don t lose your phone in 2016 l.
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don’t lose your phone in 2016 PowerPoint Presentation
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don’t lose your phone in 2016

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don’t lose your phone in 2016 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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don’t lose your phone in 2016

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  1. Manukapoor Jaikejriwal SunilParihar don’t lose your phone in 2016 SharedExistence

  2. #000066TOOTH pervasion !!!

  3. CellPhoneTrends • Cell phones are increasing in number • Cell phone usage overtakes landlines in the US ( ) • Cell phones are becoming faster • Cellphone usage habits are changing • Integrate into day-to-day needs

  4. BluetoothStatistics& Trends • Bluetooth technology is gaining momentum after a slow start • Toshiba and Hitachi are developing networked home appliances ( • The first bluetooth fridge was introduced at CES 2006. The first networked fridge has been around since 2000 • Lexus, Acura and Infiniti come equipped with bluetooth

  5. MobileTrends • - NTT DoCoMo introduced debit cards in phones last year. They plan to issue credit cards soon. (

  6. Application • Runs on mobile phones • Listens for bluetooth-enabled devices in the proximity • Gets data from devices • Controls said devices • Has a server component

  7. UsageScenario #1 Networked Home 2016 • Both flip open their mobile phone and connect to their home. • They see the status of all appliances • Smith turns off the tap, heating and locks the front door • Mary sets the temperature and moisture of her house • Each gets an alert whenever the temperature, water usage etc increases beyond a limit Use case#1 Smith is on his way to a party and midway realizes that he left his front door unlocked. Furthermore, the heating was left at high and the tap was left running Use case#2 Mary is on vacation and needs to control the temperature and moisture of her house to sustain her expensive plants

  8. Implementation • Extrapolating from the current scenario, it is conjectured that the plumbing, air conditioning, lighting and door mechanisms are network enabled (possibly bluetooth) as well • Devices are connected to each other and to a hub which acts as an interface to the outside world • The hub runs a web server which the owner of the house logs into and retrieves the status of every device that communicates with it • Using a simple web interface, the user controls each appliance connected to the hub • Based on user defined settings, changes in the environment are sent to the user who can then take appropriate action remotely

  9. UsageScenario #2 Social Networks 2016 • By 2016, social networking goes mobile • Radar & Sleep modes enable people to • switch the network on and off • Welcome to “No Strings Attached: Just another bar” • Walk into the bar in “radar” mode • Radar mode matches people with common interests and welcomes them to initiate a chat on phone & consoles (available at the bar) • Giant screens in the bar visualize the buzzing social activity in a graphical way enhanced with sound • Anonymous chat preserves privacy, lets people decide whether they want to “meet” • Risque, you say!

  10. Implementation • Existing web based social networking websites mobile enable the profiles • Mobile devices talk to other devices in the proximity and can “match” profiles • Requires Bluetooth-like wireless protocol that works in close proximity • Experience could be enhanced with external multimedia devices based on the setting

  11. Social Networks 2016 “No strings attached”