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Municipal Infrastructure

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Municipal Infrastructure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Municipal Infrastructure. Roles and Responsibilities…. Overview. Introduction. Application & Approval. Design Phase. Construction Phase. Project Termination. Introduction. Introduction… So what’s CAPITAL WORKS?. Encompasses a wide range of municipal infrastructure

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Municipal Infrastructure

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municipal infrastructure


Roles and Responsibilities…



Application & Approval

Design Phase

Construction Phase

Project Termination

introduction so what s capital works
Introduction…So what’s CAPITAL WORKS?
  • Encompasses a wide range of municipal infrastructure
  • Is necessary for sustainability and to build on the long-term economic growth of communities, allowing them to deliver strong municipal services and meet infrastructure needs
  • Typical projects?
    • Water & sewer
    • Roads
    • Recreational facilities
    • Municipal buildings
capital works funding programs
Capital Works Funding Programs…

Capital Works


Capital Works



Capital Works





municipal capital works mcw
Municipal Capital Works (MCW)
  • Represents the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s commitment to investing in municipal infrastructure throughout our province
  • Fosters the development of cost-shared projects in a wide range of municipal infrastructure
  • Funding is provincial and municipal cost shared only
  • Eligible projects may include:
    • Water and sewer treatment
    • Roads
    • Recreational Facilities
    • Municipal buildings
municipal capital works mcw1
Municipal Capital Works (MCW)
  • At this time, eligible funding is allocated based on the following ratios:
    • 90/10 for populations less than 3,000
    • 80/20 for populations between 3,000 and 7,000
    • 70/30 for populations greater than 7,000
    • Local Service Districts would also qualify for funding support on approved projects
multi year capital works mycw
Multi-Year Capital Works (MYCW)
  • Represents the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s commitment to investment in larger scale municipal infrastructure projects
    • Allows for better planning
    • Achieves economies of scale
  • Larger municipalities are invited to avail of three-year blocks of funding
  • Funding is cost-shared (provincial / municipal)
  • Eligible projects are the same as those considered under the MCW program
  • Hard copy application
municipal provincial federal programs
Municipal / Provincial / Federal Programs
  • This refers to partnerships between various combinations of municipal, provincial, and federal governments
    • Building Canada Fund (BCF)
      • Communities Component: Regular
      • Communities Component: Top-Up
      • Infrastructure Stimulus Fund
      • Base Funds
    • Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund (CSIF)
    • Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (MRIF)


(Project OWNER)

Municipal Affairs

(Project Assessment,

Support, Sponsor)


Other Government











the application process
The Application Process…
  • Municipal Capital Works is application driven
    • An online application must be submitted to the Department of Municipal Affairs by municipalities or Local Service Districts for any given project
  • Letters inviting MCW applications are sent to municipalities in early fall
    • If you do not receive a letter, please contact MA
  • Deadline for submission of applications is in the fall
the application process1
The Application Process…
  • Don’t wait until June or July to start thinking about your municipality’s infrastructure needs.
  • The long-term sustainability, growth, and development of your municipality is an ongoing process.
  • Therefore, infrastructure should be considered as part of the ongoing process of managing your municipal operations.
the application process2
The Application Process

Your application for project funding will consist of:

  • Online application
  • Supporting documents

Further details on the application process are available:

  • In letter of application
  • On Municipal Affairs website
the application process online component
Applications for project funding MUST be submitted via SIMSI

Shared Information Management System for Infrastructure (SIMSI)

This is the Federal Government’s online application format; developed for such programs as Building Canada Fund – Communities Component (BCF-CC)

The Application Process…Online Component
the application process online component1
The Application Process…Online Component
  • To access SIMSI, you will need to use the USER ID and PASSWORD issued previously for the Building Canada Fund – Communities Component.
helpful hints for completing the online application
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • As the applicant, you (the municipality) are responsible for ensuring that full and accurate information is submitted.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered until all the necessary information has been submitted.
  • A more complete application will speed up the assessment process.
helpful hints for completing the online application1
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • You should provide a clear understanding of the “Who, What, Where, Why, When, and How” of the project.
  • Answer all questions to the best of your ability.
  • Be specific!
helpful hints for completing the online application2
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • Pay close attention to:
    • Project Description
    • Project Rationale
    • Total Project Costs
helpful hints for completing the online application3
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • Project Description/Abstract
    • Detailed description, outlining the nature of the physical infrastructure to be constructed, renewed or enhanced.
    • Main components of infrastructure
      • Dimensions (height, length, footprint)
      • Construction materials & techniques
      • Brief site description
      • Purpose of the infrastructure
helpful hints for completing the online application4
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • Project Description/Abstract
    • Identify any environmentally sensitive areas near the project
    • Indicate if there is a water body within 30m of the project
helpful hints for completing the online application5
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • Project Description
    • Statement of need
    • Suggestions to address need
    • Suggest anticipated cost
    • Ball park costs
    • Ball park schedule
helpful hints for completing the online application6
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • “2009 MCW Water and Sewer Upgrade”

