top quality extra virgin olive oil and pasta from liguria n.
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Top Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Pasta from Liguria PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Pasta from Liguria

Top Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Pasta from Liguria

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Top Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Pasta from Liguria

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  1. Top Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Pasta from Liguria

  2. Liguria, a fascinating region Liguria is an astonishing Italian Region where mountains touch the sea, little fisherman villages keep their ancient beauty and olive trees grow in stone made terraces. Rosmarino Farm is an old house dominating the Tigullio Gulf right in front of the famous Portofino village.

  3. The story of Rosmarino Farm Luisa and Gian Marco Petrelli, many years ago, discovered a charming but abandoned house made of stones and surrounded by secular plants of olive trees. They started renovating the house with love preserving the ancient taste of Liguria.

  4. The inside of Rosmarino Farm Rosmarino Farm has been published as an example of the traditional Ligurian style and decoration.

  5. The olive oil production Luisa, a Gourmet Lover and senior member of the Italian Academy of Cuisine, started in 1995 a limited production of high quality extra virgin olive oil for top cuisine and gourmets. The first customer was Hotel Cipriani in Venice. Since then other prestigious hotels and famous chefs decided to buy her oil. Today, taking advantage of professional oil tasters, Rosmarino Farm integrates its production buying olives from other Ligurian Farms. Her oil, with the brand "Costa dei Rosmarini", is bottled in Imperia in small quantities at a time and its superior quality is constantly controlled by official tasters of ONAOO (the Italian Association of Olive Oil Tasters).

  6. The unique taste of extra virgin olive oil Santa Chiara What makes Santa Chiara different? Delicate with no bitterness because made with Taggiasca olives from Liguria. This is quite unique since bitterness is normal in extra virgin olive oils. Thanks to its delicacy this oil can be appreciated also by consumers that are not used to olives oil. Light and fruity with a slight peppery aftertaste Santa Chiara is perfect as a finishing oil. Choosing the right extra virgin depends on the preparation you would like to dress. This is what the great Chefs do. Some extra virgin oils, like those from Tuscany, are very strong some others, like those from Puglia, are very bitter. Ligurian oils or are mild and delicate. Never use a strong oil to dress a salad or a fish, you'll kill it a second time! Delicate oils should not be used for long cooking since this fades the flavor of every oil. After a long cooking a delicate oil will taste very little. Santa Chiara has been awarded in international competitions several times

  7. The commitment to quality of Santa Chiara On the labels we print outstanding chemical values for acidity, peroxides, etc. As far as we know no other producer does the same The labels of our bottles shows a graphic tasting profile that inform the final customers about the characteristics of Santa Chiara. We print the harvest year. By the law the expiry date starts from the bottling date not from the harvest. Many producers mix old olive oil with recent one to lower the costs. Our oil is really Italian. Many Italians labels bottle oils from other Mediterranean countries where production is not as careful and controlled as in Italy. In countries like Spain the majority of the production is rolled in an industrial way favoring the biggest and highest output olives rather than quality.

  8. The Ligurian Specialties Thanks to the success of her extra virgin, Luisa soon started producing some other specialties. The first ones were the Taggiasca olives, the same used to produce the Santa Chiara oil. Costa dei Rosmarini bottles Taggiasca olives in brine, in paste and some outstanding and very successful Pitted olives in extra virgin. Costa dei Rosmarini prepares also sun dried tomatoes in extra virgin and an amazing Pesto Sauce

  9. The traditional Ligurian Pasta In the year 2003 Costa dei Rosmarini bought a share in a small pasta maker close to Rosmarino Farm and introduced a very special line of Ligurian Pasta in the line. The Pasta from Costa dei Rosmarini is still partially hand made with the very best semolina, the one named "kronos".The drying time can take up to two days instead of the few hours of the industrial pasta. This makes our pasta a little more long to cook but gives it a consistence that is totally different from the industrial pasta. The quality in ingredients and preparation, together with some unique cuts and a very special packaging, position our pasta among the very best on the market. The Croxetti The Trofie

  10. The choice of the best chefs The quality of the Extra Virgin Santa Chiara and the other products from Costa dei Rosmarini is proved by the quality of our customers. We are proud suppliers of several of the best chefs in Italy and abroad, many of them awarded by the Michelin Guide

  11. The #1 in luxury hotels Thanks to an outstanding quality and a very special packaging “Santa Chiara” is probably the #1 extra virgin in the 5 stars Hotels in Italy.

  12. The top gourmet shops Costa dei Rosmarini is distributed in many countries and sold in many of the best gourmet shops around the world.

  13. A mission for quality & elegance Costa dei Rosmarini is dedicated to top quality with elegance in packaging. Santa Chiara extra virgin is an example of our mission: Taste, Package, Communication and Customers have one thing in common: elegance. Follow the Scent of Italy, taste the elegance of Costa dei Rosmarini.