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Federal Highway Administration. MAC-FHWA. Motorcyclist Advisory Council – Federal Highway Administration. By Martin Calawa, ITS/Safety Engineer. SAFETEA-LU. Mandates MAC Establishment Established by Secretary through Federal Highway Administration

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mac fhwa

Federal Highway Administration


Motorcyclist Advisory Council –

Federal Highway Administration

By Martin Calawa, ITS/Safety Engineer

safetea lu
  • Mandates MAC Establishment
  • Established by Secretary through Federal Highway Administration
  • To “Coordinate with and Advise” on Infrastructure Issues
safetea lu infrastructure issues mandated
SAFETEA-LUInfrastructure Issues Mandated
  • Barrier Design
  • Road Design, Construction and Maintenance practices
  • Implementation of ITS Technologies & Architecture
safetea lu specified membership
SAFETEA-LUSpecified Membership
  • Not more than 10 Members
  • One Each Recommended by:
    • a National Motorcycle Riders Foundation
    • a National Motorcyclist Association
    • a National Org. representing Highway Builders
    • a National Org. representing the Traffic Safety Systems Industry
safetea lu specified membership5
SAFETEA-LUSpecified Membership
  • 1 from a National Safety Org.
  • 1 from the National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators
  • 2 members from State Motorcycles’ Organizations, and
  • 1 or 2 motorcyclists who are traffic systems design engineers or State transportation dept. officials
council selection
Council Selection
  • Notice of Intent published in Federal Register Dec. 23, 2005
  • 44 Nominations Received
  • FHWA selected Members based on:
    • Mandated requirements
    • Congressional Recommendations
    • Experience
    • Geographical Representation

of States

first mac meeting
First MAC Meeting
  • October 24, 2006
  • In Washington DC at FHWA HQ
  • Kick-off
    • presentation by Mary Peters
    • Attended by:
      • FHWA Administrator Rick Capka
      • Associate Administrator Jeff Lindley
  • Meeting Run by “Designated Federal Official” Michael Halladay,

Office of Safety

council comments
Council Comments
  • General Comments:
    • Designs currently based on cars—motorcycles not considered
    • Awareness/education is a big issue
    • Designers think of motorist only
    • Things have changed due to growth of motorcycles
barrier comments
Barrier Comments
  • program, “Safer signs, are yours break-away”
  • how to make more motorcycle-friendly barriers?
  • Asked, Research on Effects of Guardrail on Motorcycles?
  • Raised Medians are a problem – can they be simply painted medians?
design comments
Design Comments
  • Issue is pavement markings as significant contributors to motorcycle crashes & should be looked into
  • add skid resistance to pavement markings – especially intersections
  • Thermo-Plastic buildup
  • Markings become invisible in wet weather. (Retro) Reflectivity is important
design comments continued
Design comments (Continued)
  • Break-away Signs? Not for Motorcycles
  • Warning signing for hazards
  • Motorcycle specific signage vs. generic signs for all
construction comments
Construction Comments
  • Steel plates!
  • Milled surfaces – Builder Awareness
  • Bridge expansion joints
  • temporary crossover lanes, transition from concrete to asphalt is a problem
  • uneven pavement
  • “settlement” of bridges is issue
  • joints not aligned w/lane markings
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Potholes more dangerous to MC’s
discussion summary
Discussion Summary
  • Most engineers are not motorcyclists... All about awareness
council member suggestion
Council Member Suggestion
  • toll free phone number for reporting problems like potholes (motorcycle), reported directly to maintenance
  • Web page for Motorcycles
  • FHWA to develop a brochure to raise awareness of motorcycle concerns to designers
  • put “best practices” on sites