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Gadgets, Widgets & Other Embeddables : Microcontent for the Masses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WiLSWorld Conference 2010 – July 21, 2010 Allan R Barclay Ebling Library, UW-Madison. Gadgets, Widgets & Other Embeddables : Microcontent for the Masses. Blogs – short post excerpts, quoted text and post/comment feeds News sites – slideshows, embedded videos, tickers

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Presentation Transcript
Wilsworld conference 2010 july 21 2010 allan r barclay ebling library uw madison l.jpg

WiLSWorld Conference 2010 – July 21, 2010

Allan R Barclay

Ebling Library, UW-Madison

Gadgets, Widgets & Other Embeddables: Microcontent for the Masses

Microcontent has been around for years l.jpg

Microcontent has been around for years

Then came YouTube and all that 2.0 stuff

  • Embedded video & audio files and playlists – free for anyone

  • Tweets, Facebook statuses, other ADHD fodder

  • Mashups – AJAX & other developer tools


Where are you taking me?

  • Journal article of the future – embedded data you can play with

  • Online software applications which live in “the cloud” (ooh!)

  • Communication and collaboration environments

  • In general - la carte content & functionality shared widely

Axioms caveats excuses l.jpg

The Presenter and Presentation feeds

These definitions are imperfect and broad - perhaps criminally so

There is way too much content in these slides to cover in a presentation – consider them the handout, not the class (“CiL style”)

These slides are dull – no images, code or diagrams – sorry!

The examples should or will be more exciting

The Subject Matter at Hand

Axioms, Caveats & Excuses

  • Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should

  • If you build it they may not care

  • If they don’t know about it they definitely won’t care

  • Technology doesn’t solve problems, it’s a tool for problem solvers to use

  • Content is king

Rss feeds the workhorse of microcontent l.jpg

RSS Feeds – the workhorse of microcontent

Widgets – make a personalized info dashboard or start page

  • Google Gadgets (and PageFlakes, Yahoo, etc)

Embeds – lively up your blog or website

  • YouTube videos

  • Google Maps

Some Examples of Microcontent

Installables – turn your browser into a Swiss army knife

  • Toolbars

  • Bookmarklets

Websites l.jpg

  • Your library feeds

  • Departments, schools and other collaborators

  • Professional library organizations or societies


LibGuides & other pathfinders

[email protected] and other learning management systems

Some Library Use Cases

Current awareness or other services

  • Create a set of Google Gadgets for an audience or subject

  • Create a feed from internal or external sources for an audience or subject

Your content l.jpg

  • News, classes & events feeds

  • Journal tables of contents

  • New books

  • New articles – RefShare and the like

  • General information (i.e. highlights, blog posts)

Your content

Their content

Library Ideas – RSS Feeds

  • News, classes & events

  • Journal tables of contents

  • Funding information

  • Clinical trials

  • Politics & appeasement (“our Beloved Chancellor’s musings”)

Your content8 l.jpg

Your content feeds

  • Logins, request forms and other rapid access gateways

  • Anything you can get as an RSS feed

Their content

Library Ideas – Widgets

  • Anything from your vendors (i.e. databases, e-books, journals)

  • LibraryThing and other bookish or library things

  • Anything you can get as an RSS feed

Your content9 l.jpg

  • Camtasia and other tutorials (audio, screen capture) feeds

  • Classes and other instructional content (video capture)

  • Calendar of events (i.e. Google Calendar)

  • Map and directions (i.e. Google Maps - basic or customized)

  • Presentations (i.e. SlideShare)

  • Anything you can get in an RSS feed

Your content

Library Ideas – Embeds

Their content

  • Tutorials and instructional content (“serious”)

  • Teaching examples (i.e. YouTube popular media clips – “fun”)

  • Professional conferences, other events – Tweets and Flickr pictures

Your content10 l.jpg

Your content feeds

  • General library toolbar or more specific (i.e. EBM, departmental)

  • Bookmarklets (I.e. FindIt, RefWorks, ezProxy)

Their content

Library Ideas – Installables

  • Search engine plugins

  • Bookmarklets (i.e. PubGet, Mendeley, LibraryThing)

Pubmed other literature database results l.jpg

PubMed & other literature database results feeds

  • Saved searches – basic or advanced

  • Journal tables of contents

Forward, AquaBrowser - catalogs & OPACS

  • Searches for updates

  • New content

Library Examples – Search

Prominent search boxes

  • UW-Madison Libraries

  • Ebling Library

  • Xerxes (database select & search)

Handouts and other documentation l.jpg

YouTube and other video embeds feeds

Handouts and other documentation

  • Common Craft tutorials

  • Vendor product tutorials

  • Scribd embedded document viewer

  • Google Docs shared files

Library Examples – Instruction

Interactive Tutorials & Coursework

  • Pharmacy resource & searching tutorial in Captivate

  • Supplemental assignments from face to face classes

Feed parsing and display l.jpg

  • Google Reader feedsClips (display widget), shared item pages

  • Feed2JS (hosted or local install – very simple to use)

  • SimplePie (local install – more powerful, complex)*

Feed parsing and display

Feed filtering and cleanup

  • FeedRinse – filter, combine existing feeds

  • FeedBurner – easy subscription, statistics and some cleanup by magic

Tools – RSS Feeds

Feed customization & creation

  • Yahoo Pipes – do just about anything to any feed, in a GUI environment**

  • Google Reader – create custom OPML bundles (Feeds as Blog Roll)

Tools embeds l.jpg

Video & Images feeds

  • YouTube, Google Video, ForaTV, SciVee TV

  • Embedr (playlist - supports different video sources)

  • Jing (quick and dirty screen captures/tutorials)

  • Flickr (images hosted remotely)

  • Lightbox, other software (local images -Jquery, Scriptaculous, Moo Tools)*


  • Scribd, Issuu (embedded document viewers)

  • Google Docs (document, spreadsheet, presentation)

Tools – Embeds


  • Maps (Google Maps, Bing, Mapquest)

  • Professional (SlideShare, LinkedIn)

  • Social (Facebook, Twitter)

Tools widgets installables l.jpg

Widgets feeds

  • Google Gadgets – create or browse existing*

  • PageFlakes, etc – also allow creation or browsing*


  • Toolbars - Conduit

  • Search engine plugins – Firefox extensions page

Tools – Widgets & Installables

Widget focus google gadgets l.jpg

Feed-based feeds

  • Single basic feed

  • Multiple feeds

HTML or application-based

  • Login or other form

  • Social gadgets?

  • Other more complicated functions – above my pay grade!

Widget Focus – Google Gadgets

Getting started

  • Gadgets API and documentation

  • Google Gadgets Editor

  • Find an existing gadget and look at the source code

The future l.jpg

The Future ? feeds

From: http://www.freshgasflow.com/flight401.htm

Wrapup conclusions l.jpg

  • Microcontent can be low key and high impact feeds

  • Microcontent can be epic fail and no (or even bad) impact

  • Need to devote R&D time but tools can be dead simple

  • Don’t have weak content - be useful (or really really funny)

  • Users may prefer “a la carte” content, not ponderous sites

  • You too can have a site that doesn’t look like its from 1995!

Wrapup & Conclusions

That s all folks l.jpg

Questions? Comments? Tips? feeds

No? Then go home!

Allan Barclay

[email protected]

That’s All Folks!