how to troubleshoot canon printer driver issue n.
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How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Driver Issue PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Driver Issue

How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Driver Issue

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How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Driver Issue

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  1. How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Driver Issue

  2. If you use Canon Printer, then first you should check its computability with the Windows 10 to ensure that it’s well-supportive with your system. Similarly, there are numerous choices available for Canon Printer, all the printer models different maintenance & repair facility.

  3. Most of the time we get confused in choosing the right way of troubleshooting a Canon printer, to save your efforts I suggest you to go for Canon Printer Technical Support Number +64-48879118 Help. They are best in the troubleshooting industry and offer maximum satisfaction to its users by meeting their needs in a quick & efficient manner.

  4. We are going to discuss here a scenario on how to fix a Canon printer not working in Windows 10.

  5. Look whether the Canon Printer is switched on or connected to PC or not. Step-1

  6. If general troubleshooting steps or updating Windows doesn’t work, you should try updating the printer driver. Step-2

  7. For driver update first you’ve to uninstall the printer from your system and start reinstalling it. Step-3


  9. Remove the paper label from the top of the cartridge. Step-1

  10. Open the three refilling holes on the top of the cartridge using a thumb drill. Step-2

  11. Fill the three 10cc syringes with 6ml of magenta refill ink. Step-3

  12. • Click on Start Menu of your system • • Go to Devices and Printers • • Choose your Printer Model • • Select remove printer • • Reinstall the printer

  13. Install the printer driver from the printer manufacturer’s website and keep it updated that help enhance printer performance. Step-4

  14. In case the problem won’t solve, take help from the technical support team of Canon by visiting their official website. Step-5

  15. If you want more detailed analysis of your printer, then check for troubleshooting help by the Canon Tech Support NZ in order to solve the printer issues. There are wide choices available on the internet, make sure you go through all the options prior making a choice, so be careful and make a wise selection for Canon printer technical support.

  16. For any Technical issues Dial Canon Printer Support Number NZ • +64-48879118 • Original Source: • Contact