gorgeous macaron boxes can catch customer n.
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Gorgeous Macaron Boxes can Catch Customer's Attention PowerPoint Presentation
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Gorgeous Macaron Boxes can Catch Customer's Attention

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Gorgeous Macaron Boxes can Catch Customer's Attention - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Who doesn’t love macarons, the tiny little treats are perfect for instant mood lifting and for making someone happy in a second. What if the small little dessert is package is something as sweet as it is. Macaron boxes are of many types, choosing the right model for your business can leave the right impact on the buyer and receiver and your macaron or pastry brand will always have a special place and preference in their heart. Check out a few gorgeous boxes ideas and suggestions, and how other pastry businesses are rocking it.

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Presentation Transcript
gorgeous macaron boxes can catch customer

Gorgeous Macaron

Boxes can Catch



macaron tray boxes

Macaron Tray Boxes

Slide out a box full of perfect little sweets and let the buyer experience the gorgeous


Macaron tray box is an excellent idea for small and large businesses; it has a lot of space

for branding, visual merchandising and display of macaroons.

On top, you can leave a see-through display cutout window or on the sides, and from the

narrow side, the drawer opens. The inside tray and outside part of the box can both be in

different colors.

Such packaging is also easy to store, easy to assemble and looks perfect however

inserts are needed to secure the macarons.

gorgeous gift wrap macaron boxes macarons

Gorgeous Gift Wrap Macaron


Macarons are a great thing to gift because of many reasons, their cute appearance is

an instant mood lifter, and their sweet taste energizes anyone feeling down.

Gifting macaron is a great idea but when you enter a store full of gorgeous looking

sweets, but the packaging is necessary and ordinary, it doesn’t quite make the buyer

happy, and they change the decision, in that case, an individual gift wrap box that is

readily available is a great thing.

The gift wrap boxes are not different in making and assembling but they are

differently printed, and they look more on the festive side which makes them a perfect


candy bar macaron surprise box wrap macaron like

Candy Bar Macaron Surprise


Wrap macaron like candy and surprise the customer, a beautiful candy packaging macaron

pack will impress the buyer, will make him purchase the product and will tempt him to come

back and try more of your products.

The surprise element always does wonders! A candy bar type box is relatively straightforward

to design and easy on storage as well.

Macaron boxes wholesale gets the best ideas to you; you can always discuss and get the

best boxes in your budget from the professionals.

premium macaron box with minimal design premium

Premium Macaron Box with

Minimal design

Premium buyers and premium sweets do not always have to look festive; they can have a

minimal plan with a very glamorous look to them.

A box that is simple and branded in many places, have logos brand initials is just about

enough for a premium packaging, the less is more strategy is well suited for premium

macaron packaging.

holiday themed macaron boxes holiday themed boxes

Holiday Themed Macaron


Holiday-themed boxes are a great way to make a place in a customer’s heart.

When you are a part of their special occasions, seasons and events they will always come

right back to you the next time they want to treat their loved ones or themselves.

Holiday themes are festive, and they reflect the holiday around the corner, when people buy

the holiday-themed packaging, they make you a part of their celebration.

mini pyramids macaron boxes

Mini Pyramids Macaron Boxes

Unusual packaging shapes and challenging styles that stun the customers and fans is a good

thing for marketing.

Your brand can become famous just because of excellent packaging if you try daring

strategies and stunts like a pyramid-shaped macaron pack, such boxes are sturdy and secure

on the inside and keeps macarons safe.

macaroon tower box

Macaroon Tower Box

Tower box for macarons is safe and comfortable yet looks daring at the same time.

Sometimes we are not looking to buy a lot of something, and in that case, few macarons look

too less to gift or to take home, but when 2 or 4 macarons are packed in a tower-shaped box,

they look a lot and still look attractive.