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Outlook 2003 Overvi w PowerPoint Presentation
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Outlook 2003 Overvi w

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Outlook 2003 Overvi w
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Outlook 2003 Overvi w

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  1. Outlook 2003Overviw For Windows 2000 Users The new interface in Outlook 2003 helps you read, prioritize, file and track email more effectively!

  2. Outlook 2003 Webmail ClientInformation • This introduction to Outlook 2003 will point out enhancements to your web based email account. • At this point, only the WEB BASED version of Outlook will be upgraded to 2003. • HCDE desktop computers that currently have Outlook XP (2002) installed will not be upgraded at this time. • Most functions in Outlook 2003 have not changed, but several enhancements have been made.

  3. Outlook 2003 Webmail ClientInformation • The Outlook 2003 Webmail client is synchronized with the Exchange Server. All information is stored on the Exchange Server. • Information that is accessible from your desktop Outlook client and the Webmail client are identical because the information is stored on the Exchange Server. This includes contacts, the calendar, notes, tasks and the inbox. • Items that WILL NOT be accessible through the Outlook 2003 Webmail client are items stored in your PERSONAL FOLDERS. These items are stored on your computer, and are not accessible through Webmail.

  4. Important Information • Unlike the web version of Outlook 2002 (XP), the 2003 version allows you to log on: • While inside the HCDE domain using a computer that accesses the HCDE network, AND: • Outside of the HCDE domain using a computer from your home, home district, out of town, or any other site with an available internet connection outside of HCDE. • Because of this enhancement, the HCDE “domain name” has changed to HCDEMAIN.

  5. Windows 2000 Logon Using The HCDE Web Page • To logon to the Outlook 2003 Webmail client: • Go to the HCDE web page www.hcde-texas.org • Click on: HCDE Employees only • Click on: Email logon instructions

  6. Windows 2000 Logon Using The HCDE Web Page To access email from your home OR office select the “click here to logon” link. This is what the WINDOWS 2000 logon screen looks like. • When logon screen appears, type in: • hcdemain\your user name • your network password

  7. Windows 2000 Logon Using The HCDE Web Page After you have entered your user name and password, click OK. DO NOT click the “Save this password in your password list” button. hcdemain\adrake ************

  8. CONGRATULATIONS! You have just logged on to the Outlook 2003 Webmail Client!! Your screen should look similar to this.

  9. One of the first changes you will see is that Outlook now uses a three-pane layout. The icon bar that was on the left in Outlook XP has been replaced with the NAVIGATION PANE. The Navigation Pane displays the folder list by default. The bottom third of the pane shows the four primary Outlook view bars which replace the icons we used in Outlook XP. A New Look, With More Functionality 3 2 1

  10. The contents of the center pane depends on the item or folder selected in the navigation pane. For example if your Inbox is selected, a list of messages in your Inbox will be displayed. The preview pane at the far right is now larger, which allows you to read e-mail without scrolling or opening a separate window to read your mail. The three-pane layout has been applied to the Calendar, Contacts and, Tasks as well. You can use the navigation pane to change the view to suit your needs.

  11. You can now view e-mail in many different ways to suit your specific needs. The view can be selected from the menu by choosing ARRANGE BY. A new command in this menu allows you to group messages and replies together. There are other helpful commands that assist you in organizing your mail listed on this menu. You will find that Outlook 2003 Webmail client is easy to navigate and has more features than the earlier version.

  12. To Log Off…. ALWAYS log off from your HCDE Webmail when you have finished. Click on the “log off” button in the upper right hand corner of the Webmail toolbar. When the log off screen appears, follow the information on the screen that advises you: “To complete the log off process.......close all browser windows and exit the application”.

  13. Webmail Reminders • REMEMBER the Webmail client does not contain all features found in the desktop version of Outlook 2003. It allows you to access most features of the full version. • Additional training will be available shortly. • If you are having difficulty logging on to the system, review the “Webmail Troubleshooting” document on the HCDE email log on page, OR contact the HCDE HelpDesk at 713-696-1300 between the hours of 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.