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Comma Commotion

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Comma Commotion. Adult Literacy curriculum links Ws /L1.3 Punctuate sentences properly, and use punctuation so that meaning is clear Ws /L2.4 Punctuate sentences correctly, and use punctuation correctly (e.g. commas, apostrophes, inverted commas)

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comma commotion
Comma Commotion
  • Adult Literacy curriculum links
  • Ws/L1.3 Punctuate sentences properly, and use punctuation so that meaning is clearWs/L2.4 Punctuate sentences correctly, and use punctuation correctly (e.g. commas, apostrophes, inverted commas)
  • Ideal for underpinning Functional Skills English (FE)
  • L1 FE Ensure written work includes generally accurate punctuation / spelling and that meaning is clearL2 FE Punctuate written text using commas, apostrophes and inverted commas accurately
  • March 2011. Kindly contributed by Dory Anderson, City College, Peterborough.
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which comma is wrong
Which comma is wrong?

This city cycle, without gears,is the latest commuter, must-have in town. It’s stylish, smart and the very best, and cleanest, way to get around town. Yours for only £380!

which comma is wrong4
Which comma is wrong?

This beautiful, old- fashioned, fob watch is just the thing, for the man who has everything! It’ll be a talking point in the bar and the office, and even on the pitch!

A snip at £45.

which commas are right
Which commas are right?

This is one of those toys that is bound to be a favourite, with the kids, this year. With big, appealing eyes, he’ll even tug, at the hearts, of the women in your life.

which comma is wrong6
Which comma is wrong?

This armchair, in black, easy-to-clean, faux leather comes at the easy-on-the-pocket price of £150. You can also get, a second for half price so get a pair now!

which comma is wrong7
Which comma is wrong?

Lost your remote control? This handy, universal gadget can be used for all appliances in your home. Programmable for all the major, and some minor, makes it can switch on anything from your TV, to your microwave.

which comma is wrong8
Which comma is wrong?

Ladies! Wondering what to get the hubby and kids for Christmas? Why not issue them all, with their personal little hoover? Now they can scoop up the crumbs before they stand up, scattering crumbs everywhere. In iconic red and black and a range of noise levels, from a whisper to Jumbo Jet, this will suit all the family.

where should the comma go
Where should the comma go?

There were clashes last week between students and police in London.

Last week there were clashes between students and police in London.

which sentence needs two commas
Which sentence needs two commas?

Students and lecturers protested against plans to treble tuition fees and cut university funding in England. A group of protesters broke into the Conservative Party HQ in Westminster and set fire to placards outside. Student leaders condemned the action as “despicable”. A stand-off later took place between students and the police with protesters surging forward at Millbank Tower chanting.

which sentence needs commas
Which sentence needs commas?

Some protesters got onto a roof terrace at the top of Millbank Tower. Missiles were thrown at police as thousands of demonstrators crowded the street below. Also demonstrators were cleared from outside the Liberal Democrat HQ where a car window was smashed. The massive rally mostly passed off peacefully.