Example of a weak Project Description:

helpful hints for completing the online application7
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • In order to address the significant leaks in the water main along Farrell’s Road, Dawe’s Road, and Sheppard’s Road, the proposed project includes removing and disposing of approximately 310m of old sections of pipe to replace it with new pipe of the same make.
  • The approximately 270m of adjacent sewer main will also be replaced at this time.
  • The result will be more efficient water disinfection and distribution and protection of human health in the event of a sewage line break.


Example of a strong Project Description:

helpful hints for completing the online application8
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • Asphalt will be reinstated to the same condition as it was before work began.
  • This project will also remove, dispose, and replace approximately 14m of 500mm culvert and remove and reinstall approximately 16m of 500mm culvert in order to improve drainage for the area.
  • The estimated cost is $200,000 and is anticipated to be completed by September 2009.

Example of a strong Project Description:

helpful hints for completing the online application9
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • Project Description vs. Project Title
    • Sometimes, the ‘project description’ is incorrectly used as the ‘project title’.
    • What to include in a Project Title?
      • Location
      • Type of Work
      • Project Year
helpful hints for completing the online application10
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • Project Title
    • The ‘project title’ for the project we just described could be:
      • “Farrell’s Road, Dawe’s Road, and Sheppard’s Road water main replacement and drainage improvements, 2011”
helpful hints for completing the online application11
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • Project Rationale
    • This will be the basis for the assessment of your application
    • So, please make sure that you provide as much detail as possible
helpful hints for completing the online application12
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • Project Rationale
    • What are the specific problems or objectives that this project will address?
    • How would your project address these specific problems or objectives?
    • What alternatives to the proposed solution have been considered?
      • FYI: there are always alternatives; please do not enter ‘none’ or ‘n/a’
helpful hints for completing the online application13
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • “Because lines are old and leaking significantly”

Example of a poorly written Project Rationale:

helpful hints for completing the online application14
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • There have been a number of instances in the recent past where there has been cross-contamination between water and sewer lines because of aged infrastructure in this area of town.
  • It is known that the water main is leaking significantly for the roads mentioned above and it is highly probable that the useful life of the sewer main has expired, when we consider nearby roads of the same age that have already experienced cross-contamination.


Example of a well-written Project Rationale:

helpful hints for completing the online application15
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • An investigation was carried out to determine if there were factors unique to these roads that may cause the water main to leak so much, but it has been determined that it is simply too old and replacement is warranted.
  • The proposed drainage maintenance was identified as a problem a number of years ago but was determined to be a lower priority. It is increasingly feasible to accomplish this work while addressing the water/sewer infrastructure noted above. The problem identified is related to flooding of a school bus turnaround and adjacent private properties.

Example of a well-written Project Rationale:

helpful hints for completing the online application16
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…

Project Rationale…

  • Please note:
    • It is important to remember that as a municipality, you are responsible for providing adequate details so that the Department of Municipal Affairs can determine whether or not the rationale for the work fits the mandate of the MCW program.
helpful hints for completing the online application17
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • Project Costs
    • Applicants must define total (gross) project costs.
    • Before GST rebate or cost sharing is taken into account…
      • engineering, construction, HST, and any other costs associated with the project need to be identified.

“Eligible Costs”

  • Do NOT include HST.
  • This info would usually be available from the detailed estimates provided by Consultant.
helpful hints for completing the online application18
Total Eligible Cost is the sum of ‘Eligible Cost’ plus “Other”.

This is the actual amount of funding being applied for.

Helpful Hints for completing the online application…
  • “Other” Eligible Costs
  • May include regulatory permits or specialized testing
  • Usually included in Consultant’s estimates
  • Most projects have no entries here

Record GST rebate here.


helpful hints for completing the online application19
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…

In the majority of cases, there are no ineligible costs.

