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Baby Steps PowerPoint Presentation
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Baby Steps

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Baby Steps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Baby Steps. Baby Steps. Baby Steps. Baby Steps Vision. Infants and children will be healthy, safe, and living in nurturing environments. Baby Steps Collaboration. Baby Steps Target Population. First time mothers 18 years old or older Two or more primary risk factors

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Baby Steps

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Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Baby Steps


Baby Steps Vision

Infants and children will be healthy, safe, and living in




Baby Steps Target Population

  • First time mothers
  • 18 years old or older
  • Two or more primary risk factors
  • One or more contributing risk factors

Baby Steps Outcomes

  • Childfree of maltreatment
  • Nurturing Parent-Child interaction
  • Child’s development is within normal limits
  • Adequate health care
  • No unintended pregnancies

Baby Steps Outcomes Cont'd

  • Mothers achieved high school diploma or GED
  • Housing is safe and suitable
  • Income and financial management skills are adequate
  • Social support is adequate
  • Family can access available resources

Baby Steps Interventions

  • Home visits by nurse and social worker
  • Parent-Child activities directed by Early Childhood teacher
  • Family group events
  • Videotaping interactions

Focus on:

  • Infant’s development
  • Mother’s personal development
  • Mother-Infant relationship


  • Mothers' employment and income has increased
  • Mothers’ education has increased
  • Mothers learn to use community resources



Subsequent births within 18 months is low

  • Child maltreatment rate within 12 months of case closure is low
  • All the children’s well child care and immunizations were up to date
  • Mother’s demonstrate positive interactions with their child

Baby Steps Clients are saying...

  • “My Baby Steps leaders helped me through a lot of hard times and believed in me which no one has done before. It gave me that extra push to keep going and do my best even when it seemed like nothing was going right.”
  • “ … I achieved all of my goals. I no longer receive any financial or medical help from the County. That alone is the best feeling of accomplishment .