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Explaining the Iraq War to Kids

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Explaining the Iraq War to Kids - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Explaining the Iraq War to Kids.; AOL Keyword: TFK. Explaining the Iraq War to Kids: Taking Advantage of the Medium. Explaining the Iraq War to Kids: Focusing on the News.

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Explaining the Iraq War to Kids; AOL Keyword: TFK

Explaining the Iraq War to Kids:

Taking Advantage of the Medium

Explaining the Iraq War to Kids:

Focusing on the News

News for kids is written to be simpler and more explanatory, to provide context, to demystify, and to conquer fear with information. It also helps build important nonfiction comprehension skills

Explaining the Iraq War to Kids:

Showing Kids the Players

Putting a face on newsmakers helps kids connect to them

Explaining the Iraq War to Kids:

Answering the Big Questions

Timelines provides important historical context for current news

Q&As help answer kids questions, address fears

Explaining the Iraq War to Kids:

Where in the World?

Interactive maps helps kids think globally

Explaining the Iraq War to Kids:

Exploring Different Points of View

Exploring viewpoints helps kids think on all sides of an issue to make informed decisions

Explaining the Iraq War to Kids:

TFK Kid Reporters

Kids have told usthey feel respected and valued when they see other kids taking a professional role

Explaining the Iraq War to Kids:

Empowering Expression

In difficult times, expression often helps kids cope with tough issues and complex reactions

Some basic facts about the TFK Kid Reporter Program
  • 15 kids are chosen from an annual competition every March. Approximately 600 kids enter, submitting original articles and interviews.
  • 30 finalists submit videos and are interviewed by telephone.
  • TFK Kid Reporters have appeared on The Today Show, CNN, Headline News, CBS Early Show, Fox News Live, Good Day New York, among other outlets.
  • TFK Kid Reporters pitch story ideas, attend press conferences, interview subjects, write their own stories, and sometimes take their own pictures. Assignments come from TFK magazine and TFK web staff.

Kids can access

basic facts about

the kid reporters

by clicking their


President George W. Bush

Homeland Defense Secretary Tom Ridge

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

Meeting and Interviewing Political Leaders

Cal Ripken, Jr.

Tiger Woods

Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Jerry Stackhouse

Sports Interviews

Iraq Conflict


September 11

The Grammy Awards

U.S. Movie Premieres

Event Coverage

Daniel Radcliffe

Justin Timberlake


LL Cool J

Lil’ Romeo

Entertainment Interviews

Know a Kid Who Likes the News?