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iPods & Podcasts: Revolutionizing the Classroom PowerPoint Presentation
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iPods & Podcasts: Revolutionizing the Classroom

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iPods & Podcasts: Revolutionizing the Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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iPods & Podcasts: Revolutionizing the Classroom Carol Siwinski Germantown Academy Curricular Technology Specialist PETE & C February 11 - 13, 2007 iPod More than just a music player Portable learning tool Can develop core literacy skills Crosses generational lines

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Presentation Transcript
ipods podcasts revolutionizing the classroom

iPods & Podcasts: Revolutionizing the Classroom

Carol Siwinski

Germantown Academy

Curricular Technology Specialist


February 11 - 13, 2007

  • More than just a music player
  • Portable learning tool
  • Can develop core literacy skills
  • Crosses generational lines
  • Can be integrated into almost all disciplines
    • Course content dissemination
    • Classroom recording
    • Field recording
    • Study support
    • File storage and transfer
ipod tools tip and tricks
iPod Tools/Tip and Tricks
  • Using iPod as portable recording device
  • iTalk Griffith/XtremeMac Micro Memo voice recorder
    • Inserting recorder
    • Speak clearly, projecting voice, use inflection
    • Hold recorder a few inches from mouth
  • Set iPod to be updated manually
  • Organization a must
  • Download recordings either to desktop or iTunes and rename immediately
  • Compress recording in iTunes
  • Set iTunes to convert to MP3
early grades
Early Grades
  • Learn the letter sounds
    • Students practice making sounds of letters
    • Teacher recorders lesson to make words
    • Students listen to lesson and make words using Lively Letter Cards
    • Students can then record the words made
  • Record speech and language for assessment
    • More accurate indicator
    • Can be saved iTunes, on computer, or CD
    • Keep sample as record of progress
    • Analyze to ascertain new speech and language goals
learning modern languages
Learning Modern Languages
  • Immigration activity
    • Learning past tense
    • Narrate story extemporaneously for 2 mins. using iPod during class
    • Graded on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Vacation activity
    • To perfect pronunciation
    • Take iPod home to record paragraph
    • Graded on pronunciation
  • Odes
    • Write ode
    • Create digital poster
    • Take iPod home to Record ode
    • Convert to MP3 and link from web page
    • http://www.germantownacademy.org/academics/us/ModLang/Spanish/odeelementales/index.html
learning modern language
Learning Modern Language
  • Digital storytelling
    • Engages a palette of technical tools
    • Weave personal tale using images, graphics, music and author’s own voice
    • Write script
    • Recorded script using inflection, correct pronunciation, rerecord until perfect
  • Racontez une histoire
    • http://www.germantownacademy.org/academics/us/ModLang/french/recontre/index.html
  • Cuentos Digitales
    • http://www.germantownacademy.org/academics/ms/8th/centosdigital/index.html
learning modern language7
Learning Modern Language
  • Oral Exam
    • Use iPod to administer more efficiently
    • Record questions
    • Download to iTunes and put on student’s iPod
    • Using iPod students listen to questions and record answers
    • Grade on listening and use of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Oral history project
    • Family member - Friend
      • Collect artifacts, images, video (see digitizing slide)
      • Write interview questions
      • Storyboard production
      • Interview using iPod
        • Techniques - know questions, ad lib, keep eye contact, be interested, allow interviewee to complete thoughts, request specifics and details
      • Download voice recording to iTunes
      • Create product - use iMovie/GarageBand Podcast
      • Import photos, voice -over, music for ambiance, apply transitions and Ken Burn’s for effect
  • Ken Burns Documentary
  • Digital Science Experiment
    • Take digital photos step by step
    • Use iPod to record observations
    • Import memos into iTunes( playlist) and photos into iPhoto (album)
    • Create an iMovie project
  • View experiments for comparison
  • Absence students can use movie to review missed work
digital field trip
Digital Field Trip
  • Any discipline/age
    • Create guided tour of zoo, Washington, Jamestown, museum, Chinatown, etc
    • Divide class into groups - photographer, recorder, director
    • Write questions to stimulate reflective process
