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Creative Date Ideas

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Creative Date Ideas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creative Date Ideas

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Tired of the typical dinner and a movie date. Surprise the significant other in your life by showing him/her that you are able to be romantic and inventive! Being creative will impress him/her and show him/her that you care. You can use one date idea or combine a bunch of them together to make the date your own.


Go fly a kite!

Take the typical day outside a step further by grabbing a kite at one of the local gift shops.


Make a wish:

Find a fountain and throw in 10 pennies, taking turns making wishes.


Sweet Surprise:

Stop at a fancy bakery and pick out a treat each – for each other.


Pretend You’re Tourists:

Visit the local hot spots that the tourists in your area come to visit. Take a camera, have fun, and be silly.


Multiple Dining:

Keep your meal on the move! Go to one place for an appetizer, another for dinner, and finish at a quaint ice cream parlor for dessert. It can be as inexpensive as you choose.


The Classic Picnic:

Pack a lunch and head outdoors. Enjoy nature by bringing some extra bread to feed the birds!


Change up the Movie Date:

Not only are drive-ins cheaper they offer a nostalgic alternative to the typical dinner and a movie date.


Go Out for Pizza:

But spice it up! Ask the pizza place in advance to cut the pizza in the shape of a heart. Tell them when you plan on being in so everything can be ready when you arrive.


Be Artistic:

Go to a “Paint Your Own Pottery” shop and paint something for each other.


Be a Kid:

Go to the Zoo but check out the kids section. They usually have a petting zoo with all kinds of cute fuzzy animals.


Too Cold for the Outdoors?

Bring the picnic to your room. Make him/her think you’re going to take him/her on an outdoor picnic but instead stop off at blockbuster, have him/her pick out the movie, and drive back to the hall. Have basket set up and surprise him/her when you get back.

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