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  1. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS A cyber lesson by mrs. kowalewski

  2. INTRODUCTION • Get ready to explore the world of Christopher Columbus. • Think about how his discoveries affected the Native Americans. • Get to know him through the eyes of those who sailed with him.

  3. MATERIALS • Christopher Columbus by Jan Gleiter and Kathleen Thompson • Paper • Pencil • Computer with Internet access and Word • Printer NOW YOU’RE READY TO GO!

  4. BEFORE READING WITH YOURGROUP… • Predicting: Look at the pictures and predict what you think will happen in this story and what you might learn. • Write your groups’ predictions on your paper.

  5. DURING READING • Read the book with your group. • Check your predictions as you read. Put a check mark if they were accurate or change them if they were not. Do not erase your original predictions.

  6. AFTER READING • Reread page 26 with your group. INDEPENDENT WORK… • Make believe you are a Native on the island. Click on the paper to type your diary entry about seeing the explorers for the first time. Be sure to include how you would feel, what you would think, what your reaction would be, how your life would be the same or different, etc. • Reread your story to make sure you wrote it from the perspective of a Native, it makes sense, and is easy to read. Make changes as needed.

  7. BEYONDREADING • One way you can tell what a character is thinking is by looking at what he says. Use your book. Write down what people said about Columbus, who said it, and what that tells you about how they thought of him or felt about him. Click on the ship to write your answers.

  8. Rubric for Columbus Cyber LessonComplete the “Self” section of this rubric.

  9. WE’RE FINISHED! Great Job! Since you have some extra time on your hands, feel free to explore the awesome website below. There are scavenger hunts, you can chart Columbus’ journeys, see how to use DNA evidence, put together jigsaw puzzles, take a quiz, and read experts answers to kids’ questions. You can work alone or with anyone else who has finished. Click on the suitcase to begin. Happy traveling!!!!!!