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Dmitry Viktorovich Aristov

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Dmitry Viktorovich Aristov - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State Institute of Organic Synthesis Technology with Pilot Plant (GITOS) Dmitry Viktorovich Aristov GITOS Founded in 1960 as a branch of the State United Scientific Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology

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  • Founded in 1960 as a branch of the State United Scientific Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology
  • Experimental base for developing and refining manufacturing technologies for products of organic synthesis, including highly toxic compounds
  • The enterprise represents an autonomous research-and-production complex consisting of:
    • Research section
    • Experimental plant
    • Design department
    • Auxiliary and life supply divisions and services

GITOS represents an ideal research-and-production base for developing new technologies for synthesizing and evaluating new compounds

  • Synthesis and evaluation of physical, chemical, and toxicological properties of new compounds
  • Design and installation for new pilot plants, including manufacturing of non-standard equipment for new plants
  • Pilot production
  • Determining initial data for industrial scale designing
  • Evaluating applications for newly synthesized compounds
  • Determing warranty periods for storage of products and carrying out climatic tests;
  • Determining ecological safety and wastes of manufacturing processes
current focus at gitos
Current focus at GITOS
  • Development of technologies for processes relating to Chemical Weapon destruction
  • Development of technologies and production of consumer goods
  • Development of technologies in the sphere of ecology
  • Development of technologies and manufacture of substances of medical products and preparations for medical purpose
  • Development of technologies and manufacture of substances of veterinary preparations
  • Development of technologies and manufacture of means of active defense
commercial capabilities scientific collaborations
Commercial Capabilities & Scientific Collaborations
  • GITOS has a System of Quality that has been certified in accordance with the Standard ISO-9001
  • GITOS has several intellectual property ownership certificates
  • GITOS collaborates with a number of industrial partners and also take a part in collaborative scientific projects with leading scientific centers of the Russian Federation, including:
    • GosNIIOKhT
    • The Institution of BioPhysics of Microorganisms of the RAS
    • Scientific Center of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RF
    • Saratov State university
    • Saratov State Technical university
seeking collaborators
Seeking Collaborators
  • GITOS is seeking collaborators for work in developing new technologies in many commercially applicable areas, including:
    • Development of technology for detoxification and disposal of environmental contaminants
    • Development of biotechnology for the remediation of soil contaminated by CW and products of their chemical detoxification
    • Development of novel technology for delivery of veterinary medications, including antibiotics in poultry
    • Development of a computer system for drug search based on molecular recognition modeling

Contact Information

  • Dmitry Viktorovich Aristov
  • State Institute of Organic Synthesis Technology with Pilot Plant


  • Phone: (845-93) -5-16-91