Exception: Land Acquisition – ineligible under federal funding, but may be considered on a case-specific basis if the funding doesn’t include a federal contribution.

the application process a note on the gst rebate
The Application ProcessA note on the GST rebate…
  • Municipality is required to apply for the appropriate rebates
  • GST rebate is to be used as part of project funding
  • Municipality is responsible for interim financing of GST rebate
helpful hints cont d a final note on gross vs net costs
Helpful Hints, cont’d…A final note on Gross vs. Net Costs…

So what happens if we mistakenly enter NET costs where a GROSS cost is supposed to be used?

helpful hints for completing the online application20
Helpful Hints for completing the online application…

If you use net cost where a gross cost is supposed to be entered, then MA may end up funding the project at net, rather than gross cost.

So, you may not have enough money to cover costs when the time comes to write the cheques!

the application process supporting documentation
The Application Process…Supporting Documentation
  • We’ve talked about the online application…
  • But we also need to discuss what other documents are required to be submitted…
the application process supporting documentation1
The Application Process…Supporting Documentation
  • The following items mustbe submitted in addition to the online application by the deadline date
    • Completed Financial Evaluation Form (2 copies)
    • Bank Letter (2 copies)
    • Resolution of Local Government (2 copies)
    • Project Cost Estimates (7 copies)
    • Drawing indicating location and scope of the proposed project (7 copies)
the application process supporting documentation2
The Application Process…Supporting Documentation
  • Financial Evaluation Form
    • Provides an overview of Council’s current financial position, and
    • Details how Council intends to finance its portion of the project from capital and operating perspective (where applicable)
the application process supporting documentation3
The Application Process…Supporting Documentation
  • Bank Letter
    • The municipality must submit a letter from a financial institution confirming that lending will be considered.


the application process supporting documentation4
The Application Process…Supporting Documentation
  • Bank Letter should outline:
    • That this is a non-government guaranteed loan
    • Term, in either years or months
    • Principal amount
    • Annual payment amount
the application process supporting documentation5
The Application Process…Supporting Documentation
  • Resolution from Local Government
    • Your application must include a resolution from Council, authorizing the application for Capital Works funding.


the application process supporting documentation6
The Application Process…Supporting Documentation

Resolution of Local Government

  • Resolution should indicate:
    • Project cost
    • Project description
    • Results of voting
  • Resolution that is sent to Municipal Affairs should be ‘certified as a true copy of…’
  • Signed by Town Clerk/Manager
the application process supporting documentation7
The Application Process…Supporting Documentation
  • Project Cost Estimates
    • Consultant provides a unit-price schedule of the costs for construction.
    • This provides important supplementary information (i.e. size of pipe, amount of pipe, number of services, unit-price estimates, etc.) which is considered when assessing the project’s eligibility for funding.
    • Depending on the level of complexity of the project, a consultant’s involvement may be required.
the application process supporting documentation8
The Application Process…Supporting Documentation
  • Scope / Location Drawings
    • Indicates where the project is proposed to take place.
    • Shows prudent planning, on behalf of municipality.
    • Drawings should identify street names, be set at an appropriate scale, and be legible.
    • A picture is worth a thousand words!
the application process supporting documentation9
The Application Process…Supporting Documentation
  • Application Review will only begin after the deadline date, provided all supporting documents have been received by Municipal Affairs.
the application process a few comments
The Application Process…A few comments…
  • With the exception of those few communities that have an engineering staff, you will require the services of an engineer to help deliver the project, once it has been approved.
the application process a few comments1
The Application Process…A few comments…
  • Most communities get the engineer involved now, and ensure proper estimates, details, etc of the project are included with the application.
  • That being said, engineering services may not be required for:
    • Completion of online application
the application process a final note
The Application Process…A final note…

The online application allows you to upload electronic documents.

This is optional.

Please note:

You must still submit hard copies of supporting documents by the deadline date.

the application process questions
The Application Process…Questions?
  • What if you have questions regarding the application process?
    • Technical questions?
      • Contact Regional Engineer
    • Financial questions?
      • Contact Regional Manager

Contact info can be found on Municipal Affairs website.

