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Professional Organizations

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Professional Organizations
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Professional Organizations

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  1. Professional Organizations Their role & Your responsibilities Jon W. Ramsey

  2. Definitions Webster • Profession – Learned occupation • Professional – 1) pursuing a profession. 2) pertaining to a profession. 3) meeting the standards of a profession. 4) professional person

  3. What others say…. “Amateurs Hope. Professionals Work” Garson Kanin “ A professional is a person who can do his best at a time when he doesn’t particularly feel like it.” Alistair Cooke

  4. Who are the players

  5. Team AG-ED is a united effort in promoting local program success • National Association of Agricultural Education • American Association for Agricultural Education • Association for Career and Technical Education • National Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization • National Young Farmer Educational Association

  6. Some Reasons for Joining Professional Organizations • Be part of a communityof professional educators…… (i.e. Pete Gailey) • Attend professional development/improvement conferences – locally, in Oklahoma , and nationally……(Region II @ Lawton) • Hold positions of professional leadership – locally, at the state level, and nationally……

  7. Reasons cont’d • Receive recognition from professional peers for outstanding achievements, e.g., the Outstanding Young Member Award • Receive professional literature – journals, magazines, newsletters, LISTSERVS…… • Numerous opportunities for travel and informal learning…… • Numerous opportunities for professional networking and for making career – long friendships

  8. Travel

  9. National Association of Agricultural Educators • The membership in this association consists of individuals who are professionally involved in Agricultural Education. 7650 members • Student dues are $5.00, this provides $100,000 liability insurance coverage. (dues increase is under consideration) • Active members pay dues of $60.00 • Ag Teachers Creed

  10. Award and Scholarship Applications • 2004 Delmar Learning-NAAE Upper Division Scholarship Application • Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Delmar Learning and proceeds from the auction at the NAAE convention, NAAE will award scholarships to university juniors, seniors or post-baccalaureate students who are majoring in ag ed and who intend to become ag teachers. Three applications will be accepted from each university that offers a teacher education program in agricultural education. Fifteen (15) scholarships of $750 each will be awarded for the fall 2006 term. Previous recipients of the NAAE Upper Division Scholarship are not eligible. • The postmark deadline for submitting applications to the NAAE office is May 15, 2006.

  11. Award and Scholarship Applications • Oklahoma State University • 2003 Brian Cunningham • 2004 Karie Smith

  12. American Association for Agricultural Education As a professional organization, we value • Effective teaching • Developing and empowering others • Actively engaging learners/experiential learning • Quality research and other scholarly activities

  13. Values cont’d • An active role in contributing to both formal and non – formal educational system • Professional renewal and adjusting to change • Interacting with peers

  14. Association for Career and Technical Education • This organization covers all areas of Career Tech. 12 Divisions • Agricultural Education • Family and Consumer Science • Technology Education • Trade & Industrial Education • As well as a variety of adult educational programs

  15. ACTE Agricultural Education Division: National Goals • Highly motivated , well educated teachers provide quality education for students at all levels , pre-kindergarten through adult • All students have access to seamless, lifelong instruction in agriculture and national resources through a wide variety of delivery methods and educational settings.

  16. ACTE National Goals • All students achieve conversational literacy of agriculture and natural resources. • Partnerships and strategic alliances ensure a continuous presence of education in and about agriculture and natural resources

  17. What are your responsibilities ? • Maintain your status as a lifelong learner • Seek out and develop a mentor/mentee relationship with other professionals • Meet and develop a relationship with your political representatives • Become active in your state professional organization (OAETA)

  18. Responsibilities cont’d • Oklahoma has a national reputation of unity and strength • 100% of Oklahoma Teachers pay professional dues • That gives Oklahoma 14 voting delegates at the NAAE convention • When other states need a proposal/item moved forward, Oklahoma is called on to provide support.

  19. Responsibilities cont’d • The continued strength of our profession depends on the infusion of new teachers that embrace the fact that professional growth occurs on a variety of local ,state and national levels. • Developing a proactive attitude when it comes to professional growth opportunities.

  20. Professional Dues • Oklahoma Agricultural Education Instructors pay dues to the following professional organizations. • OKACTE • ACTE • OAETA • NAAE

  21. Conclusion • One of your many responsibilities as a new professional will involve activities within your states professional organization. • Embrace this opportunity • Save your money and be prepared to pay your professional dues at Summer Conference • Get involved .. You paid for it.