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  1. TRANSPORTATION TUESDAY Today’s cars (and trucks and bikes) are faster, safer and stronger. It’s no wonder that we feel powerful behind the wheel. But what has this done to our behaviour?

  2. A Check your mirror and move aside one lane to allow the traffic onto the highway.  Speed up and try to get past the merge lane so that you don’t cause an obstruction. Acceptable, but you should really move aside. B C Merge lanes don’t affect me - I’m always in the fast lane.  MERGING INTO TRAFFIC click on your answer You are driving on the highway and traffic is joining from a bridge you just passed. Do you .. Would your answer be different if you noticed the driver trying to join the traffic was your neighbour?

  3. A Drive on her bumper (tailgate), flash your lights and honk your horn.  Keep back - it looks like she’s lost. Wait for a safe opportunity to pass her and be on your way. B  As soon as you get a chance, move inside and pass by. Perhaps with a helpful gesture about women drivers. I hope not! C FOLLOWING A SLOW DRIVER click on your answer You are driving in town and the idiot in front of you is going too slow, hesitating at roundabouts and generally irritating you. Do you .. Think. Maybe she just passed her driving test or is trying to find a friend’s house. How would you behave if it was your daughter in front of you?

  4. A Put it on the front seat. It’s quite soft and will protect the gift from chips.  Pack it in a hard box, with stuffing. Use the back seat belt to strap it in place. You can’t give a shattered gift! B  Put it on the armrest between the front seats. You can hold it still with one hand while driving. After all, it’s only a short drive. This seems like a good idea! C CARRYING DELICATE CARGO click on your answer You have to deliver a gift and you’re late. It’s a crystal set for your friend’s wedding, just around the corner. Do you .. Okay. Now what if it’s your 3-year old son? What do you do with him on a car journey - however short?

  5. A Put your foot down and race through. There’s no way you’re adding one minute to your trip.  Slow down, stop and wait patiently. Rushing will only get you to the next set of lights faster. There’s no point risking it for a few seconds B  Hesitate. Accelerate. Decide you can’t make it in time and come to a screeching stop just into the crossing. Whew! That was close. This seems like a good idea! C APPROACHING A JUNCTION click on your answer Darn it! The lights have gone yellow and you’re already late. Do you .. What if your father is stepping onto the crossing at the other side as you rush through on red? You might get lucky and not kill him, but who knows?

  6. Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." Abraham Lincoln YOUR VEHICLE GIVES YOU POWER ON THE ROAD. WHAT DOES YOUR DRIVING SAY ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER?