the importane of wheelchair van maintenance n.
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The Importance of Wheelchair Van Maintenance PowerPoint Presentation
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The Importance of Wheelchair Van Maintenance

The Importance of Wheelchair Van Maintenance

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The Importance of Wheelchair Van Maintenance

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  2. SUMMARY Vehicles also come with special care instructions just like your clothes in the closet. Be it a tire rotation or oil change, regular servicing your wheelchair Van can help you save a lot of time and money while keeping you safe on the road. Find out these reasons why you should take the maintenance of your wheelchair van seriously.

  3. SAVE TIME • A major crash not only costs thousands of dollars, it also put your wheelchair accessible van out of working condition for several weeks. • The worse the damage is, the longer it will take a mechanic to get your vehicle ready to hit the road again. • Even if the downtime for your car is not more than a few hours, a breakdown on the road can be quite intricate for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility functioning.

  4. SAVE MONEY • Regular maintenance and upkeep of your wheelchair accessible van can decrease the chances of major problems with your vehicle. • Scheduled and preventive mobility care services are generally inexpensive jobs and prevent resale value from dropping while saving you even more money.

  5. PROTECT YOURSELF • Regular servicing not only saves you time and money but it is actually an important way to make sure you are safe inside the vehicle. • Proper servicing of your vehicle's acts as a protection cover for your wheelchair accessible van.

  6. CARE FOR YOUR VAN • Everything from keeping your door track and ramp clean to lubricating the kneeling chain occasionally will keep your van in excellent working condition. • As we approach winter, you can winterize your wheelchair accessible car by checking the fluid levels and battery as well as investing in snow tires.All this will keep your van running smooth until your next spring maintenance appointment.

  7. Getting your vehicle maintained every six months will help you prevent any major complications and makes your van last for many more years to come. Following a regular maintenanceschedule and ensuring your ride is in the ideal shape will help you take care of your investment. Nothing beats having a perfect running wheelchair van on the road.