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  1. Ameritech mark steiner, inc. developed an interactive sales enablement tool for 5000 customer service representatives located in 5 states and 30 locations who needed sales guide to provide product and services information to customers. The solution involved building an interactive, dynamically updateable, easy to use reference application. - intensely positive acceptance by the CSR's and their supervisors - updated information instantly available to the CSR's - also being used for new hire training - saves $500K/year in printing costs alone

  2. Walgreens Mark Steiner served as Lead Developer in the creation of CBT for one of America's fastest growing retail chains. The CBT was used to train store personnel, from clerks to management, on vendor ordering, receiving, and invoicing at over 2,200 locations nationwide. The CBT featured robust and accurate simulations of the AS/400 inventory management software, and of the hand-held RF units.

  3. First Chicago (BankOne) Mark Steiner served as Lead Developer in assisted a primary contractor in the successful completion of a large training project that is currently being rolled out to 8,000 users. The total number of users eventually included 38,000 employees. The team produced 33 hours of CBT in a six-month period. In conjunction with the 33 hours of CBT, 42 hours of instructor-led training and 7,600 pages of instructor and participant course materials were also developed.

  4. AT&T Mark Steiner served as the Project Lead for a CBT program for AT&T. The program trained installers on the steps and process of installing fixed wireless access equipment. The application featured very engaging and realistic discovery-style learning simulations, digital video, and a unique testing environment. The program was very successfully received among installers. The program supplemented an array of instructor-led and lab-based activities.

  5. Geneva Steel Mark Steiner served as the Lead Developer for a CBT program for Geneva Steel. The program trained maintenance and operations personnel on the steps and process of operating and maintaining the main coiler in a steel mill. The application featured realistic 3D and 2D animations and a unique schematic viewer, facilitating the viewing of over 200 digital photos. The program greatly reduced downtown of a critical piece of equipment, quickly increasing output and reducing scrap.

  6. Orius mark steiner, inc. programmed an interactive marketing CD-ROM for Manifest Digital. The CD-ROM featured Flash animation, Flash menus, QuickTime video, and a dynamic database catalog with photos, all in an Authorware shell. The CD-ROM was created in conjunction with a large trade show, and was a huge success. The CD-ROM is still in use today.

  7. Manifest Digital mark steiner, inc. developed a Presentation Design and Display tool for Manifest Digital. The Design mode is used to select and sequence media elements. Media elements currently can include: QuickTime video, AVI video, JPEG graphics, PowerPoint files, Acrobat PDF files and Flash animations. A stand-alone version also exists that contains the Display-only version of the app. This app facilitates the creation of custom marketing CD’s based on selections saved in a Design mode session.

  8. Sony for Manifest Digital mark steiner, inc. programmed an interactive kiosk that tells Sony’s digital "convergence" story in retail stores. The kiosk includes high-end QT with great AfterEffects work, programming in Authorware, and Flash movies. All menuing was done in Flash within Authorware. The application has a custom ActiveX control that supports JPEG files for graphic manipulation. The kiosk simulates 4 other pieces of software, can launch actual software from a mock desktop, has a timed/random attract loop, and auto-refurbishes playground media files nightly at 2 AM and 4 + hours of content. The content in the kiosk is, extensive and the information architecture was complex in order to make the story actually appear as simple and approachable as possible.

  9. Sony for Manifest Digital mark steiner, inc. programmed an interactive kiosk that tells Sony’s digital "convergence" story in retail stores. The kiosk featured a new interface, custom-created music score, new Flash animations, and more than a Gigabyte of additional MPEG video playing 15 Sony commercials that support the Vaio product rollout. The 3 CD set contains 80 different digital movies, and 1.6 gig of data. Based on the success of the first kiosk, Sony requested that a second version be built for Best Buy, Computer Micro, and CompUSA stores.

  10. Storck for Launch Interactive mark steiner, inc. programmed and developed a media management tool for Storck. The tool included a backend wizard that facilitated gathering and organizing various media files into a "tree" structure. Once the media has been organized with the wizard, a single directory was automatically generated that could be burned directly to CD, providing the "masses" with a media browsing and viewing tool that would also copy the files locally for their use. Graphic TBP