the duckbill platypus l.
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  1. THE DUCKBILL PLATYPUS By Nathan Kresevic

  2. Introduction Extra, Extra do you want learn all about a duckbill platypus? If you do, then read on! A platypus is the only mammal to lay eggs. A platypus is a very different mammal! They live in Australia.

  3. Adaptations of a Duckbill Platypus • The bill sweeps the riverbank for prey • Their fur is thick and slick • Their front feet are long and webbed for fast swimming strong claws for hole. • Front feet for steering not as powerful as front feet. • Poisonous spure can kill a dog, venom used in a male fight.

  4. What Does a platypus Eat ? A platypus eats insect larvae and water crustaceans. The platypus fills pouches in its cheeks with food. They also eat fresh water shrimp, frog eggs, small fish and put it in their pouches until they are on land! This is a platypus hunting for food. Platypus food

  5. life cycle of a duckbill platypus The female lays two eggs that are white and soft shelled. She warms the eggs by holding by holding then snuggly between her belly. Each egg is the size of an marble. After one to two weeks the eggs hatch. The young stays in the burrow up to five mouths. This is a baby platypus

  6. Conclusion Maybe when you go to the zoo, you can see a real platypus! A platypus is a very different mammal! This is where a platypus lives ! This is a grown up platypus

  7. Resources Page animal fact file card #58 BYE!