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saving money on cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment i

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saving money on cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment i

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  1. Saving Money on Cleaning Supplies and Janitorial Equipment in LouisvilleWhen you start looking at your annual expenses how large of expenditure are you making for your cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment in Louisville? If you have never stopped to itemize these expenditures it is time. You may be shocked at how much money your company spends on simple items from trash bags to toilet brushes. When you start adding in an automatic scrubber or floor machines the cost can really skyrocket.How Do You Get Your Costs Under Control?One of the challenges in trying to reduce your costs is time. While janitorial equipment and supplies are a major expense you may not have enough time to research the best buys the way you would for large mission critical purchases. The fastest way to get your costs under control is to find a company who specializes in cleaning supplies and equipment. Stay away from companies who only carry one product line. You will discover their lack of variety causes increased prices. One other thing to watch out for is companies who are offering you the same products you find in the supermarket. While those products are great for home, they are less concentrated and carry a higher cost per use than the industrial counterparts.

  2. Are You Choosing Janitorial Equipment Based On Price or ROI?When cutting costs it is important to step away from price for a little while. When you are buying new janitorial equipment in Louisville the worst thing you can do is equate price and savings. True savings for your business are determined by your return on investment, not the lowest price of the product. You need to consider the quality, performance, and longevity of the equipment you are considering. Buy high quality products which are designed to last for years. This even includes simple items like a vacuum cleaner. While a cheap Hoover Vacuum can be found for around $100, you will be replacing it a minimum of once per year if it is used for an entire office area. During this year it will slowly degrade in performance no longer clean your carpets deeply. An industrial grade vacuum is built to withstand years of use. You will notice the difference in construction almost immediately. While you pay more for the vacuum the increased number of years of usage and improved performance make it the lower cost option.Multiply Your Savings by Combining the Proper Supplies and Janitorial EquipmentOne additional problem you run into with using domestic quality cleaning equipment and supplies is the mismatch between supplies and equipment. When you purchase an industrial floor scrubber you need to buy supplies which match. Choosing inferior products leads to waste and poorly cleaned surfaces.No matter whether your needs are for a small office, a large factory, or a hospital you can find the right products easily. Talk to the experts who can give you the best advice and get you on the right track. You just need to partner with the leader in janitorial equipment Louisville.

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