    • Reflect on visit as person who lived during another era
    • Present the basics of recording with an iPod
    • Present basics of taking photos with digital camera
    • Create product - use iMovie/Gargageband 3.0 Podcast
      • Import photos, voice -over, music for ambiance, apply transitions and Ken Burn’s for effect
      • Most of all - incorporate technology in artful ways
digitizing artifacts
Digitizing Artifacts
  • Scan images
    • Make jpg, landscape 640 X 480
  • Take photos as close as possible
  • Download digital images from camera
    • Be careful not to crop become pixilated
  • Download images from web
    • Only USE 640 X 480 or larger
  • Use digital video camera with firewire
  • Record voice over
    • Use iMovie, GarageBand, Audacity or iPod with recorder
  • Capture Music
    • iTunes, GarageBand loops, CD
    • Use mp3 format
    • Free music resources
  • Allows for the distribution of audio files through RSS feed
  • RSS - real simple syndication
  • Audio file in MP3, Enhanced M4a format or Video files
  • You can listen to podcast on Internet using Quick Time
  • Using an aggregator iTunes you can subscribe to the podcast and listen later
  • New episode automatically added through feed to aggregator
  • Transfer podcast to iPod for portable listening
podcast in the classroom
Podcast in the Classroom
  • Music students
    • Listen to, memorize and critique classical music
    • Share original musical works
  • Foreign language
    • Listen to native music
    • Exposure to native speakers
    • Listen to native newspapers to receive another view point of world events
    • Learn a Foreign language
    • E-mail key pals can become pod pals
    • Create their own content
  • History and English
    • Listen to historical speeches
    • Listen to interviews with experts
    • Share period music
finding podcast
Finding Podcast
  • Educational Podcast for Teaching and Learning from UK
    • http://recap.ltd.uk/podcasting/
  • The educational Podcast Network
    • http://epnweb.org/
  • Podcast Alley - site features monthly ranking with a top ten list
    • http://www.podcastalley.com/
  • iTunes
    • New version iTunes 7.0 or later has a built in Podcast directory.
    • Launch iTunes
    • Click the Podcasts icon in the Source panel.
    • Categories are listed on the bottom-left of the screen.
    • Perform a search.
creating a podcast
Creating a Podcast
  • Make an MP3 or Enhanced MP4 file
    • Preproduction - write script, find music, assign roles, etc
    • Production using audio editing app to record Audacity, Garageband, mic, etc
    • Upload the MP3 or M4a to web server
  • Create web page or use free weblog -Word press, Blogger
  • Link to URL of MP3 or MP4 on web page to listen
  • Create XML file RSS2.0 feed with enclosures- (Feedburner online or Feeder $29.99)
  • Link to URL of XML file on web page
  • Submit podcast to directories
  • Visitors subscribe through iTunes,
  • Create enhanced Podcast using GarageBand 3.0
  • http://www.germantownacademy.org/curtech/radioga/
podcasting resources
Podcasting Resources
  • Learning in Hand
    • http://www.learninginhand.com/podcasting/index.html
  • Enhanced Podcast Creation with GarageBand
    • http://creativemac.digitalmedianet.com/articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=37839-0
  • Creating Podcast with .Mac and Feeder
    • http://boinx.com/articles/podcasting/
  • Podcasting Basics
    • http://recap.ltd.uk/moodle/course/view.php?id=2
  • Using Garageband and iChat for Podcasting
    • http://webcast.broadcastnewsroom.com/articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=37930
sound resources
Sound Resources
  • History Channel Great Speeches
    • http://www.historychannel.com/broadband/home/index.jsp
  • The Classical Music Archives
    • http://www.classicalarchives.com/
  • Dance Music MPeg and Video Clips from Library of Congress
    • http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/dihtml/divideos.html
  • Royalty Free Music.com
    • http://www.royaltyfreemusic.com/free-music-clips.html
  • Free Music Play sample clips royalty free
    • http://www.freemusicplay.com/
  • Clipart.com - Sound effects and short music clips, (subscription required)
    • http://www.Clipart.com
image resources
Image Resources
  • Library of Congress
    • http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/
  • ClipArt.ComThe Clipart.com a collection of more than 6 million royalty-free clipart images, photos, illustrations, and fonts. (Subscription Based)
    • http://www.clipart.com/
  • Classroom Clipart
    • http://classroomclipart.com/
  • Pics4Learning
    • http://www.pics4learning.com/
  • Stock Photography
    • http://www.stockphotography.com/index.html
  • Barry’s ClipArt
    • http://www.barrysclipart.com/