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IN OUR OWN WORDS Thoughts on Photography, by the Kittridge St. Elementary Photo Club (Photos by David Blumenkrantz) KIMMY LIMON

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Thoughts on Photography, by the Kittridge St. Elementary Photo Club

(Photos by David Blumenkrantz)



Photography is used by all people. Before 1900 true artists were the only people to use cameras. But when the Brownie came along by the 1900’s photography was available to all kinds of people.

Before photography people couldn’t record moments in their life. If somebody got married or had a baby their family members couldn’t see that. In a way photography was a sort of communication. For me, and I speak for thousands of people, the camera was one of the most important things ever invented.


JESUS LOSOYAThe choices that photographers use are the lighting, timing, composition, proximity, and angle. The word “photography” means writing with light.Photographers use composition in their photographs by: trying to arrange all the elements in their sight into a composition that they like, just as you do when you are drawing or painting.If the world had no cameras the world will change big time. If the world did not have cameras people that were adopted would not be able to see their real parents. People would not be able to see the bad things that happened. The world should have been changed. The camera was a great invention.



People use photography for memories. For example, if your grandmother died, and you don’t know how she looked, your parents might have a photograph of her, and by just having that photograph, you have a memory of what she looked like.

I think photography is a way to express your feelings. In my family, photography is used to take pictures of ourselves. The world was very different before photography. For example, if a family wanted a family portrait they had to hire a painter . . . And had to pay them a lot of money.

Now that photo class is almost over I look at photography differently. I used to think that photographers didn’t have to go through a long process to make their photographs good. Now, I know that they had to go through a long process.


VALERIA CACERESMy favorite part of photography is that it kinda opens you into a new world. Now that I came a long way through photography I see photography very different. I used to see it as something to remember. But now I see it as something for proof. For example photography could show people that nature is being destroyed so it could be proof.


GRECIA VASQUEZI would say that the most important thing about this photography project is that we get to explore the world more. For example if we were supposed to photograph our community we get to know people more or find out things we didn’t know about. Sometimes you could find more respect for your community. Or the other members could know more about your family with just a photograph. Or you can get to know one special person more like your partner or friend. That is what I think photography means in this project.



Photography is a way to remember your past, and a lot of people use it. Without photography the world would be way different, we wouldn’t have ways to remember our past. The world was much different before there was photography. Great leaders have been photographed, but if there wasn’t any cameras we wouldn’t know such great people. My favorite thing about photography is when you zoom the lens and it looks closer.



When I used to look at a picture, I just looked at the people in the picture. Now I look at the photos and see if the person who took it really got all things clearly.

The photographs that I have taken are about my friends in school, and about my family. I like taking pictures of my family because they always help me with my homework and other things. I would also like to photograph my whole family so I could keep the picture forever.


KARLA VEGAThe main purpose of photographs is the moment, and to show their personality. Also, the most important thing I learned is how to use the camera, and the basic things like timing, lighting and composition.

Something I would like to change is for the gangs to stop, because they kill people and destroy the beautiful earth. I think photographs could change people’s minds because they could see it.


NATHAN ALEXANDERWhen photography first came to be it was a new world. When I first started photography I thought it was about pressing a button . . . But now I know that you can kind of adjust how the picture looks.

I’d like to cover nature, because I’d like to show how factories and pollution are killing nature. Nature is part of the earth, and throwing trash on the ground or carving your name in a tree isn’t helping.


BRYAN MERINOI think photography is writing with light. And freezing a moment once in a lifetime. Before when the world didn’t have photography, there wasn’t video games, TV, computers or any books that had real pictures.Photography helped a lot because when there was child labor and the kids had to work, then Lewis Hine took photos of the kids and then he took the pictures to the government and the kids stopped working.