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Leilani Münter Proposal

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Leilani Münter Proposal
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Leilani Münter Proposal

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  1. Just because you’re green… doesn’t mean you can’t be fast. Leilani Münter Proposal Dan Levy, Vice President, Management Wasserman Media Group, LLC dlevy@wmgllc.com 919.256.1600 V

  2. LEILANI the BRAND A rising star in the racing world, Leilani Münter is one of a handful of women in the world to race cars at speeds of over 200 mph. She has been making waves both on and off the track, as a female in a male dominated sport and a passionate environmentalist – Leilani is a unique triple threat – RACE CAR DRIVER – FEMALE – ENVIRONMENTALIST– And much more… Passionate.Trailblazer. Role Model.Activist. Record Holder. Professional. Strong.Accomplished Speaker. Media Darling. Your company can take advantage of major marketing opportunities with international exposure via radio, internet, magazine, newspaper, and television with Leilani. As a competitive female in a male-dominated sport, Leilani's is a story that can be appreciated well beyond the millions of race fans. Because of her unique presence, Leilani can offer promotion that goes far beyond the racetrack. Commercials, personal appearances, radio, television, magazine, and newspaper interviews are just part of the promotion that could focus on your company as a partner. The sky’s the limit. Leilani Münter Proposal Just because you’re green... doesn’t mean you can’t be fast.

  3. MEDIA EXPOSURE and WEB PRESENCE WRITING. Leilani is an accomplished writer, her work has been published by Turner Sports on NASCAR.com, Corvette Quarterly Magazine, and the Women's Sports Foundation. She also blogs for Huffington Post’s Green section. PRINT MEDIA. Leilani has appeared on 8 magazine covers and graced the pages of other illustrious publications such as, Glamour, ESPN Magazine, USA Today, Vogue, The Washington Post, Vanity Fair, Esquire, etc. RADIO. Leilani was a weekly correspondent on ESPN Radio and was recently featured on NPR. www.LEILANIMÜNTER.com PUBLIC SPEAKING. Her public speaking engagements include the American Heart Association, Women of Independence, Honda, the National Wildlife Federation and many more. TELEVISION. She has appeared on ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, Spike TV, Speed Channel and National Geographic. She’s hosted TV shows on Spike TV and DIY Network and been an on-camera correspondent for Turner Sports Interactive's NASCAR.com for 3 years. Her weekly "Leilani Reports" were available to over 10 million users and the website had over one billion page views annually. WEB PRESENCE. A leader amongst peers, Leilani Hosts 2 professional websites focusing on her racing and Green initiatives respectively, offering partners advertising exposure to target demographics. ADCAMPAIGNS. Leilani has appeared in 2 national ad campaigns: Lucky Brand Jeans and Hostess Twinkies SOCIAL NETWORKING. Leilani has developed extensive networks within the most popular Social Networking avenues allowing instant access to fans and advertising opportunities for brands and events with the touch of a button. Leilani Münter Proposal Just because you’re green... doesn’t mean you can’t be fast.

  4. Racing DEMOGRAPHICS Racing is the number one spectator sport in America. Leilani is determined to use her voice to change the sport for the better. • 75 million NASCAR fans. 30 million IndyCar fans. • Auto racing is the number one spectator sport in the world. 18 of the top 20 attended sporting events in the US are auto races. 17 are NASCAR races, the other is the Indy 500. • Auto racing is the number two sport on television, second only to NFL. More people tune in to watch NASCAR than baseball, basketball, and hockey combined. • Of all sports enthusiasts auto racing fans show the highest level of brand loyalty and brand awareness. More Fortune 500 companies sponsor NASCAR more than any other motorsport. • Auto racing is a $43 billion industry. With 25% of every marketing dollar spent on motorsports, the industry has a consistent annual average 15% growth rate. Nearly one third of Americans consider themselves fans. • NASCAR races are broadcast in over 150 countries. • NASCAR has 75 million fans that purchase over $3 billion in annual licensed product sales. • Women make up nearly half of the auto racing audience both on television and trackside. Source: Nielsen Media Ratings In 2007, Sports Illustrated named Leilani as one of the top ten female race car drivers in the world. “The sheet metal of a NASCAR race car is one of the most valuable properties in U.S. marketing.” — Neilsen Media Research Leilani Münter Proposal Just because you’re green... doesn’t mean you can’t be fast.

  5. Walking the GREENwalk Almost as well known for her environmental activism, Leilani is politically active in the legislative fight to protect the environment. In 2008, she made several trips to Capitol Hill to speak with Congress on climate issues. Since 2007, she has purchased an acre of rainforest for every race she’s run to offset her carbon footprint. She’s a long time vegetarian and eco activist, holding a B.A. in Biology specializing in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution from the University of California at San Diego. While attending college, she worked as a volunteer at a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center. Leilani has spoken at prestigious GREEN events such as CleanTech Group, the Sustainable Mobility Summit, and Powershift ’09. In 2008, Leilani became politically active and lobbied on Capitol Hill on behalf of NWF and the Climate Security Act. Carbon Free Girl’s Mission. The mission of Leilani's Eco Dream Team is to send powerful messages to the number one spectator sport in America, calling to action 100 million race fans in the US to make a difference by spreading environmental awareness about sustainable living alternatives, clean energy, alternative fuel vehicles, and environmental legislation. Knowledge is power and Leilani wants to spread the power to the race fans. Additionally, Leilani hopes her efforts will encourage racing sanctioning bodies to increase their environmental initiatives with expanded recycling programs and the use of alternative fuels. Leilani Münter Proposal Just because you’re green... doesn’t mean you can’t be fast.

  6. Leilani Münter Proposal Just because you’re green… doesn’t mean you can’t be fast. PARTNERSHIP: Term: contact Wasserman Media Group Compensation: contact Wasserman Media Group BENEFITS: Name and likeness Advertisements on both CarbonFreeGirl.com and LeilaniMunter.com Press Release announcing partnership ECO DREAM TEAM association Appearances, plus one travel Dan Levy, Vice President, Management Wasserman Media Group, LLC dlevy@wmgllc.com 919.256.1600 V