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www.recruitguelph.ca. Uniting Co-operative Education with Career Services The challenges of a newly blended family Karen Reimer CAFCE Conference June 2010. Co-operative Education & Career Services 519-824-4120, ext. 52323 [email protected] Agenda.

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Uniting Co-operative Education with Career Services

The challenges of a newly blended family

Karen Reimer

CAFCE Conference

June 2010

Co-operative Education &

Career Services

519-824-4120, ext. 52323

[email protected]

Agenda l.jpg

  • Our History

  • Where are you?

  • Our Process @ UofG

  • Are we there yet?

  • Questions ???

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“The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into our mind, but is how to get the old ones out”Author Unknown

Our history l.jpg
Our History into our mind,

  • Both Co-op and Career Services reporting to the Associate Vice-President Student Affairs as separate units …

  • Spring 1998 Co-operative Education Services moved from Student Affairs to report to the Vice-President Academic …

  • Spring 2004 Co-op moved back to reporting to the Associate Vice-President Student Affairs …

  • Spring 2005 Career Services unit joins Co-operative Education Services to create CECS …

Where are you l.jpg
Where are you? into our mind,

Are you integrated?

Definition: “to form, coordinate, or blend into a functioning or unified whole”

Consider: Operational Functions, Budgets,

Co-ordinated Staffing, Space,

Metaphor 2 family systems theory l.jpg
Metaphor:2 Family Systems Theory into our mind,

  • When you blend two families you need a new equilibrium and culture

  • It takes 5 years to create a new blended family unit/tribe!

  • But only if things are functioning well and the people involved are healthy and willing to work at it

Always manage the fear l.jpg
Always manage the FEAR ! into our mind,

  • Be honest in your communication to staff ~ TRUST

  • Know that change can create fear

  • Share the vision about the integration & repeat

  • Understand and manage stress related to the integration ~ FEAR!

  • Keep staff informed about the implications the integration has to their jobs ~ FEAR

  • Encourage staff to get involved in building the new integrated department ~ FEAR

How we got to 2010 cecs assessment framework l.jpg
How we got to 2010…. into our mind, CECS Assessment Framework

In 2006 we asked 3 Questions:

1) What are we trying to do?

2) How well are we doing it?

3) How do we know?

1 what are we trying to do l.jpg
1) What are we trying to do? into our mind,

Mission: Co-operative Education & Career Services supports, trains and leads students and alumni as they make career and further education planning decisions.


  • Provide students with job search skills

  • Assist students to discern career or further education planning

  • Provide experiential learning and employment opportunities

    CECS, University of Guelph

The assessment process l.jpg
The Assessment Process into our mind,

2) How well are we doing?

  • Purpose

  • Objectives ~ set goals each year to achieve

  • Programs & Services ~ to meet objectives

  • Intended Outcomes ~ what & why?

    3) How do we know?

  • Assessment Tools ~ ongoing

  • Feedback & Change ~ ongoing

Does it makes sense l.jpg
Does it makes sense? into our mind,

  • Student Affairs Assessment Project

    We have done the work and don’t need to recreate

  • Teaching Support Services Mapping Project

    We have done the initial work and the TSS project and help to guide us

Vision values exercise l.jpg
Vision & Values Exercise into our mind,




Vision: An inspired team offering integrated services to all students and alumni contributing to their intentional and rewarding career journey

Values: Respect, Collaboration, Integrity, Commitment to Excellence, Creativity

Benefits of the union l.jpg
Benefits of the union into our mind,

  • Cross training and functions: front line, marketing, job development, website, curriculum, …

  • One stop shop for students, alumni, employers, faculty and staff

  • Enhances job development/employer recruitment

  • One database

  • One employment process

  • Cost savings: staffing, resources, overhead, space

Challenges of the union l.jpg
Challenges of the union into our mind,

  • Change management ~ FEAR

  • Bringing two distinct cultures together

  • Cultures reflect the type of accountability

  • Managing the fallout of losing staff

Honest observations l.jpg
Honest observations! into our mind,

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“Any culture by definition, exists primarily to prevent change, to set in stone the lessons of the past”Author Unknown

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www.recruitguelph.ca change,

Thank You!

Co-operative Education &

Career Services

519-824-4120 ext 52423

[email protected]