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Oskar Schindler: A Holocaust Hero

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Oskar Schindler: A Holocaust Hero

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    1. Oskar Schindler: A Holocaust Hero By J. P.

    2. Question Who was Oskar Schindler? What did he do to be recognized?

    3. Early Life and Family Born: April 18,1908 Zwittau Father: Hans Mother: Louisa Younger Sister: Elfriede Jewish friends Age 10 Zwittau

    4. Young Man Driving cars Parties Motorcycle races 1930- Joined Nazi Party Politics Following Footsteps Emilie Pelzl 1930 sales manager

    5. Marriage March 6, 1928 Emilie Pelzl Dowry Cheated Drank Emilies acceptance

    6. Personal Life Made people like him Villain before Holocaust Saint during Holocaust Nazi Philosophy 1935 bankrupt Spy for Germans Divorce Mom - 1930s Hans and Oskar = Bad News

    7. Personal Life cont. Polish factory - Rekord Jewish Apartment Drank Parties with Nazis Lived near Ghetto Military contracts

    8. World around him & Ghetto Non - Jews Jews Surrounding countries Hitler Ghetto

    9. Business 1940 - 800 workers Unskilled workers = falsified records Good conditions Extra food Harassment prevention No snow! Work Slavery (no way)

    10. Business cont. 34th birthday party Own work camp Gross - Rosen Auschwitz List of 1,100 Negotiation Brunnlitz

    11. The End of the Line Fled to Argentina Escaped death Recognized hero Survivors Died October 9, 1974 Emilie October 5, 2001

    12. Reflection Mr. Schindler might have led a tough and unfaithful life, but the World War II really brought out the goodness in him. After studying and thinking about this topic, I have decided that if I was Jewish and living in the 1940s I would have wanted to be on Schindlers list. I think he was an extraordinary person and should be remembered forever not because of his true self but because of what he did during the Holocaust.

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