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F u m i N a k a m u r a

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  1. FumiNakamura A presentation by Aaron Warder

  2. All about Fumi! • Full name is Fumi Minnie Nakamura • Born in Shimizu-Shizuoka, Japan on December 03, 1984 • Moved to the US at the age of 11 with her mother and brother • She studied art in various schools like California College of Art, San Francisco Art Institute, and San Jose State University to improve her skills in illustration, fine art and design • Owns a chinchilla, whom she calls “baby cake muffin berry.” • She uses pencils, color pencils and pens very often .

  3. Originality! • It wasn’t until Fumi moved to the U.S. that she realized how her art differed because of her Japanese culture. Some of her teachers and colleagues found her artwork to be unique because of Japanese stylization. However, she never thought of her work as having Japanese or American influence. Fumi thinks her work is more influenced by her feelings and life experiences. • Fumibelieves it is important that the artwork tells a story or conveys a specific idea or feeling. If a piece has a strong message, the work becomes more successful as a whole.

  4. This Is Our Place To Start Growing Up

  5. Future Goals • Fumi would love to continue pursuing a career in the arts even though she is not sure of what kind of subjects and projects she wants to do. Like any other human being, her life and emotions are constantly changing! • She would also like to have a small gallery and café for people to enjoy. This would give her an opportunity to help out her art friends, as well.

  6. Birthday PartyAt Twenty Color Of My Heart

  7. Inspirations Fumi finds inspiration from artists such as:Hans Bellmer, John Copeland, Menglef, Ernst Haeckel, and Barron Storey (her animation teacher). She also admires fashion illustrators:Stina Person, Marlene McCarty, and Charles Anastase.Fashion, art and design magazines and books are the other things that influence Fumi. However, her biggest inspiration is her mother. She was the first art teacher/supporter for Fumi. There are many things that inspire and keep her going with her art. She thinks they are from people (like other artists, family and friends) and storytelling. Artwork by Menglef

  8. Inspirations byJohn Copeland byHans Bellmer

  9. “My mother was the first person to teach me how to draw. She attended a design school in Japan and she would show me how to draw simple things when I was little. I carried around note pads and drew a lot. On the other hand, I used to stand at the bookstores, look at art books and taught myself by observing figures and techniques. I really didn’t learn much in school until I took art classes in high school and college. During high school years, I took art classes, but my teacher let me do whatever I wanted to do. She thought I already covered the materials for art class and let me skip few levels of art class. However, during summer of freshman to junior year, I went to San Francisco Art Institute and California College of Art (and Craft and took printmaking, drawing, painting and illustration classes. I learned techniques (especially in printmaking class) and gained inspiration from classmates during pre-colleges and decided what major I wanted to take in college.” - Fumi Nakamura

  10. Exhibitions 1st exhibited at a school show. Fumi hung up her anatomy drawings and people thought they weren’t so great They actually had the nerve to hang her work on the lower corner of the wall! 2ndshe participated at Halcyon in East Coast for the Tsunami Relief. 3rd gallery show/event was Sketchel at the Semi Permanent. 4thwas at Subject Matter Gallery in Costa Mesa, California. It was a container show and she drew pictures on a jewelry box and jewelry. InsideOf Us

  11. Where’s Fumi, now? • She currently lives in Bay Area, California and does freelance illustration. • She is working on children’s book illustrations with her aunt in Japan. • She’s also working on a few art shows: Gallery exhibitions at Subject Matter Gallery (California) in August, a Skateboard art show called 44 Boards Project (Ohio) and few more. • (The picture to the left is a self-portrait she did for her illustration class.)

  12. “Art [allows] me to express my thoughts and feeling[s] (I guess it is like what most fine artists do). It’s like [a] stress reliever or [a] form of anger management. Since I have difficulty with language most of the [time] (I am [a] foreigner), it is the best way to describe and express things in pictures. I also believe that art is something [used] to communicate with others, because art is very strong and expressing.” -Fumi Nakamura Self Portrait

  13. Havea nice day!www.miniminiaturemouse.com