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Welcome to. Bible Baptist Church Ballincollig, Cork Celebrating 12 Years. Today is the Lord’s Day Sunday, 27 th August, 2006. August Memory Verse.

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Welcome to

Bible Baptist ChurchBallincollig, Cork

Celebrating 12 Years

Today is the Lord’s Day Sunday, 27th August, 2006

August memory verse l.jpg
August Memory Verse

For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Saviour of all men, specially of those that believe.

1Timothy 4:10

Announcements l.jpg

  • Dawn Jouan’s Birthday on Friday – in France

  • Joy Barley’s Birthday next Saturday

  • Kevin and Eileen O’Keeffe’s Anniversary next Sunday!

  • Church Study at 7pm – Continuing Study of the Confusion about the Gift of Tongues

  • Wednesday evening Bible Study at 7pm – Matthew 26

One more birthday l.jpg
One More Birthday…

  • Mary Ann Murphy’s is tomorrow!

Wrong ways to worship god l.jpg

Wrong Ways to Worship God

Make Sure We Worship God His Way

John 4:20-24

Introduction revelation 4 11 l.jpg
Introduction(Revelation 4:11)

  • There are a million ways to worship God

  • Most are the wrong ways

  • People have a built-in desire to worship

  • The chief purpose of man is to worship God

  • The worship of God is the most fulfilling and powerful of experiences

  • Throughout the Bible, you have the record of people worshipping God

What is worship l.jpg
What is Worship?

True worship, real devotion does not consist in the performance of certain religious duties at set times, but in the spirit in which the Ordinary duties of common life are performed.

William Law

This is a multi part message l.jpg
This is a Multi-Part Message

  • Wrong Ways to Worship

  • The Right Ways to Worship

Preview wrong ways to worship john 4 20 24 l.jpg
Preview – Wrong Ways to Worship (John 4:20-24)

  • Geographically

  • Ignorantly

  • Paganly

  • Without the New Birth

  • Stubbornly

  • Religiously

  • Selfishly - Only for looks

  • Apathetically – with no passion, heart, zeal

Stubbornly john 4 22 l.jpg
Stubbornly(John 4:22)

  • How do people normally worship God?

  • How does God demand that we worship Him? Humbly

  • Stubborn worship started just outside the garden of Eden with the worship method of Cain (Gen 4:3-12)

  • Worship is defined by the Jews! Not popular opinion

    • You have to know the God of the Jews – the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!

    • You have to believe a Jewish Messiah – Jesus was a Jew

    • You have to get a Jewish Bible

    • You have to honour the Jew’s Place in God’s Plan (Romans 9:1-5; Romans 1:16)

  • Humbling isn’t it? Good! That will be the best way to approach God – as a nothing, clinging only to Jesus, knowing you don’t even deserve crumbs from the table!

Religiously according to traditions matthew 15 7 9 l.jpg
Religiously– according to traditions (Matthew 15:7-9)

  • To worship only religiously means

    • Having a form of worship - “a form of godliness” – praying just so, and talking using religious sounding words and phrases

    • Acting like you are worshipping, but only acting!

    • Going through all the motions of worship, but the heart is still far from God

  • Religion is a work to try and impress God – wasted effort!

  • Worship is a work of the heart to try and love God

  • To worshipping God religiously means to do everything you can “for” God, but without having true love for God

  • Examine your heart! Worship is not a Sunday Thing – it is a spiritual thing that you do on Sunday, AND Monday, AND Tuesday, etc!

  • What you DO is not worship – what spirit and what attitude you have while you do what you do is worship!

Selfishly only for looks 1samuel 15 25 30 and for personal gain l.jpg
Selfishly- Only for looks (1Samuel 15:25-30) and for personal gain

  • How much time do you pray for THINGS and improvements in your welfare instead of for others, and improvements in your attitudes?

  • Selfish worship is what drove a wedge between Lucifer/Satan and the Lord in heaven at first – Lucifer thought only of his lack

  • Later, Satan taught Eve to believe SHE was lacking too and to think of HERSELF!

  • Self worship is shown by the amount of time you spend in front of a mirror, how much money you spend on clothes, and fashion, and how much time you spend worrying about what others think of you instead of God!

  • So many people only “worship” a good, giving God that gives them what they want – if God is not meeting their needs at the moment, they dump Him.

Apathetically with no passion heart or zeal john 5 40 l.jpg
Apathetically– with no passion, heart, or zeal (John 5:40)

No real need. You just do things because it is expected

  • So, no prayer life – just a few prayers here and there

  • No serious study of the word of God – just a Book

  • No burden to win souls

  • No commitment to a local Bible believing Church

  • No thought about sin in your life

  • No worry about the judgment of God

Without the new birth john 4 24 l.jpg
Without the New Birth(John 4:24)

  • It is impossible to worship God as a condemned sinner

  • That’s why, when you are sinning, you feel the hypocrite when you come to church – because sin blocks your relationship with God

  • Unless that sin-record is taken cared of, all the worship in the world will do you no good

  • Jesus said to a very religious, very worshipful man named Nicodemas, that he HAD to be born again to worship God

  • Same goes for everyone

Conclusion 2corinthians 11 3 l.jpg
Conclusion (2Corinthians 11:3)

  • There are a million ways to worship God

  • Most are the wrong ways

    • Geographically

    • Ignorantly

    • Paganly

    • Stubbornly

    • Religiously

    • Selfishly - Only for looks

    • Apathetically – with no passion, heart, or zeal

    • Without the New Birth

  • The worst of all is to try to do it ignorantly, without the new birth!