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Red Hats Purple Chaps Drill Team PowerPoint Presentation
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Red Hats Purple Chaps Drill Team

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Red Hats Purple Chaps Drill Team
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Red Hats Purple Chaps Drill Team

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  1. Red Hats Purple Chaps Drill Team

  2. Red Hats Purple Chaps Drill Team Led by Drill Master Janet Corbin • 2009 Drill Team Plan • “Diverse by Design” • Now in our 3rd year of existence, we already have many scheduled performances already planned for 2009, primarily at locations all over Indiana and Kentucky.

  3. 2009 Plan of Action • Establish a RHPC Drill Team Mission • Articulate the Drill Team bylaws and Code of Ethics • Establish duties and responsibilities so all team members are clear about their roles • Performance Improvement Plan

  4. RHPC Drill Team Mission • The mission of the Red Hats Purple Chaps Drill Team is to come together with other women and their horses to: • Learn how to drill together applying practices of safety and precision of drill • Improve our riding skills and our performances • Share the Thrill of the Drill by enjoying ourselves • Entertain our audiences

  5. Drill Team Bylaws: • The following Bylaws are hereby adopted by the Drill Team in order to inform all of its members of the structure, needs, and requirements of the organization. • These Bylaws are subject to the approval of the RHPC board and Drill Team members. It is noted that as needed, there will be flexibility in order to handle any unforeseen circumstances. The Drill Team strives for fairness to all participants. • It is noted that the RHPC board fully supports the RHPC Drill Team and is committed to its success. • Changes to these Bylaws must be made by amendment. Amendments to be considered by the Drill Master and proposed to the board have to have a majority vote of 70% or more by those members present at a scheduled meeting. A quorum of 70% of the Drill Team is required to administer a vote.

  6. Drill Team Bylaws continued: Riding Membership Requirements: • Members must be a paid member of RHPC and at least 21 years of age. • Members must note that joining the team requires a significant time and financial commitment. • All drill team members are required to attend 85% of practices in order to be eligible to ride in a performance. Attendance will be tracked at all practices. • Team members must have a horse, and all tack and supplies that are required. (If you borrow a horse or supplies it is suggested that a contract be written between the parties.) • Drill Team members must have transportation for the rider and the horse. • Every horse brought to drill team practice, shows, clinics or performances must have a Negative Coggins Test within the past 12 months and paperwork on file.

  7. Drill Team Bylaws continued: Dress Code & Equipment • Practices: Clothes - any slacks or jeans, shirt, boots and hat or helmet (optional). Clothing should be practical for the weather conditions. • Appropriate riding shoes or boots with heel should be worn; no tennis shoes or other types of shoe not specific for horse riding. • Western hats or helmets will be worn for all performances. • Sports bras will be worn for all performances or competitions to enhance a professional appearance for the team. • Hair may be worn down for performances. If hair is below the collar, it should be pulled back in a pony tail. • Show clothes: The show uniform is voted on by the members each season and approved by the Drill Master. • Each member of the Drill Team is responsible for purchasing Drill Team Tack to be used for performances. If you are at a performance and realize you left some of your equipment at home or that a piece is broken, go to the equipment person. We have limited sets of extra tack for emergencies that can be issued on a first come first serve basis. Borrowed equipment must be turned into the equipment person at the end of that performance. Borrowed equipment that is not returned will be billed to the member. • It is important that each member take care to ensure the equipment remains in good condition. After each performance, wash the breast collar, reins, and headstall in lukewarm soapy water. You can soak the items if necessary. Rinse and hang to dry.

  8. Drill Team Code of Conduct: • Respect is a necessary and vital part of our team. It must be shown to all team members. A positive attitude is required to help the team stay focused on the business at hand and facilitate problem solving. • No one’s horse is perfect, and no one’s riding skills are perfect. Drill Team members need to be willing to accept constructive criticism about both, and may be required to work on problems identified by the Drill Master or on her behalf by a guest trainer. • Drill Team members must agree to abide by these Bylaws and to the rules in the Red Hats Purple Chaps Handbook. • Drill Team members are required to learn all aspects of all the routines. • Alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed until all riding for the day is finished. • Cigarette smoking while in costume, barn, or area of performance is not allowed. Please wait until you are in street clothes and away from the venue.

  9. Practice and Listening to Drill Master Make Perfect!