Encouraging independent learning with a course web site
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Encouraging independent learning with a course web site. Objectives. Pedagogical Professional Administrative. Pedagogical aims. To increase independence To get students’ attention To integrate skills and abilities across the curriculum

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Objectives l.jpg

  • Pedagogical

  • Professional

  • Administrative

Pedagogical aims l.jpg
Pedagogical aims

  • To increase independence

  • To get students’ attention

  • To integrate skills and abilities across the curriculum

  • To enhance learning, both of course content and the way information is organized

Professional aims l.jpg
Professional aims

  • To be technologically active and linked

  • To improve course design

  • To use previous experience in the development of better teaching materials

Administrative aims l.jpg
Administrative aims

  • To identify AUI with cutting edge course delivery, both on and off campus

  • To save paper, photocopying, and book costs

  • To allow flexibility in course structure

  • To continue to enhance the image of the CADS program

Teaching and learning problems addressed l.jpg

Inappropriate or insufficient materials

Meeting all learner styles with various forms of input

Need to adjust syllabus order


Authority and comparison with courses worldwide


Need for structure & guidance

Review & preview opportunities


Extensive access to outside sources

Teaching and learning problems addressed

Why choose web based course ware l.jpg
Why choose web-based course ware?

  • Interactive: demands that students make choices

  • Controlled by the course designer

  • Allows control by the student

  • Focuses on process rather than product

  • Dynamic & open-ended

  • Linkable to support materials

  • Comprehensive

  • Transforms a teacher-led CR to a more interactive one

The development process l.jpg
The development process

  • Time

  • System resources

  • Talents

System resources l.jpg
System resources

  • A tool to build a web page

  • Space on a web server, provided by the university

  • A PC with a network connection

  • The program WS FTP to get files up on the server

  • Reliable use of the Internet

  • A sympathetic ear at ITS

  • Support from your dean

  • Access to the server for your faculty

Talents l.jpg

  • interest in progressive approaches to learning

  • accepting the computer as an instructional tool

  • a little knowledge of the network and the Internet

  • changing from medium to collector/distributor of media

  • interest in graphics (helpful)

  • diligence

Problems payoffs benefits and worth l.jpg
Problems, payoffs, benefits, and worth

  • Stable links and network

  • No need for textbook

  • Freedom to be creative

  • Adds visibility to the university