  • You’ve submitted your application on SIMSI, AND
  • Provided hard copies of all required supporting documentation before the deadline date…

What happens next?





review assessment
Review & Assessment…
  • The Department of Municipal Affairs will acknowledge receipt of each application, and will provide the municipality with a list of missing or non-compliant information, if applicable.
review assessment1
Review & Assessment…
  • A financial review is conducted only after all supporting documentation has been received.
    • Financial documents are referred to the Regional Manager for assessment
    • Confirms municipality’s ability to pay its share of project cost, as well as operational cost, where applicable
    • The municipality will be notified if additional information is required
review assessment2
Review & Assessment…
  • Engineering Review
    • Regional Engineer will review drawings, estimates, and technical aspects of online application
    • Will involve other Government Departments / Agencies where required
      • i.e. Department of Environment and Conservation
    • If engineering data is insufficient, additional information will be requested from the municipality
review assessment3
Review & Assessment…
  • Applications are assessed according to a criteria-based process.
  • The assessment determines the merits of the application as input for recommending it to the appropriate decision-making parties.
review assessment4
Review & Assessment…
  • Factors and considerations for project eligibility:
    • How does your project respond to an identified infrastructure need within your community?
    • How realistic are the objectives and are the expected results achievable?
    • How does your proposed project fit with local and regional priorities?
    • How realistic is the budget and breakdown of costs?
ranking process
Ranking Process
  • Regional Engineering staff will determine ‘density’ ranking in accordance with Project Ranking Criteria.
  • With input from representatives of other departments (Health and Community Services, Environment and Conservation, & Government Services), a ‘need’ ranking is conducted.
    • Criteria include health, safety, and environmental
  • Review criteria are assigned a numerical value and are tabulated.
compilation of database
Compilation of Database
  • Once reviewed and ranked, project information is compiled into a provincial master list.
  • Depending on available funding from MA budget, projects are selected for “approval”.
project approval
Project Approval
  • If approval is granted, a letter will be sent to the town, indicating that the EDI has been approved for funding, and requesting a response within 45 days.
  • If funding is not approved,
    • Municipality will receive a letter to this effect and,
    • Will be invited to submit an application next year, should the project remain a priority at that time.
project approval1
Project Approval
  • What is EDI?
    • Engineering Design Initiative
    • Municipalities are funded to have engineering design work completed prior to final project approval.


project approval2
Project Approval
  • More on EDI
    • Provides Department of Municipal Affairs and the municipality with an opportunity to:
      • Evaluate any unanticipated design issues,
      • Obtain all necessary regulatory approvals, and
      • Determine more accurate cost estimates before final project approval is considered.


project approval3
Project Approval
  • More on EDI
    • Please note: The EDI is a continuation of the application process and does not indicate final funding approval.
    • Municipalities must accept or decline EDI funding within 45 days.
project approval4
Project Approval

Municipality accepts funding?

  • Submits a letter (within the 45 day period) accepting EDI funding, and
    • Requests approval of Consultant
  • If Ministerial approval
    • Granted?
      • A letter of appointment of Consultant is forwarded to the municipality
    • Not Granted?
      • Municipality will be notified
      • Asked to propose another Consultant
project approval5
Project Approval
  • Suggestion:
    • Identify a point of contact (somebody other than the consultant) for matters pertaining to issues with project management and administration.
project approval6
Project Approval
  • If municipality does not return EDI acceptance within the 45-day period, project is cancelled.
    • Municipality will receive a letter from the Minister of Municipal Affairs notifying of project cancellation.
Let’s assume that:
    • The municipality has accepted funding, AND
    • MA has approved the Consultant.
    • Now what?
design phase
Design Phase
  • Upon acceptance of funding, municipality:
    • Engages Consultant to perform design work
    • Discloses all financial information (pertaining to this project) to Consultant
      • There must be a separate chequing account to be used only for this project


