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Multimedia and Ecommerce

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Multimedia and Ecommerce - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multimedia and Ecommerce . Professor Kleist April 21, 2003. Introduction to Multimedia. Simple multimedia applications Graphic design New media Visual Culture Programming environment: Maya Programming environments: Macromedia MX platform suite

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multimedia and ecommerce

Multimedia and Ecommerce

Professor Kleist

April 21, 2003

introduction to multimedia
Introduction to Multimedia
  • Simple multimedia applications
  • Graphic design
  • New media
  • Visual Culture
  • Programming environment: Maya
  • Programming environments: Macromedia MX platform suite
  • Programming environments: .net as a player
  • Flash, Dreamweaver
simple multimedia apps deitel et al 2001
Simple Multimedia Apps (Deitel et al., 2001)
  • Sound and video on the desktop
  • DVD platform
  • Performance intensive
  • Large files
  • Streaming vs. full download
  • BGSOUND element, IMG element’s DYNSRC property, Windows Media Player ActiveX control as simplistic approaches to adding Multimedia to HTML pages

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN”>



<BGSOUND ID = “audio” SRC = “jazzgos.mid” LOOP = “1”></BGSOUND>

Calls an audio clip called jazzgos.mid, and specifies that it should loop exactly once, and because it does not include a BALANCE and VOLUME attribute, each defaults to 0, which indicates maximum volume.

using windows media player activex control
Using Windows Media Player ActiveX control
  • Can use a prebuilt Microsoft ActiveX control called Media Player Active X into the web page. Can use either EMBED or OBJECT that calls either a video player or audio player to play a video
  • Use the EMBED element to play videos because the Windows media player is embedded into web pages
  • <BODY>
    • <H1>Displaying a Video via the EMBED Element</H1>
    • <H2>Earth Fly By</H2>
    • <TABLE><TR>
    • <TD><EMBED SRC = “approach_1_337.mpeg” LOOP = “false”></EMBED>
graphic design helfand 2001
Graphic Design (Helfand 2001)
  • Screens are our primary source of info, they are ubiquitous
  • Important to designers
  • Apply classic principles of design
  • New media is dynamic, interactive and screen based
  • Can guide visual communication
  • Audiences are global, fractal, constantly on the move
cyberspace over the long run
Cyberspace over the Long Run
  • Avatars, or abstract electronic form for human perception
  • Cyberspace as merely “new wine in old bottles” (O’Donnell, 1998)
  • Life of the mind, intellectual life possible in cyberspace
  • Cyberspace may impact geographic communities, internet as substitute, especially as new media creates space, sense of place (Dodge and Kitchin, 2001)
  • Landscapes of information
  • Three dimensional spaces mimic NYSE
new media krueger 1977 heller ed 2001 maeda 2000
New Media (Krueger, 1977, Heller, ed, 2001, Maeda, 2000)
  • Responsive environment
  • Real time interaction between man and machines
  • Artificial realities simulate real world
  • Psychic space, videoplace, new technology
  • Nonlinear, not chronological, interleaved, formlessness
maya software
Maya Software
  • From Alias Wavefront
  • 3D software
  • “inspired by the film and video artists, computer game developers and design professionals who use it daily to create engaging digital imagery, animation and visual effects.”
  • Used in Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, Perfect Storm
  • Can download software version to explore with from Maya,
macromedia mx from computerworld april 30 2002
Macromedia MX from Computerworld, April 30, 2002
  • Family of products that interact with each other
  • flagship Web animation and interactivity runtime application Flash MX
  • Includes Dreamweaver MX for web page development, Fireworks MX, Studio MX
  • ColdFusion is changing “from a proprietary application server to one that works with Java 2 Enterprise Edition application servers, and makes it easier to develop Web applications and services”
macromedia mx cont
Macromedia MX, cont.
  • Macromedia products all related,
  • Divide product line into design side, server side, information content managers and players
  • Contribute is web site content management software for firms, do not need to know HTML
  • Authorware allows the development of training tutorials and elearning tools, including measurement and student interaction
macromedia cont
Macromedia, cont.
  • Director MX is used to create fixed multimedia content, and works with Flash MX
  • Fireworks MX fits with the Flash and Dreamweaver platforms, and gives bitmap editing support, allows the design of special graphics like buttons, images and rollovers, plus other graphics applications
  • All can import and export with each other, and there is a product called MX Workspace to allow tight integration
  • Active Server Pages create interactive server pages that are processed in response to client browser request
  • Uses a scripting engine, and processes components just before sending a page to the client, often processing little pieces of code called ActiveX controls
  • ActiveX controls have prewritten types such as adrotator, clock, session tracking, cookies, etc.
  • ASP resides on the server, is server side scripting, more flexible for accessing databases.
  • ActiveX controls allow the server to figure out types of browser, counters, rotate content, etc., and set up branching
  • Microsoft development architecture to integrate across development tools and platforms for end to end web page development
  • New platform for web development that is an attempt to unify and simplify web services
  • Uses .net platform, but includes, ActiveX, Forms, xml based web services
  • Allows developers to inherit from their own components, from other developers, from .net framework
  • More interchangeable
  • Powerful, xml productivity without xml hassles, steep learning curve, hard to know when to migrate from ASP
net cont
.net, cont.
  • Some firms are migrating from ASP to .net, but these can coexist, even though they have totally different processing engines
  • ASP worked well with VB and Jscript, .net will run more languages
  • New features with .net that allow working with data better, including XML to integrate to any data source like Microsoft SQL or Oracle databases
  • ASP is more complex to mix with Ultradev, but .net is supposed to work with Ultradev, perhaps not right away
  • Ultradev writes in the ASP code for you, so it is easier than .net, but .net is supposed to support Ultradev long term
  • Web layout tool, does HTML development in an intuitive way
  • Integrates well with the other Macromedia tools like Flash, Fireworks
  • Does clean HTML
  • Has a button called quick tags to show HTML elements
  • Part of larger Macromedia suite called Ultradev (creates ASP), Coldfusion
  • Macromedia application for creating interactive, animated movies
  • Important advancement for Multimedia
  • Flash movies have small size files compared to other types of multimedia
  • Uses a function called tweening, which takes the first and last frames of an animation, and automatically generates everything in between
  • Animation files are called “movies”