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Maryann McCracken 989.330.8378 Central Michigan University Bachelor of Applied Arts Apparel Merchandising Management Minor Table of Contents Philosophy Statement/Career Goals Resume Industry Internship Fashion Buying Fashion Merchandising

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maryann mccracken

Maryann McCracken


Central Michigan University

Bachelor of Applied Arts

Apparel Merchandising

Management Minor

table of contents

Table of Contents

Philosophy Statement/Career Goals


Industry Internship

Fashion Buying

Fashion Merchandising

Multi-Channel Fashion Merchandising

Fashion Advertising and Promotion

Visual Merchandising


Introduction to Management

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Letters of Recommendation



philosophy statements career goals

Philosophy Statements/Career Goals

I believe that…

-dedication, organization, teamwork, and good communication skills are important aspects of every business.

-the workplace is a place of respect and honesty.

-the visual presentation of a product is just as important as great customer service, they both can make a sale.

-fashion influences everything and everything influences fashion.

In two years I hope to…

-sustain friendships with my co-workers and clients.

-obtain a long-term relationship with the companies vendors.

-continue developing my skills in trend forecasting.

skill sets

Skill Sets

Merchandising Skills:

-Hands on experience creating visual displays

-Understand the principles & elements of design

-Trend forecasting


Personal Skills:




-Hard Worker

Computer Skills:

-Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop CS4

-Lectra Kaledo Suite

-Microsoft Office Suite

-Mac & PC


Retail Management/Visual Merchandising internship at Bivouac, an outdoors and fashion clothing boutique in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. I learned many aspects of running a business such as window and interior displays, event planning, buying and pricing.

Industry Internship


Summer 2009

Window Displays


Industry Internship


Summer 2009

I helped plan two events put on by Bivouac,

and here are the posters I created to be advertised

through out Ann Arbor and the store.


Industry Internship


Summer 2009

I had the opportunity to work with Women’s Fashion Buyer on placing orders, checking items in, and scheduling dates to meet with the sales rep.


Industry Internship


Summer 2009


Fashion Buying

6-Month Plan: Target Shoe Department

This is a 6-month plan I created as if I were a buyer for the Target Shoe Department. I determined the average stock and sales for these 6 months.


Fashion Buying

This memo explains

The sales figures

On the spreadsheet.

It also explains my

Plan of action for the

Shoe Department.


Fashion Merchandising

Fashion Merchandising improved

my skills in the process of trend

forecasting through research of

different markets. Following are

trend boards completed for the

class. The trend boards forecasted

color, pattern, silhouette, mood/spirit,

fabrication, and detail for the

Women’s Fall 2008 season.



Multi-Channel Fashion Merchandising

Following is an example of how I, with a group, applied design and

merchandising principles in creation

of a fashion catalog for Nordstrom’s

Jewelry Department.


Fashion Advertising &


Understanding and

utilizing the key

strategies of creating a strong fashion brand, I created Principle. Here is an excerpt of the project paper that explains my brand.


Visual Merchandising

In this class we created

window displays for the

retailer Target. The techniques

we used to create the windows

included lighting, symmetry,

balance, color and movement

of the eye.



Textiles improved

the skills in technical

analysis of different

types of fiber, yarn

and fabric properties.

A project was done to determine the structural and performance attributes of a Rayon fabric sample.


Introduction to


This is a portion of a

research project, in which

an interview was conducted

with a manager in a position

that was of interest.


Introduction to


Excerpt of the Marketing plan of the company

I created MaryGold.


Introduction to



Introduction to


Income Statement


Throughout the years at Central Michigan University, I received awards for participating in extra curricular as well as being a top academic scholar.