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Nasha Mukti Kendra in Pune

Our de addiction includes Family therapy, Medications and Spirituality which provides effective Management for De-addiction Disorders.

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Nasha Mukti Kendra in Pune

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  1. Mission To set an example in Neuro-Psycho-Social Rehabilitation by Providing World class Treatment & Compassionate Care www.jagrutirehab.org

  2. Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre • Purpose : • Our organization’s primary focus is to provide quality care & treatment for the people suffering from various Neuro-Psychological illnesses. • We provide family centered team approach to help people with debilitating illnesses to manage their symptoms, live fully & keep control over their lives. • Establishment : • Jagruti started as a small clinic in 2006 with 20 beds, its grown up to a 200 bedded, one of the biggest Neuro-Psychological Rehabilitation centre in Maharashtra. • We have two building currently, with one is totally dedicated to Dementia & Neuro care. This dementia care is First of such care in Maharashtra.www.jagrutidementiacare.com www.jagrutirehab.org

  3. Dr.Amar Shinde • He chose Psychiatry over IAS; due to sense of responsibility & enthusiasm to do something, for the vast population suffering from Psychological Problems, as the quality of the lives of the patients as well as their relatives is severely affected. • After Post Graduation in Psychiatry, from BJ Medical College, Pune; He worked in BJ Medical College as a lecturer & then Senior Psychiatrist at Regional Mental Hospital Yerawada, Pune, Which is one of the largest Mental Hospitals. • Also he is a Consultant Psychiatrist at Noble Hospital, Pune since 2007. www.jagrutirehab.org

  4. Our services: Schizophrenia : -A group of disorders with Delusions, Hallucinations & Behavioral disturbances. -Suspicious about people that they are against him. Feeling of black magic. -Suspiciousness about wife’s fidelity. -Not mixing with people, poor social interaction. -Reduced communication, illogical thoughts. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders : - Recurrent thoughts, impulses or images - Repetitive behaviors like hand washing, checking, counting or praying. - Sometimes person can understand but unable to control his own thoughts. www.jagrutirehab.org

  5. Our services: Bipolar Affective Disorder : - Raised Self Esteem. - Decreased Need for Sleep. - Increased Energy. - Overtalketiveness, Big talks, spening spree. - Overactivity. Depression : - Feeling Low. - Decreased Interest. - Decreased Concentration. -Decreased Confidence, multiple physical complaints. - Suicidal Ideas & Attempts. www.jagrutirehab.org

  6. Contact Us • Dr. Amar Shinde (M.B.B.S , D.P.M , F.I.P.S.) Consulting Neuro Psychiatrist • +91 9822207717 • jagrutirehabcentre@gmail.com Address Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre Opp. Krushi Vidyalaya, Sitai Nagar, Near Kudale Maruti Showroom,Manjari Farm, Pune-Solapur Road, Hadapsar, Pune. www.jagrutirehab.org

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