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Attacking an EAP Prompt!

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Attacking an EAP Prompt!. What is the point of the EAP Prompt?. ~ Measures the student's reading skills. -can you understand the point that the author is ~Measures the students ability to respond or take a stand on the author’s opinion.

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what is the point of the eap prompt
What is the point of the EAP Prompt?

~ Measures the student's reading skills.

-can you understand the point that the author is

~Measures the students ability to respond or take a stand on the author’s opinion.

-can you develop that point of view (using reasoning

and evidence based on our class readings, or your

observations to support your ideas.

~Measures the students ability to convey their response to the author in writing

-can you put what’s in your mind in a clear, cohesive

statement a reader can easily understand

what does an eap question look like
What does an EAP question look like?

~The essay asks students to write in response to a prompt. The prompt will typically present complex ideas requiring the student to read it more than once!

~The prompt is usually free of figurative, technical, or specific literary references.

What does this mean?

Directions:You are to plan and write an essay on the topic assigned below. Before you begin writing, read the passage carefully and plan what you will say. You essay should be as well organized and carefully written as you can make it.

In 1815, John Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson “the war…was no part of the Revolution. It was only an effect and consequence of it. The Revolutions was in the minds of the people, and this was effected…years before a drop of blood was drawn at Lexington.”

Explain Adams’s argument and discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with his analysis. Support your position, providing reasons and examples from our readings from this unit.

how do you begin constructing your response
How do you begin constructing your response???

1. Break down the prompt

-YOU MUST Reread and Annotate the prompt

-YOU MUST identify the author’s main point

-YOU MUST determine whether you agree or disagree

w/the author’s points

**writing notes on prompt is critical!!!

2. Begin your outline

-take your notes from the article & organize into ¶ form

 organize your outline by paragraphs

incorp. evidence and commentary into outline


3. Start Writing

~Use the KISS method

(Keep it Simple Stupid!)

don’t worry about grammar and vocab.

~Use your outline!!!!!

work from the inside out

-don’t be afraid to start with evidence and

commentary--build your ¶’s from the middle out

~Purpose of 1st Draft:

-just get ideas down / organize thoughts

~Purpose of 2nd Draft

-correct grammar / transitions

remember you have only 3 objectives
Remember:You have only 3 objectives:

1. develop a point of view on the issue presented in an excerpt

2. support your point of view using reasoning and examples from your reading, studies, experience, or observations

3. Write it clearly!!

-follow the conventions of standard written