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WIDOWS IN INDIA. The Living Dead!. Grace to Naomi. A Life-giving And Transforming Ministry to the Widows of India!. INDIA A Land of Billion people! A cauldron of cultures, castes, creeds, colors and racial wars!. General Information about India.

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widows in india


The Living Dead!

grace to naomi
Grace to Naomi

A Life-giving


Transforming Ministry

to the

Widows of India!



A Land of Billion people!

A cauldron of cultures, castes, creeds, colors and racial wars!


General Information about India

Official Name: Bha-rath (Hindi), Republic of India (English)

Capital: New Delhi

Population: 1, 027, 015, 247 (2001 Census)

Urban Population: 27.82% Rural Population: 72.18%

Scheduled Castes: 16.19%

Scheduled Tribes: 6.59%

Villages Inhabited: 593,616

Area: 3.3 million square kilometers

Coastline Length: 7600 km

Languages: India has two National languages English and Hindi also officially recognized 22 regional languages.

Major Religions: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism

Literacy: 65.38%

National Animal Tiger

National Bird: Peacock

National Flower: Lotus

National Tree: Banyan

National Fruit: Mango

National  Currency: Rupee (One Rupee=100 paise)

National Sport: Hockey


Andhra Pradesh – The Rice Bowl of India

Founded: 1st November, 1953

Capital: Hyderabad

Principal Language: Telugu

Area: 276,754 Kilometers

Districts: 23

Mandals: 1093

Villages: 29,379

Population: 76.2 Million (7.41% of India population)

Male: 38.5 Million

Female: 37.7 Million

Urban dwelling: 27.8%

Villages dwelling: 72.92%

Literacy: 61.11% Men- 70.85%; Women-51.87%

Rivers: 38


The Plight of Indian Widows

Widowhood is not a comfortable state of life in India – it’s more a living death! Deprivation and starvation often plague many a widow. Indian society is dominated by religious superstitions and cultural practices wherein a widow is deemed as a bad omen and forced to live a lonely and depressed life. Auspicious occasions are called off when a widow is found nearby.

Remarriage, literacy and acceptance are very rare for widows

More often than not, a widow’s health is affected due to malnutrition, poverty and lack of medical help. Another depressing factor is the churches are lacking genuine concern


Widowhood : The most neglected issue in India!

7% of widows are living alone. With the kind of social culture India lives in, there is a stronger need for the church of Jesus Christ to care, comfort and cater to the needs of believing widows.

A Biblical Perspective:

The Bible gives strong exhortation to consider widows.

Religion that God accepts:

Caring for widows in their trouble!

general statistics on widows in india
General Statistics on Widows in India
  • 34 million widows all over India
  • 8% of the total female population are widows
  • 50% of the female population are over the age of 50
  • In terms of prevalence of widowhood, India ranks highest in the world
  • Of existing widows 64% are aged 60 and above, out of which 80% are aged 70 and above
  • In contrast, only 2.5 per cent of Indian men are widowers
  • At 60 years and above, 93% and 68% of widows are illiterate in rural and urban areas respectively
  • Majority of widows live in rural villages

General Statistics Continued…

  • Deprivations causing mortality for widows is 85% higher amongst widows than married women.
  • About 25% of widows are working outside home (1% as professionals, 5% in clerical jobs & housekeeping)
  • 20% are working as agricultural laborers. About 25% of them are 60 years & above.
biblical principles for supporting widows
Biblical Principles for Supporting Widows
  • Living alone with no support
  • Living a godly life
  • Steadfast in prayer, intercession and hopes in the Lord
  • Not given to worldly lifestyle
  • Not less than 60 years of age
  • Hospitable and having a good report

I Timothy 5:3-11

number of widows and cost
Number of Widows and Cost

Founded on Biblical Principles,

Grace to Naomihelps each widow with a consistent monthly support of $15 which provides food, clothing and medicines.

Presently, 35 widows in our village churches are blessed through Grace to Naomi!

220 more need your support!

grace to naomi12
Grace to Naomi
  • NATIVE churches followed the pattern in Acts 6 to support a few widows but when the women’s ministry multiplied through GSCW - Grace Sathuluri Conference for Women, the number of widows grew.

Grace to Naomi

Assists and establishes widows in their new found faith!

  • God’s Grace was operational in the life of widowed Naomi. This grace transformed the pagan Ruth, too! Similarly, Grace to Naomi helps Christian widows experience the grace of God for their daily needs and training them to be godly witnesses to their families and neighbors

Some Widows helped by NATIVE

Saro-jini, Ven-ka-tam Pet village

Ba-ttha-la Kot-ta-mma, U-lava Padu village

M. Odamma, Para-kala village

L. Nar-sa-mma, Peda Ho-thuru village

K. Manga, Kun-ku-du-milli village

K. Bon-da-mma, Muddu-no-ru village

Anan-da-mma, Vala Gonda village

Mandi-konda Nar-samma, Peda Kode Paka village

T. Martha-mma, Ghanta-sala Pa-lem village


Now here’s what you can do!

  • Support a Widow in India:
  • Prayerfully
  • &
  • Financially

Global Ministries Foundation


Cordova, TN 38018 - 1150




E-mail: edgarsathuluri@yahoo.com