firebase v s meteor which one is good
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Firebase v/s Meteor : Which One Is Good?

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Firebase v/s Meteor : Which One Is Good? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are lots of factors to consider while choosing the right place to start you technology business. Doing a thorough study before starting up can help you take the right decision. Here are some tips and tricks to know exactly which place would be your best bet.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introduction to Firebase.
  • Advantages of using Firebase.
  • Cons of using Firebase.
  • What is Meteor?
  • Why use Meteor For Application Development.
  • Disadvantages of using Meteor.
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introduction to firebase
Introduction To Firebase
  • Best chat application that serves hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Simple cloud platform that helps you create apps in a matter of a few hours.
  • Developing a chat application with Firebase is easy and simple.
  • No need to worry about the infrastructure or scalability of apps.
  • Appropriate for building real time applications like music sharing apps, chat apps and other such collaboration tools.
2 advantages of using firebase
2. Advantages of using Firebase
  • Enables using API with other platforms.
  • Really helpful when your apps runs on a centralized database.
  • Database is readily available as it is stored in the cloud.
  • Data hosting is not an issue.
3 cons of using firebase
3. Cons of using Firebase.
  • Level of reporting does not match that of SQL.
  • The App doesn’t work well if database updation is not frequent.
  • Migration of Apps can be a challenging task.
4 what is meteor
4. What is Meteor?
  • Web development platform which is a combination of development packages woven together into one.
  • Helps in building real time applications and you can easily build a normal web application with meteor.
  • Helps you work on just one language i.e javascript.
  • With the help of Meteor you can easily build frontend, backend and database.
  • With Meteor, one can easily write the entire application in Javascript.
5 why use meteor for application development
5. Why use Meteor for application development.
  • Build real time applications easily.
  • You can easily build entire application in a single language.
  • Take less time to develop.
disadvantages of using meteor
. Disadvantages of using Meteor.
  • Database bundling that you get with meteor js is MongoDB.
  • Meteor develops all packages themselves and don’t have an option of an npm.
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