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Photo Analysis

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Photo Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Photo Analysis Jenna McNeill Depth of Field Range of acceptable sharpness on either side of the line of focus aperture  = DOF  camera/Subject Distance  = DOF  Shallow Depth of Field objects in front or behind unfocused or blurry directs viewer’s attention to sharp subject

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Photo Analysis

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photo analysis

Photo Analysis

Jenna McNeill

depth of field
Depth of Field
  • Range of acceptable sharpness on either side of the line of focus
    • aperture  = DOF 
    • camera/Subject Distance  = DOF 
  • Shallow Depth of Field
    • objects in front or behind unfocused or blurry
    • directs viewer’s attention to sharp subject

Microsoft Clipart

Jenna McNeill

Microsoft Clipart

depth of field3
Depth of Field
  • Wide Depth of Field
    • foreground, middle ground, background in focus
    • viewer can choose what part of frame to look at

shutter speed
Shutter Speed
  • Length of time light passes through lens
  • Slow Shutter Speed
    • movement seen as blurred image
    • shutter open for a long time

The photographer panned the camera with these bikers during a slow shutter speed because the background is blurry while they are pretty sharp

Microsoft Clipart

Because the movement in this picture is clear, the photographer must have used a strobe flash during a long shutter speed to capture the body image at several points of action

Roy Boswell

A slow shutter speed can turn an ordinary street light into a dancing phenomenon

shutter speed5
Shutter Speed

Jenna McNeill

  • Fast Shutter Speed
    • freezes action
    • shutter opens and closes quickly
    • more light required

Jenna McNeill

Jenna McNeill

film stock
Film Stock
  • High Speed vs. Low Speed film
  • Sensitivity of film to light (ISO/ASA)
  • High Speed Film (Grainy)
    • very sensitive to light
    • bigger grains (less silver halides)
    • requires little light (smaller aperture)

A digital image can also look grainy. Setting the ISO to a high number mimics a high film speed and produces a grainy image. This image was taken with little light visible and at an ISO of 800


Jenna McNeill

Lindbergh is famous for grainy images

film stock7
Film Stock
  • Slow Speed Film (Fine Grained)
    • less sensitive to light
    • smaller grains (more silver halides)
    • requires more light (larger aperture)

Jenna McNeill

Fine grained is automatic for digital cameras

color vs black white
Color vs. Black & White
  • Black & White
    • elevates a bland snapshot to an interesting landscape.
    • recreates nostalgia of a bygone era
    • conveys antique, sentimental feeling
    • shape, lighting, contrast, texture and tone become the dominant elements
  • Color
    • reality
    • Stimulating
    • Separates subject from background if two different colors

color vs black white9
Color vs. Black & White

camera angle
Camera Angle
  • Low Angle
    • distorts scale
    • adds strength to subject
    • emphasizes certain elements of picture
    • separates subject from background

  • High Angle
    • orients viewer by showing all elements in picture area
    • minimizes strength of subject

  • how the central image is framed within photo

Microsoft Clipart

The branches of this plant frame the sun

Jenna McNeill

Faces are framed by the gloves and hair

  • shot size
    • wide shot
    • long shot
    • medium long shot
    • medium shot
    • medium close up
    • close up
    • extreme close up
  • closure
    • psychological desire for wholeness
    • avoid natural cutoff points

Example of close up shot


Sydney is positioned on the left third. Her mom’s legs make a strong diagonal that leads to her face

  • Frame Weight
    • subjects have psychological weight
    • lack of balance = uneasiness
      • symmetrical balance
      • asymmetrical balance
    • rule of thirds
    • lookspace
    • leadroom
  • Magnetism
    • center draws greatest attention
    • edges pull subject off frame
    • proximity effect

Jenna McNeill

These two are positioned on the left and middle thirds. Their heads make a diagonal and there is sufficient lookspace to right

Jenna McNeill


If an image is taken under outdoor light, or if the whitebalance is set for “indoor” and it is taken outside, the image will be blue

  • Quality
    • hard, direct, spotted
    • soft, diffused, flooded
  • Direction
    • key light
    • fill light
    • back light
  • Color
    • indoor “tungsten” = orange
    • outdoor = blue
    • florescent = greenish

Jenna McNeill

Jenna McNeill

The candle and a diffused light setup gives the image above a romantic look. A backlight and an absence of fill and direct light causes a silhouette to the right