design phase engineer client agreement
Design PhaseEngineer/Client Agreement…
  • Requests an Engineer/Client agreement for submission to Municipal Affairs for review and approval
    • Outline of services to be provided
    • Rates to be charged
    • Completion schedules
  • Municipal Affairs then issues a letter to the municipality and consultant indicating whether or not Agreement has been approved
design phase engineer client agreement1
Design PhaseEngineer/Client Agreement…
  • Engineer/Client agreement is returned to municipality for signing
    • Signed by municipality and Consultant
  • After signing, Consultant must forward copies of signed Agreement to the municipality and Regional Engineer
design phase engineer client agreement2
Design PhaseEngineer/Client Agreement…
  • Municipalities are not to pay any engineering fees unless a signed Engineer/Client Agreement is in place.
  • No funds will be advanced until a copy of this agreement has been received by Municipal Affairs.
design phase engineer client agreement3
Design PhaseEngineer/Client Agreement…
  • Engineering fees that exceed the amount approved in the Engineering/Client Agreement will NOT be eligible for funding
    • UNLESS
      • Agreed to & requested by municipality AND
      • Approved by Regional Director
design phase1
Design Phase
  • Once agreement is approved and signed:
    • Costs related to preliminary engineering and design can be claimed
    • Begin submitting status reports
design phase tendering award
Design PhaseTendering/Award…
  • Before construction can commence or tenders can be called, consultant must submit:
    • Plans, specifications, & detailed cost estimates to Regional Engineer
      • Must be done within 90 days of Consultant being appointed
    • A copy of plans and specs to municipality and relevant agencies for permits/approval
design phase tendering award1
Design PhaseTendering/Award…
  • Tenders cannot be called or contracts be awarded without approval from the Minister of Municipal Affairs
design phase tendering award2
Design PhaseTendering/Award…
  • Regional Office reviews:
    • Project budget requirements
    • Design
      • Compliance with project objectives and scope
      • Compliance with regulatory requirements
    • Consultants will be notified of any issues that arise from this review
design phase tendering award3
Design PhaseTendering/Award…
  • If all is okay, Regional Engineer will send a recommendation to Headquarters for full project funding
  • Municipal Affairs sends letter to Consultant, approving Call for Tenders
design phase tendering award4
Design PhaseTendering/Award…
  • Consultant prepares tender packages and advertises publicly
  • Makes arrangements with Tendering and Contracts (Department of Transportation & Works) to distribute documents and receive bids
    • Tender Documents include:
      • Instructions to Bidders
      • Tender Form
      • Agreement
      • Drawings
      • Specifications
      • Any amendments to the Contract Documents issued during the tender period
design phase tendering award5
Design PhaseTendering/Award…
  • After Tender closes, Consultant:
    • Receives bids from Tendering and Contracts
    • Prepares a bid analysis report & recommends whether or not to award contract
    • Submits report to Municipal Affairs
design phase tendering award6
Design PhaseTendering/Award…
  • If project budget is insufficient for price bid, municipality considers options of:
    • Reducing scope of work,
    • Requesting additional funding, or
    • Cancellation
  • This is done in consultation with Municipal Affairs and the Consultant
  • Once this is complete and all is in order, Municipal Affairs will issue an approval to ‘Award’ the project
financial evaluation
Financial Evaluation
  • Once project cost has been determined through tendering/award process, municipality requests an ‘Approval to Borrow’
    • Council resolution
    • Bank letter detailing the terms of borrowing
    • Updated Financial Evaluation form
      • Only if financial position of municipality has significantly changed
  • ‘Approval to Borrow’ request is verified against list of MCW approved projects
financial evaluation1
Financial Evaluation
  • Remember:
    • Funding will be provided based on Council’s assurance to the Department of Municipal Affairs of its ability to meet its share of cost
    • Municipal Affairs will not contribute any amount in excess of approved project cost
    • If Council’s financial position has changed and it cannot meet its share of costs,
      • Notify Minister of Municipal Affairs immediately
      • Project will be cancelled
construction phase
Construction Phase
  • Once Council receives authorization to award contract, it has 45 days to do so
  • Before contract is awarded, Council and Consultant must ensure that all easements and rights-of-way are acquired
    • Section 167, Municipalities Act, 1999
construction phase1
Construction Phase
  • Once contract is awarded,
    • A copy of signed contract must be forwarded to Regional Engineer within one week of signing
    • Consultant must notify Regional Office of the time and location of preconstruction meeting
    • Consultant administers project
construction phase release of funding
Construction PhaseRelease of Funding…
  • Provincial funding is released based on the submission of Status Reports and formal request for payment
construction phase release of funding1
Construction PhaseRelease of Funding…
  • Consultant prepares status reports on a monthly basis
    • Span from date of appointment of Consultant to date of project termination
    • Sent to municipality and Regional Engineer
    • Submitted monthly, whether or not project costs were incurred during this period
    • Must be submitted by the 10th of each month
    • Final status report must be marked as such and must be reconciled against bank records
construction phase release of funding2
Construction PhaseRelease of Funding…
  • Upon receipt of status report, municipality sends request for payment to Regional Engineer
  • What is included with this request?
    • A letter, requesting release of the non-municipal share of costs incurred for that period
      • Reference to status report #
      • Actual amount of funds being requested
      • Subject line: Project title & MA project number


