test anxiety l.
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Test Anxiety

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Test Anxiety . Presented By: Angi Kappenman. Definition Causes Physical Signs Effects. How to Reduce What Teachers Can Do Technology Lesson Plan. Topics to Discuss. Definition of Test Anxiety.

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test anxiety

Test Anxiety

Presented By: Angi Kappenman

topics to discuss


Physical Signs


How to Reduce

What Teachers

Can Do


Lesson Plan

Topics to Discuss
definition of test anxiety
Definition of Test Anxiety
  • An uneasiness or apprehension experiened before, during, or after an exam because of concern, worry, or fear.
causes of test anxiety
Causes of Test Anxiety
  • Lack of preparation for an exam
  • Worrying about the exam
physical signs of test anxiety

Sweaty Palms


Feeling too hot or too cold

Upset Stomach

Rapid Heart Beat

Tense Muscles

Physical Signs of Test Anxiety
effects of test anxiety
Effects of Test Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Mental Blocking
how to reduce test anxiety
Know the material

Practice good time management skills

Avoid Cramming the night before

Concentrate on the material you are studying

Use Relaxation Techniques

Visualize yourself doing well

Eat well and get a good nights sleep

How to Reduce Test Anxiety
what can we as teachers do
What can we as Teachers do
  • Review Sessions
  • Class website
  • Practice Tests
  • Encouragement
  • Grades not based on Tests alone
  • Memory Aids
how to incorporate technology
How to Incorporate Technology
  • Class Website
    • E-mail Address
    • Chat Board
    • Schedule
    • Notes
    • Sample Exams
sample lesson plan
Sample Lesson Plan
  • Test Anxiety Lesson Plan for Grades 5-8
  • NASA Explores
  • University of Western Ontario Student Development Center
  • University of Florida Counseling Center
  • The State University of New York
  • Text Book