns, the advertising is all done for you 24/7.  Also, your suppliers are already figured out for the best prices and quality.  All the forms and paper work are already made for your business operations and so forth.

  11. Subway franchises are not cheap, but by the time you factor in all the work, the time, the frustration and the experimenting, it saves you to just step into a proven franchise model, it's way smarter and way cheaper to just go with the franchise.All you have to do is buy the license and step into the boots that have already been designed for your ready-made profit-machine.Frankly, it would be foolish to start from scratch when you can just plug into an established, proven business model where most of the work is already done for you.

  12. With a Licensing model, your up-sells are built right in and they have already been proven to sell.And you know what?You might make 12% on the sandwich (foot in the door), but you'll make 96% profit on the soda (the upsell/backend).

  13. With a Licensing model, there is no guess-work and the best part is that…  The company you bought the franchise from has a strong interest in your success. They don't make money unless you make money. That is what your franchise fees go toward. That is why they sold you the franchise and that is why they provide you the exact "how-to" on everything they do so that you can just plug into their systems and start profiting right away. That is why they have coaches to help you get set up and to provide ongoing help and advice.They want your store to be successful.

  14. Do you see how this saves you countless hours and years of experimenting, suffering and being broke?Licensing is hands-down the best business model.Again, to reiterate, around 85% of franchises succeed and over 80% of non-franchise businesses fail...Now, what about online businesses?Well, this is no news anymore... over 97% of online businesses fail.

  15. 1. You can decide to make money as an affiliate - working for someone else why they keep the profits from your effort...2. You can take months or years creating your own products - with all the hard work and uncertainties OR.3. You can simply buy into a model that's already proven to work - a model where everything has been completely done for you and guaranteed to make you money almost from day one.The choice is yours. Now, How Does The Licensing Model Works In The Online Environment? For example:

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  17. Are You A Starters Or A FinishersA starter is a product creator or an inventor. Starters think out the idea and work on it until the idea comes to fruition and hopefully succeed. In most cases, they take years cooking up and refining their ideas and most of the time, they hardly enjoy the fruit of their labor as they grow old and weary in the process.The people that enjoy the hard work of inventors or starters (in this case) are those they leave behind after they are gone. Only few starters enjoy their hard work while still alive.A Finisher, on the other hand, is someone who is smart enough to tap into an already existing and successful (business) idea, make it their own and make a success of it in the shortest time possible.

  18. I prefer to be a Finisher AND THAT'S WHAT THE LICENSING MODEL OFFERS YOU.With licensing, you are tapping into a business model that's already proven to work.How Do You Find A Good Licensing Company?There are several businesses online that operates the licensing model but as with everything in life, you'll find the fake ones and the real ones.

  19. So instead of me wasting mine and your time dwelling and talking about the ones that don't work, I'd prefer to give you one which I have tested and it's guaranteed to work perfectly for anyone who wants a highly profitable business online. The company is called Ipas2

  20. Why Am I Recommending This Company? • It's the first of it's kind online. Nothing like what Ipas2 offers can be found anywhere else. • All the obstacles associated with affiliate marketing or creating your own products have been completely eliminated. • All the time consuming and frustrating tasks that keep people back from succeeding have been completely eliminated i.e. no need to build any website, not need to build list, no need to create high end offers and even traffic is already done for you..

  21. Why Am I Recommending This Company? • Everything has been completely done for you and perfected. So no guess work as to whether it works or not. • They have excellent coaches to help train you and even train your customers and sell your products on your behalf. • You earn a whopping 70%-100% commission on all product sales. • No prior experience or technical skill required to start • No selling of products or even storing of products like you would find with most networking and MLM company.

  22. Why Am I Recommending This Company? • Anyone, irrespective of knowledge, skill and income resources can start with the company. You can start small and grow to any extent you like. • You can earn over $5,000 per customer giving you very high return on investment on your advertising dollars. • There are multiple income streams within Ipas2 i.e. you can earn monthly recurring income of $47 or even $250+ per month per customer as well as commissions from one time high ticket sales.

  23. Why Am I Recommending This Company? • Low entry. Compared to traditional franchises which could cost several hundred thousands of dollars, getting Ipas2 License is quite cheap. You can even test drive the system for just $7.

  24. How Do You Make Money With This Opportunity?

  25. How Do You Make Money With This Opportunity?To start earning with Ipas2, all you do is just send traffic (people) to the company's sales page with your unique link and the system does the selling and conversions as well as build your list automatically for you.The system then follow up with your customers on your behalf to sell them the high ticket backend sales to make you most money even while you are asleep. It's that easy. Now who wouldn't want that? Click here to try Ipas2.

  26. Do you now see why this system is such a powerful one?You can operate IPAS2 as a standalone business or a current addition to your internet business…The real secret behind Ipas2 is their high end big ticket offers and as you know big profit comes from big ticket sales.Almost all internet marketers limit their incomes by not selling high-ticket offers.If you really want to be successful as an internet marketer, you need to sell high ticket offers. That's where the money is.

  27. Why Selling High Ticket Offers Is The Best Model For Making Money Fast OnlineSelling big ticket offers is the fastest way to achieving your income goal online. But unfortunately, this is where many people fail because as an affiliate, it's difficult to find HIGH CONVERTING products that will pay you $3,000+ per sale. Also if you are a product creator, it's almost impossible to create products of your own that will sell for that kind of money except you are a pro.

  28. For example:If your goal is to earn $100,000, you could sell 10,000 eBooks at $10 each, or you can sell 20 Mastermind Seminars at $5,000 each. Now which is easier to achieve? 10,000 sales or 20 sales?

  29. Yet, many internet marketers prefer to sell $10 ebooks rather than focusing on high end offers that will get them to their goal fast. No wonder there are 97% failure rate online.In summary, my recommendation is to go with a trusted, already proven business model rather than short-changing yourself and scraping for a living. But ultimately, the choice is yours to make.Make the right choice. Go join Ipas2 now for a better future.

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