construction phase release of funding3
Construction PhaseRelease of Funding…
  • Status Report
  • Job Control Sheet
  • Supporting documentation
    • Engineering invoices
    • Change orders
    • Contractor’s progress payments
construction phase release of funding4
Construction PhaseRelease of Funding…
  • A few things to keep in mind:
    • Do not pay engineering invoices unless the status report and job control sheet have been received!
    • Do not pay the final engineering invoice until the as-builts are received (where applicable)
    • Never claim unauthorized costs
construction phase release of funding5
Construction PhaseRelease of Funding…
  • Status report and supporting documentation received by Municipal Affairs
  • Regional Office reviews for:
    • Comprehensiveness of completion
    • Calculation accuracy
    • Eligibility of items claimed
    • Other factors
  • Review may include field verification or spot checks, especially at project start-up and completion
construction phase release of funding6
Construction PhaseRelease of Funding…
  • Regional Engineer prepares Certificate for Payment
    • Signs Certificate, signifying recommendation for payment
  • Certificate then signed by Regional Director and forwarded to HQ for final processing by Corporate Financial Services Division (Dept. of Finance)
  • Applicable portion of funds are released
construction phase release of funding7
Construction PhaseRelease of Funding…
  • The municipality will receive Government’s share in the form of a cheque
    • Cheque should be deposited into project bank account
  • Municipality required to pay consultant and contractor their share, and Government’s as to status report
  • 10% holdback to be dealt with at end of project
construction phase release of funding8
Construction PhaseRelease of Funding…
  • 10% holdback to be dealt with at end of project
    • Municipal Affairs releases holdback as claims are processed
    • Municipality to holdback funds until requested by Consultant to release
construction phase a few things to keep in mind
Construction PhaseA few things to keep in mind…
  • Construction contracts cannot be extended without written approval of Minister of Municipal Affairs
  • Extensions usually only granted under exceptional circumstances
  • If project is completed below estimated amount, the savings may not be available to the municipality to be used otherwise.
  • Council will be responsible for all cost overruns


construction phase a few things to keep in mind1
Construction PhaseA few things to keep in mind…

Limit of Servicing

  • All work constructed under the MCW program must conform to the Limit of Servicing Agreement

Project Number

  • Please use the Department’s project number on all correspondence, status reports, etc., relating to this project
project termination
Project Termination
  • Consultants are required to:
    • Ensure all regulatory/contractual requirements are met
    • Submit “as built” drawings to the municipality
      • Reminder: do not pay the final engineering invoice until as-builts have been received
    • Submit “as built” drawings to Municipal Affairs in the proper format
    • Produce a system operation and maintenance manual and submit to municipality (where applicable)
project termination as built drawings
Project Termination“As-built” Drawings…
  • The municipality must not delete the requirement for as-built drawings
  • Funds must be allocated for this engineering service
  • Tenders will not be authorized until the as-builts for the previous phase have been submitted
payments for engineering services
Payments for Engineering Services
  • Payments must be made based on:
    • Engineer/Client Agreement
    • Actual services provided
  • If all services as per the Engineer/Client agreement were not required, payments are to be adjusted accordingly
configuration management
Configuration Management
  • Two situations where the municipality may request a change in the contract
    • Town requests ‘other work’
    • Unforeseen work

The municipality is initially responsible for all work outside of what the department originally agreed to fund.

configuration management1
Configuration Management
  • Municipality requests other work
    • May decide that other work may be completed under this contract
  • If there is no urgency
    • Can make the request to the department
  • If there is urgency
    • Municipality has to decide whether or not to issue a change order for the work without prior approval from MA

If the town issues the change order without prior approval, it risks being responsible for 100% of the additional costs

configuration management2
Configuration Management
  • Unforeseen work
    • Added to the contract as a force account item
    • There is no contingency amount in the contract to deal with unforeseen circumstances
    • Municipality resumes 100% responsibility for the force account until MA agrees to cost-share it
    • Municipality may not include the force account in a claim until MA authorizes it
configuration management3
Configuration Management
  • Municipality may send a letter to the Regional Engineer
  • Include:
    • The additional amount sought
    • Description of the change
    • Rationale and any relevant reports

What is the process to obtain approvals for changes to the contract?

configuration management4
Configuration Management
  • The department will:
    • Assess the request
    • Consider the cost and whether funding is available
    • Consider technical aspects as if the request for additional work were an application
    • Determine municipality’s ability to afford the extra work
  • The programs and processes are comprehensive and, at times, complex.
  • BUT, the intent is to ensure that funding:
    • Is properly distributed
    • Is professionally administered
    • Helps municipalities gain valuable and needed infrastructure