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Lesson 7 Day 5

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Lesson 7 Day 5 . Question of the Day. How do dogs help people? Dogs help people ___________________. . Read Aloud t187. Domestic Dogs

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Question of the Day

How do dogs help people?

Dogs help people ___________________.


read aloud t187
Read Aloud t187

Domestic Dogs

Dogs that live with humans are called domestic dogs. Centuries ago these animals were bred, or raised, from wolves. Owners of domestic dogs found that the animals could be easily trained to hunt, to herd other animals, and to guard homes.

These days, dogs are most often companions. People have dogs as pets because they are affectionate and loyal. Pet dogs still guard homes, but now they bark at the mail carrier, not a dangerous animal.

Dogs are very intelligent. Because they can recognize their owners and even communicate with them, dogs and their owners become very close friends. Most dog owners think their dogs are the best animals in the world.


digraphs ch tch sh wh t188
Digraphs ch, tch, sh, wh t188

chin itch

push chef



spelling review and test
Spelling Review and Test
  • Write a paragraph about making lunch for school. Use at least six spelling words from this week’s list.
  • Spelling Test Time- Clear desk and take out one sheet of paper.


fluency phrasing t190
Fluency: Phrasing t190

“Aero and Officer Mike” pp. 200-217


fact and opinion t191
Fact and Opinion T191
  • What is a fact?
  • What is an opinion?

Anthology: “Animals and Their Trainers”

  • What opinion does the author have about how a white whale feels about having its tongue tickled?
  • What is a fact about the lions at the Lincoln Park Zoo?


fact and opinion
Fact and Opinion
  • Draw the chart below and add facts from the story “Animals and Their Trainers” and then add your own opinion.
vocabulary review
Vocabulary Review
  • Would someone who is dazed be more likely to babble or to speak clearly?
  • If you wanted to demonstrate how to skim a rock across water, would you choose a round, heavy rock or a flat, light one?
  • Why might it embarrass you if someone said you were not competent?
  • Would the path of someone who wanders cover a long or short span?
  • Why might police officers patrol an area wearing shabby clothes instead of uniforms?
  • Where might you accompany someone who collapses during a baseball game?
  • What scent might you smell in the midst of your favorite restaurant?
  • Would you be suspicious is someone asked you to make a contribution to a charity you had never heard of?
  • What initiative would you take to train a puppy who whined loudly whenever it was hungry?