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AI: Artificial Intelligence

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AI: Artificial Intelligence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AI: Artificial Intelligence By: Logan An Overview: Artificial Intelligence AI is said to be intelligence exhibited by an artificial entity (Such as a computer) The purpose of AI is to produces machines to automate tasks that normally require a human’s intelligence

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AI: Artificial Intelligence

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an overview artificial intelligence
An Overview:Artificial Intelligence
  • AI is said to be intelligence exhibited by an artificial entity (Such as a computer)
  • The purpose of AI is to produces machines to automate tasks that normally require a human’s intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence has become common place in factories, warehouses, in engineering and even in the military
two types of artificial intelligence
Two Types of Artificial Intelligence
  • Conventional AI


  • Computational Intelligence
an overview conventional ai
An Overview:Conventional AI
  • Conventional AI is chiefly made up of methods that are now known as machine learning, characterized by formalism and statistical analysis
  • Methods of conventional artificial intelligence include “expert systems” which apply reasoning capabilities to reach a conclusion
an overview computational intelligence
An Overview:Computational Intelligence
  • Learning is based on empirical data (in other words, experimental data)
  • Methods include neural networks which are systems with very formidable pattern recognition capabilities
  • As an example, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in The Terminator had a “neural net processing CPU, a learning computer.”
an overview other methodology
An Overview:Other Methodology
  • Hybrid systems have attempted to combine both conventional and computational types
  • There is also a third approach on the horizon known as intelligence amplification which attempts to achieve artificial intelligence as a side effect of amplifying human intelligence through technology
the history of artificial intelligence
The History of Artificial Intelligence
  • AI usage officially began in the 1950s
  • The first ever working artificial intelligence program allowed a user to play a competitive game of checkers against the computer
  • John McCarthy can be credited with coining the term “artificial intelligence”
  • In the 1970s Hans Moravec developed the first automated vehicle, which could negotiate an obstacle course without human intervention
ai in video gaming
AI in Video Gaming
  • In recent years video games have began to utilize artificial intelligence with amazing results
  • An early example of video game AI is the right hand paddle in Pong.
artificial intelligence in black and white
Artificial Intelligence in:Black and White
  • The user plays as God with a creature to aid him in ruling the world.
  • The creature’s behaviors and actions are based purely on AI, and never pre-programmed responses.
  • The creature “learns” how to act based on what input the user gives it.
artificial intelligence in oblivion
Artificial Intelligence in:Oblivion
  • Every single character run on a system known as “Radiant AI”
  • Every character decides how to fulfill certain needs they have
  • Every action or reaction to the user is based on Radiant AI and never pre-programmed
artificial intelligence in swat 4
Artificial Intelligence in:Swat 4
  • User’s squad mates and enemies controlled by AI
  • AI dictates whether criminals will surrender, return fire, or flee towards their cohorts
artificial intelligence in madden nfl 06
Artificial Intelligence in:Madden NFL 06
  • Artificial Intelligence calls plays dynamically based on the game situation
  • The computer players run the plays and adapt to how the user changes his play style
artificial intelligence in nhl 06 nhl 2k6
Artificial Intelligence in:NHL 06 & NHL 2k6
  • Artificial Intelligence controls the referee, all of the skaters on the ice, as well as the coach behind the bench
  • AI dictates when penalties are called, how the opposing team reacts to the user’s play style and automates line changes
flaws in video game ai
Flaws in Video Game AI
  • “Harder” AI never means more skilled, and always means cheaper
  • Glitches or quirks inevitably form
  • The uses of AI are potentially limitless
  • AI is a very diverse form of technology
  • The A stands for “awesome”