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Massage - a secret kindom of treatment

What can we expect a massage can be as a kind of treatment? One can be for a pleasure and well-being maintenance, another will help you to recuperate from a health problem, e.g after an injury or a nasty dull ailment, while other allow you restore your body, mind and spirit holistic condition. Each of them can be enhanced by applied aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and also with adequate medical, or cosmetic remedy. Quality of the treatment depends on your practitioner professional knowledge with excellence of his practice. Discover it now from the slides show. To find more about go to: www.drmalinowskiknowler.co.uk

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Massage - a secret kindom of treatment

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  2. External approach down through the surface of the bodyby deliberate manipulation in aim to achieve a reasonable effect • By Dr Jakub S. Malinowski Knowler • A leading expert in Complementary Therapy

  3. Method of the treatmentWhen in motion your body is active coping with all demands – it is in action!Every active part of your body is involved in the work needed to perform each action.This activates your body’s metabolism to a higher level and exploits it.In contrast, during the massageyour body is passive: there is no action!Every treated part remains relaxed therefore your organism’s metabolic rate is at its lowest. It saves both the energy and the fuel within affected tissue. At the same time it simultaneously invigorates blood circulation and de-tox processes, which are the biochemical reactions leading to cleansing of the organism. Also, it eliminates excess of fluids, reduces swelling and thus lets the blood, with its vital elements, to be transported more effectively to the affected part of the body.Muscle-skeletal system is being stimulated from outside, so that an injury within affected part is given an appropriate boost to recuperate & remains mobile.Only appropriate massage technique allows efficient engagement of particular tissues through the skin, layers of fat and muscles, along the lymphatic and blood vessel systems. Also it stimulates groups of nerve fibers down to the bones, tendons and ligaments of the joints. Along the on the way, some glands can also be provoked.Amazingly this way your organism become stimulated and yet the body remains passive.That’s the secret of medical achievement !

  4. What is so special about Massage? • Most available and commonly used medical methods act only on the affected part and exclude rest of the body • Massagetreats our body in a holistic way by stimulating whole organism because it activates functions of the main systems: • Blood & lymph circulation – along the vascular system , • Nerves, • Hormones, • Immunity - • that holistic approach promotes the correct body balance which is almost impossible to achieve by other methods.

  5. Manual & mechanical Pure treatment – by clean hands only Enhanced massages: Remedies applied: oils, gels, ointments, creams, lotions powder- talcum Water bathing or under a stream of water; ice/snow or steam: cold/hot Other applications : herbal & minerals Herbs derivatives : Aromatherapy Mud compressing Holistic body - whole body massage Selected parts of body Sensitive Premenstrual Pregnancy After child delivery Baby massage Sport : post injury massage Body building Warming-up Soothing Clinical: Pain managing / palliative care Lymphatic drainage Deep tissue Soft tissue Re-Mobilizing Preventing from complications resulting from prolonged bed rest Recuperating e.g. from a stroke Cosmetic: Body regeneration/ rejuvenating Classification of massages:

  6. BENEFITS OF MASSAGESbiological natureinvigorationmaintaining feeling of well being correction & improvement of general holistic bodyconditions…………………………………………….Cosmetic effectsregeneration of weak part of bodymedical aspectsRelaxationcosmetic correctionsrecuperationre-mobilizationsimulative : restoration of lost body functions Sport Conditionswarming up before training & performance

  7. There is nothing better that to indulge oneself in a splendid feeling of having a massage… • Just to feel sheer pleasure of well being

  8. Fiction and facts: Medical-based- evidence reservations as difficult-to-prove personal feelings of the individuals: Yet it doesn’t really matter how exactly it happens, as long as we ARE better without any doubt !

  9. A caprice or resolve to choose a massage therapyMany of us may choose it to:Maintain the feeling of well –being,some particular health disorder,or for no special reason. Positive desperation creates necessity When health condition is deteriorating or a more serious problem has arisen, both can reasonably become a motivation to make use of massageeither: as acomplementary healing or as the main treatment

  10. Massagebecame part of medical treatments since the ancient times. Today it belongs to a regular clinical, cosmetic and sport treatments worldwide in various aspects of health and life. Although its forms vary in range of treatments, strength of performance and many different applications but their common effects are generally the same: Boosting our body metabolism, eliminating body waste, increasing regenerative processes of systems and organs, and prolonging our body’s holistic effectiveness in somatic body, spirit and mind.

  11. Irrelevant suspicions of skeptical hypocrites – is a continuous bone of contention But not in the medical world ! All progress in medicine is made not on ground of prejudice but because of the open-mindedness . There are some of us who deny the effectiveness of complementary treatment either because others told them it’s not effective, or they’re suspicious by nature. If they do not accept proofs any explanation they are the ones who ultimately loose out. We always must bear in mind the fact that not every treatment is appropriate for every ailment or problem. The choice which treatment to apply in each case depends on specialist’s decision. Although it seems obvious but, with so many contradicting opinions the questions arise Whom to believe today? Whom to rely on? The simple answer is:Go to a qualified and reputable professional! To the Master !

  12. Complementary medicine treatmentsare selected accordingly to well confirmed the organism’s biological response • Although, for many reasons, we are short of scientific research giving rational explanation regarding whether some of Complementary Treatments are being correctly chosen in each case; • the knowledge of the professionals is based on studying biology, medicine and many years of extensive practical experience so today • The results complement each other in every aspect of both conventional and complementary medicine!

  13. Combination of biology and medicine with mathematical formulae resulted in one more argument to conquer scepticism: • That’s a formulae for calculation of Body Balance Normalized Unit. It helps to prove the effectiveness of all treatments in an objective way. • It’s an invention of the author of this presentation. • For details, contact me on www.drmalinowskiknowler.co.uk

  14. Use of Complementary Medicine treatment not only restores back your health, protects it and helps to save it for your future • but will also change your attitude to it. • Well, now you are welcome to the • Massage • Kingdom ! • All rights reserved by • Dr Jakub S.Malinowski Knowler

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