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Inter Association Council of Athletic Officials

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Inter Association Council of Athletic Officials - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Inter Association Council of Athletic Officials New Official’s Basketball Class Module 5 Pre-Game Activities Pre-Game Activities & Starting the game At the completion of this module the student should: What duties the officials are responsible for

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inter association council of athletic officials

Inter Association Council of Athletic Officials

New Official’s Basketball Class

Module 5

Pre-Game Activities

pre game activities starting the game
Pre-Game Activities & Starting the game
  • At the completion of this module the student should:
    • What duties the officials are responsible for
    • Know how table personnel plays a role in the game
    • Know what a Captain’s Meeting entails
key terms
Table Personnel



Referee Duties

Umpire Duties

10 Minute Mark

Captain’s Meeting

Blood Rule

Injury Rule



Key Terms
entering the court
Entering the Court
  • 15 Minutes
  • Jurisdiction starts when officials arrive on the floor
  • Watch and observe players
    • Uniform
    • Equipment
    • Jewelry
    • Dunking/Hanging on rim and net
  • Counting players
  • Table Personnel
  • Referee Duties
  • Address any safety issueswith players or court
safety concerns 3 7
Safety Concerns(3-7)

The rule was clarified to prohibit any item, in the judgment of the official, that constitutes a safety concern.

table personnel
Table Personnel
  • 10 Minute Mark
  • Verify the basketball
  • Check Alternating Possession Arrow
  • Scorer
  • Timer
  • Check the scorebook
  • Verify the information
  • Sign the book
  • Keeps roster records
    • Names
    • Numbers
    • Starters
    • Substitutes
    • Time outs
    • Fouls
    • Alternating Possession
    • Warnings
  • Notify officials of rules infractions with the scorebook
  • Recommended they keep team members in numerical order
  • Controls the clock and scoreboard
  • Times the timeouts
  • Sounds a warning horn for timeouts and intermissions
  • Sounds warning horn for disqualified or injured players
  • Read Rule 2-12
10 minute mark
10 Minute Mark
  • Information in the scorebook must be submitted by 10 minutes before the game
  • One Technical Foul is given if(Rule 3-2)
    • Designated starter is changed
    • Adding a name to the team member list
    • Changing team member’s or player’s name in scorebook
    • Changing a number in the scorebook
    • Requiring a player to change to a (jersey) number in the book
    • Having identical numbers on team members and/or players
10 minute mark12
10 Minute Mark
  • Do everything to prevent a scorebook technical foul
  • Go to the table around 12 minutes
  • Immediately correct any obvious mistakes
  • Do not nitpick scorer mistakes as team mistakes
  • Do not go looking for trouble
  • After one of these technical fouls are given, you allow any changes after the penalty
  • One player on each team (by rule)
  • Teams usually have two or more captains
  • May address official for interpretations and other essential information in a courteous manner
  • Captain may request a defensive match up
      • Three or more subs are involved
  • Any player can request a timeout
captains meeting
Captains Meeting
  • Takes place near the scorer’s table
  • Captains
  • Head Coach
captains meeting16
Captains Meeting
  • What needs to be addressed?
    • Head Coach
      • “Are your players properly equipped and ready to play?”
    • Sportsmanship talk
    • Court and ground rule issues
      • Not common to address
after the captain s meeting
After the Captain’s Meeting
  • Referee deals with any table issues
  • All officials continue to watch and observe players
  • Prepare for team introductions
  • Observe actions during introductions
  • Go to positions right before Jump ball
  • Subs must report to the scorer giving their number
  • Subs must stay outside the boundary line until beckoned by an official
  • Subs must enter the court immediately upon being beckoned
  • Subs cannot replace jumper or free throw shooter, unless there is an injury or shooting a technical foul.
  • When does a sub become a player?
      • When the he/she legally enters the court
  • What if the entry is not legal?
      • When the ball becomes live
  • Player entering the court without authorization of an official is a technical foul
  • A player not properly wearing the uniform cannot come into the game
  • A player not properly wearing the uniform must leave the game
  • Injured player must be replaced if coach or any bench personnel is beckoned onto the court
  • A player who is bleeding, has an open wound, has any amount of blood on his/her uniform shall be replaced immediately
  • Applies to Injury and blood situations
    • Player can stay in the game if team calls a timeout and problem is taken care of by the end of the timeout
    • If two opponents are injured or have blood on jersey, each team must request a timeout to keep their player in the game
replacing an injured player 2 12 5 note
Replacing an Injured Player(2-12-5 Note)

A note was added to clarify when the clock starts to replace an injured player.

The official signals the timer to begin the 20-second interval to replace an injured player AFTER that player has been removed from the court and the head coach has been notified.

  • A player that is determined to be unconscious shall not return to the game without written authorization from a physician (MD/DO)
review questions
Review Questions
  • Who watches the players before the game?
  • When should you talk to the Table?
  • What do you need to ask the Head Coach?
  • How much blood must be on a jersey to require a player to be subbed for?
module 5
Module 5


New Officials Basketball Class

Module 5

Pre-Game Activities